Major League Baseball has concluded its investigation into Domingo Germán following accusations of domestic violence. Germán has been on “administrative leave” since September 19 while the investigation was underway. He was accused of slapping his girlfriend — the mother of his children — following CC Sabathia’s charity event.

It is the fourth-longest suspension handed out under the league’s current domestic violence framework, but it is the longest suspension absent criminal charges, per Keyser. The suspension is retroactive. Germán missed 18 games in 2019 — 9 in the playoffs and 9 in the regular season — which will count toward his 81-game suspension. He’ll miss 63 games of the 2020 season. MLBPA is not expected to appeal the suspension, also per Keyser. Germán is not putting out a statement in response.

There are obviously downstream baseball impacts here. Germán won’t be able to play in a professional game until June, meaning his ability to contribute to the team is limited. That’s not important, though. It’s much important to see the league handle this matter with the seriousness it deserves. Germán, for his part, is required to participate in “evaluation and treatment” programs while suspended. He will also donate money to a charity that provides victims of domestic violence with counseling. Hopefully, everyone else involved in this ugly affair is getting the help they deserve, too. That’s the real story here, baseball be damned.

UPDATE (3:36 pm): The Yankees have released a statement following the report. Here it is: