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According to a report from David Waldstein of The New York Times, New York City Football Club (NYCFC) is “close to a deal” that would allow the team to build a 25,000 person stadium down the street from Yankee Stadium. There are more details in the Times write-up, but this is an interesting development that could have an impact on trips to the Stadium in a few years. It also directly involves the Yankees.

The photo above helps visualize the plans. As best I can tell from Waldstein’s documents, the triangular plot of land beyond Macombs Dam Park (the site of old Yankee Stadium) and in front of the Bronx Terminal Market (the brick building near the Harlem River) will be the home of the NYCFC stadium. That site is currently a parking lot used for Yankee games and is also home to a factory. The Yankees 153rd Street Metro-North Station is right there as well.

In other words, construction would likely impact getting to Yankee games — construction would close an off-ramp from the Major Deegan as well — but it’s difficult to say right now by how much. Of course, as the Times notes, there is a ways to go yet. Even if the City agrees to the plans, they will have to to through New York’s lengthy public review and rezoning process. This means that it’s all several years away at least. For what it’s worth, Waldstein estimates completion in 2024. It may even be longer, if it happens at all.

The Yankees are playing an active role in these plans. (Remember, the team owns 20% of NYCFC.) I would imagine that will help mitigate any inconveniences in getting to the Stadium. It will also likely help get the deal across the finish line in the first place. Team President Randy Levine, a former New York City Deputy Mayor of Economic Development, is well-versed in these matters. He was instrumental in helping secure financing for the new Yankee Stadium. I imagine he’ll play a similar role in this scenario.

While a lot can and likely will still change, the plans extend beyond the stadium and would include “affordable housing units, a new school, a hotel, and retail stores.” It’s estimated to cost over $1 billion, which is honestly less than I would have guessed.

More to come on this as it develops, obviously. In any case, the area around Yankee Stadium may look very different five years or so from now.