Report: Yankees to acquire Andrew Heaney from Angels

The Yankees have made a move with the clock winding down. They’re getting Andrew Heaney from the Angels. He’s had a rough season in terms of run prevention with a 5.27 ERA in 94 innings. But he does own a 4.05 FIP and solid 28.2 percent strikeout rate vs. a 7.7 percent walk rate. Home runs are a big issue for him.

Heaney, a 30 year-old southpaw, is purely a rental for the Yankees. He’ll be a free agent at season’s end. He’s a natural spin rate guy, meaning, the sticky-stuff ban didn’t affect him. Still, his performance to date is unsightly, even if there are some underlying reasons that might indicate upside:

Nonetheless, Heaney is here to soak up innings over the next two months more than anything else. He’s not someone who I’d want to start a playoff game. The Yankees are taking a pretty big chance here by banking on one of Luis Severino and/or Corey Kluber to get healthy (and effective) in time for the postseason. A Gerrit Cole-Severino-Kluber trio is very tantalizing, without a doubt. But it’s also a gamble.

As for the prospect return: the Yankees sent away more Rule 5 eligible minor leaguers in Janson Junk and Elvis Peguero. Not surprising considering what we’ve seen the team do in trades in recent days.

Junk, 25, was the Yankees’ 22nd round pick in 2017 and has been a player development success this season. After being a pretty nondescript org-guy through 2019, Junk is in the midst of a breakout in Double-A this year. In 65.2 innings (14 games, 12 starts), Junk has a 1.78 ERA behind a 68:20 strikeout to walk ratio.

Peguero, 24, a righty who can touch 98 out of the bullpen. He’s spent time with High-A Hudson Valley and Double-A Somerset this season, totaling 44.1 innings pitched, 57 strikeouts, 16 walks, and a 2.23 ERA.


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  1. George H

    ERA over 5 stink, are for last place team trying to built something.

  2. George H

    Rental are a waste of time and of young talent. IF you intend to built bring in players who want to stay. Cessa is much better than Holmes or Heaney. And Ottavino was dumped to bring in Wilson and O’Day. That worked out fine……for Boston. And Hoy Parks, a promising young talent, was dumped after 1 AB. Let’s clean house and get rid of Wade and Gardner. It is clear that Cashman has lost his magic. How can you start a season without a real firstbaseman?

  3. George H

    FIRE CASH AND BOONE NOW and let’s get on with trying to win again. Bring back Buck Showalter and we can at least learn fundamental that are so lacking.

  4. MikeD

    Heaney can be good. The peripherals suggest he’s pitched better. I’m glad they added some depth, but my only concern is I don’t like him replacing Nestor, who likely heads to the pen.

  5. dasit

    impact arm, as in bats will be impacting balls at incredible force

  6. By the way, starting pitchers with 4.50 ERAs average a ‘Quality Start’ so a 5 ERA isn’t that far off the standard, is it?

    It’s 3 earned runs in 5 1/3 innings for those who are numerically challenged.

  7. I’ve always liked Heaney but, of course, the cognescenti always want to bash everything done by the Yankees. I don’t need advanced stats to tell me that, he has always looked to me like someone who knew how to get outs.

    If they traded Volpe and Schmidt and another good prospect for Berrios those same people would be up in arms about giving away the store.

    If they traded Torres and Green for Kimbrell (the Sox gave up two good major league players although Madrigal is out for the season) the outcry would have been even worse.

    So, come on, experts, what pitching trades should they have made that were actually available?

  8. Wire Fan

    Is he even an upgrade over Cortes? I don’t get this. Seems like another stuff / spin rate guy the analytics group fixates on and ignores the performance of.

    I get the Yankees have a 40man crunch coming but it doesn’t mean you need to give them away now. They could have just moved some of these guys after the season. They should have bolstered the depth in the pen. They seem to be betting on either Sevy or Kluber being good on their return.

    If this is what the dumping of Cessa was for… Should have just kept Cessa and rolled with Cortes until Sevy is healthy.

  9. David Pieragostini

    Ridiculous trade given he’s a rental. Can’t believe cash couldn’t get something more for 2 decent prospects – better pitcher or someone not a rental

  10. Dani

    getting more than a bag of balls in return is a steal for the Angels. This trade is just baffling. Seems like they trade for anyone that doesn’t have any cost attached to them.

  11. Larry Mofield

    He is not better than any other starter we have, don’t understand this deal.

  12. Frankie Ho-Tep


  13. Joey Galleddardo

    What is their obsession with 5 and 6 ERA pitchers? This guy is a bust. Cash didn’t lift a damn finger today to improve this pitching staff while everyone else got better. God forbid we have a pitching staff!

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