Report: Luis Severino to Undergo Tommy John Surgery, Miss 2020 Season


When it was first reported last week that Luis Severino was being shut down, it was hard to be optimistic. It really was. Today, we got the worst news imaginable: Severino will need Tommy John surgery. He will obviously miss the 2020 season and likely at least the start of 2021 as well. Severino has only thrown 20.1 innings since Game 3 of the 2018 ALDS, and folks, it sucks.

We’ll have more on this in a bit once we compose our thoughts.


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Reaction To The Luis Severino Injury Announcement


  1. Dani

    Expected, called it a few days ago. Sucks, it just sucks.

  2. RetroRob


    Considering he missed almost all of last season, and his arm should have been quite rested, it seems likely he blew out his UCL while pitching in the postseason. Maybe too much stress without the normal ramp up? More likely, the ligament was going to give away at some point. Oh well. At least they know what they’re facing.

    Frazier+ for Jon Gray?

  3. Zach

    This just makes Cashman’s offseason even more inexcusable. He’s known since last year that Severino and Paxton were hurt, and the team still only added one player? Seriously?

    • Rat2724

      AND German to be suspended for 2 months, AND Happ being that bad, AND Montgomery coming back from TJS. Its not only inexcusable, is irresponsible!

  4. Tough break for Sevy. I’m sure he’s really bummed, especially after missing nearly all of last year as well. It has been all downhill for him since signing the contract extension in Feb 2019. So sad 🙁

  5. MikeD

    Bobby, I’ll help you compose your thoughts: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    As I wrote in the prior thread, this was probably the least surprising “breaking” headline when I saw Sevy needed TJS. I pretty much had written him off for this year. Perhaps it was an emotional defensive reaction. It would either be confirmed, or we’d get good news. Sadly, it was confirmed. The persistent pain that didn’t subside since last October pointed toward this. That means he’s out until post the All-Star break 2021. The good news further out is really hard throwers like Sevy are generally more effective on their return. The bad news is, well, the Yankees are now short a major arm. The Cole/Sevy pairing at the top of the rotation will have to wait until next year. This will put extra importance on Monty coming fully back. I also remain concerned that Paxton won’t be back until after the All-Star break this year no matter how positive he feels. Frankly, an early return may hurt his effectiveness throughout the season, so I’d rather they go slow. German won’t be here until some point in June. They really need to add another arm here, even as filler.

    Knowing Sevy had forearm pain, and Paxton had a back issue, means they really should have added another arm in the offseason. Once they decided to keep Happ they were going to be over the last luxury tax level, so why not add a better arm?

  6. bardos

    Had to wait for Spring Training to decide this? Dumbest move ever

    • MikeD

      In fairness, it wasn’t a decision. He had a couple MRIs in the offseason and they were clean, and he wasn’t exhibiting any pain. A TJS decision wasn’t on the table. What was dumb based on what we know is NOT adding an additional arm.

      • I’m not a doctor, but Cashman basically said there was a more advanced test that they didn’t do in the offseason which diagnosed this (Dye test). Alas, he would have been gone for this year either way. Waiting impacts next season for sure.

        • MikeD

          Understood. I get the frustration as I share it, although as I posted in the next thread, it’s not a normal procedure to go to the level of exams that Sevy just went through (meaning three days and a dye-contrast) unless there’s a reason to suspect there’s a problem. In this case, the original MRI was clear and he was no longer experiencing pain. From what I understand, they can’t go to this level of exam without the athlete’s approval and unless they can’t diagnosis the problem. None of that happened until last week. It’s unfortunate. In the end, Sevy wasn’t going to be pitching for the Yankees this year no matter when it was diagnosed, but it would have been to the Yankees advantage to know this sooner rather than later. The fact they didn’t to me is the answer. All indications were he was fine.

  7. dasit

    he’s had forearm tightness since october and it took this long to get a diagnosis??? irrational knee-jerk reaction from a non-doctor is the entire medical staff needs to be replaced

  8. DJ Lemeddardhieu

    Season’s over as far as I’m concerned, Bobby, and life as we know it might as well be over. A rotation of Cole, Tanaka, Paxton and Sevy was a WS winning rotation. Now we don’t have 2 of them and with the way we’re cursed the other two aren’t far behind. This feckless training/medical staff has to go. How could they not see this? It’s the same old crap every time. First it’s he’ll only be out a week for soreness then it’s a month then it’s the season. They don’t know a damn thing. A-Rod sued them for a reason. This so called strength and conditioning coach isn’t strengthening or conditioning anyone. This is now 3 stars hurt on his watch and the season hasn’t even started yet!

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