Report: Yankees re-sign Brett Gardner

Brett will keep on banging in 2020.

According to the New York Post’s George King, the Yankees have re-signed Brett Gardner to a one year deal with an option for 2020.’s Bryan Hoch has confirmed and has the correct contract details:

Based on the way this is worded, it seems like Gardner’s salary will be $10 million in 2020. For 2021, the Yankees can either pick up a $10 million option or pay a $2.5 million buyout, hence the overall $12.5 million guarantee.

This move was expected. In fact, it was a little surprising it didn’t happen sooner. Last year, Gardner re-signed very quickly once the offseason began. This winter, it seems like the Yankees were waiting for the Gerrit Cole news to wrap up.

Gardy is coming off a career year in terms of power (who isn’t?). He set career highs in homers (28), slugging percentage (.503), and isolated power (.253). Gardner also played his usual stellar defense, playing more center field than usual with Aaron Hicks out (which will happen again next season, of course). For a more detailed recap of Gardner’s season, go read Bobby’s season review.

With Gardner (and Cole!) in tow, the Yankees will need to clear two spots on the 40-man roster once the deals become official. Perhaps we see a JA Happ salary dump to clear room as one. The other spot could be a trade or a straight DFA of someone like Stephen Tarpley or Chance Adams.


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  1. Mungo

    Happy to read the Gardy Party will continue for at least one more year. He’s needed.

  2. Madrugador

    Gardy had a great season for him in 2019. I don’t expect him to repeat it in 2020. He was paid $7.5M in 2019. I don’t understand the pay raise for 2020. Do the analytics say he is getting younger?

    • Mungo

      It’s not quite that clean. Remember, he was coming off one of his worst seasons in 2018 when he signed the last deal, while this year he’s coming off one of his best seasons. He made $9.5 million last year factoring in the $2 million buyout from his prior deal and the $7.5 million salary. So from his point of view he’s only getting a $500K increase unless they don’t bring him back in 2021, in which case he gets a $2.5 million departing gift. Quite reasonable considering he delivered $32 million in value last year based on the price of a win.

  3. chip56

    I literally hate everything about this deal. Sorry.

    There’s a 85% chance that Didi way out performs Gardner next year for the same money. Yankees would have been fine with Tauchman/Maybin combo in CF until Hicks returns.

  4. Wire Fan

    MTPS: So Happ and Florial to… SF? Toronto? Seattle? for a low level prospect.

    Would clear the two 40 man spots, the LT space, and maybe get a low level lottery ticket prospect back.

    The Yankees have a bunch of CFs at lower levels – Domingez, Alcantara, Pereira and with Hicks, Tauchman and Gardy they should have MLB depth covered. They also have Granite stashed in AAA if someone gets hurt while Hicks is recovering from TJS.

  5. RetroRob

    Good move, obviously. The Yankees need a CFer the first half of the year. They don’t seem to view Tauchman as a CFer, they’re not risking Judge out there regularly, and Frazier needs to prove he can catch a simple fly ball, not to mention Frazier couldn’t play CF even before the concussion issues. Maybe in the second half Gardner can finally move into the 4th outfielder role they’ve been trying for the last two seasons, but history suggests something will happen and he’ll still play 140+ games and put up yet another 3-4 win season. Losing club house leaders like CC and Didi also increased Brett’s return, although that’s secondary.

    I view this as a high-probability, two year, $20M deal. Barring a collapse, they’ll pick up the second year, but this does give them payroll flexibility for 2021 and some protection if father time finally taps Brett on the shoulder. Decent deal. He’s always been a bargain and he gave the Yankees a break here. He could have scored a guaranteed two year deal.

    • chip56

      It’s not a good move Rob. Sorry, it just isn’t. Gardner is a nice defensive player who was a huge beneficiary of the doctored baseball last year.

      For the same money the Yankees could have brought back Didi. Of the two, I have zero doubt that Didi will be the better player in 2020.

      And if the Yankees pick up that option, ugh…

    • Wire Fan

      The option also frontloads the CBT a bit. It is a 12.5M hit this year and if the option is picked up, it is 7.5M next year. So it gives them a bit more flexibility next year, when they will be in the three time repeater tax rate.

  6. chip56

    I would have rather given $2m more to Didi than brought back Gardner

  7. Dellin, Maldanado, Spring Training.

    • partyongardy+coleworld



        With Adams’ elite spin and velo increasing as we speak … it won’t be Adams nor will it be Tarpley for that matter

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