Report: Luis Severino Shut Down Due to “Forearm Tightness”

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2019 is dead; long live 2019. According to the latest reports, Luis Severino is hurt. For the second straight year, the injury came before he threw a single pitch in Spring Training. This time on his birthday no less! I do not like it. Severino has “forearm tightness” that dates back at least to last year’s ALCS. (For what it’s worth, he was cleared to start Game 7 of the ALCS had it occurred. The tests were clean.) As such, the team is shutting him down for a few days. He will visit team doctor Chris Ahmad tomorrow and take anti-inflammatories in the interim. (Update, 2:45pm: Maybe he won’t? Or maybe he will? Nobody knows!)

We don’t know a whole lot about this yet, but we do know that he will likely not be ready for Opening Day. That’s just five weeks away now! Shutting Severino down now is a fairly significant setback for the 26-year-old. It’s possible, of course, but it will all need to break right now. The Yankees, for their part, are neither optimistic or pessimistic, with Brian Cashman telling reporters that it is “unknown if this is going to be a significant issue.” Aaron Boone is “concerned.” As am I!

If you want to be positive, Severino has undergone several tests already, with multiple MRIs showing nothing. That is the good news. The bad news is that the discomfort has not gone away and it has been several months now. It apparently occurs when he throws his changeup. That’s what happened yesterday and the pain persisted into this morning. Gah.

I’m an optimist by nature, especially with Severino, but I’ll be honest: I’m having a tough time feeling optimistic about this one. It sounds like bad news and I am very sad about it.


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  1. Don’t throw your changeup Sevy. Boom! Problem solved!

  2. Dani

    “Brian Cashman telling reporters that it is “unknown if this is going to be a significant issue.” Aaron Boone is “concerned.””

    Translated to non-PR language: “We think there’s a slight chance he avoids TJS”. Yikes.

    This injury is a big concern. I mean what can they do? They either wait for a miracle or they go for TJS, right?

  3. Mungo

    So Happ moved from likely trade candidate, then to the declared 5th starter, then the required 4th starter, and now, OMG, maybe the necessary 3rd starter! Pray to your favorite deity.

  4. JG (Melky Mesa)

    Absolutely brutal. I’m expecting the worst here.

    They should have signed another pitcher in the offseason if they knew Paxton and Sevy were dealing with injury issues.

  5. dasit

    if the tightness started in october and hasn’t let up since i’m sure it will just fix itself before opening day

    *sticks head in oven

  6. Zach

    It’s almost like going the whole winter without even trying to add pitching depth was a bad idea… Cole alone can’t make up for the rest of Cashman’s offseason.

  7. Wire Fan

    And JA Happ goes from trade bait to the Yankees #3 starter. And Montgomery goes from a fill in 5th starter who is not that critical to a guy who now needs to give the Yankees decent inning early on

    Let’s hope the late season bounceback from Happ was somewhat real and they can hold things down until German, Paxton and hopefully Severino get back.

  8. Sevy’s change has always been his third best offering, his latest developed pitch, and the one he has the least confidence in, but one that the Yankees pushed him to throw more. I’m not sure what’s ultimately at play here, (could be that it’s always given him discomfort,) but maybe just use an opener and have him throw 2 pitches twice through the order until he can figure out a different 3rd pitch? It’s not like this pen can’t handle that.

    It’s unfortunate to have him shut down at the beginning of camp, but it’s early yet with few details, so I’m not going to worry until there’s a solid reason to. Could just be that his particular arm or hand isn’t built for throwing a change.

  9. Brian M

    I’m ready for the Mike King era to begin

  10. DJ Lemeddardhieu

    And this is why I’ve been calling for the immediate firing of the entire medical and training staffs, Bobby. And I’ve been calling that for years. They’re incompetent and they’re never held accountable. The only thing they did was make Stevie Donahue training emeritus. He’s still around and still not keeping these guys healthy. Other teams don’t have this problem. We didn’t have this problem under Geno with a much older club. Geno would just hand out a bunch of green pills and everybody was fine. Maybe we can get some of those again.

    First it was Paxton then it was Judge and now it’s Severino. And these aren’t ancient players breaking down. They’re young, vibrant and healthy. And any small injury always turns into the players being out for months. Remember Dellin last year? He was only going to be out a few weeks then it was months then it was 3/4th of the season. Then he came back and broke his ankle jumping in the air. Same thing happened with Stanton. Where is the strength and conditioning coach? Every guy is made of straw, glass and held together with scotch tape. .

    • chip56

      They were fired.

      • DJ Lemeddardhieu

        No they weren’t, chip. Donahue and Lentych were promoted. Ahmad was kept as doctor. They got rid of the strength and conditioning coach and this new guy obviously ain’t any better. 3 key players already injured on his watch.

  11. chip56

    “If you want to be positive, Severino has undergone several tests already, with multiple MRIs showing nothing. That is the good news. ”

    No, it’s not good news. If there’s an injury that doctors could see, then they could fix it. Being hurt with no obvious reason is much more concerning.

  12. chip56

    If I told you that the Yankees would sign Gerrit Cole and likely open the season with a WORSE rotation than they had last year, what would you have been willing to bet against that?

  13. RetroRob

    Definitely concerning. The Judge shoulder discomfort didn’t bother me. Seems fairly normal. This, however, is on a pitcher and this same tightness was bothering him last October and it remains. They’re also sending him for testing. Hope for good news, but concern level on this one is in the red zone.

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