Report: Dellin Betances Signs With Mets

Yankees closer Dellin Betances delivers a pitch in the ninth.

Well, we can’t have everything, I guess. SNY’s Andy Martino reports that Dellin Betances and the New York Mets have agreed to a deal:

ESPN’s Jeff Passan corroborated the report, saying that it is a one-year deal with two player options. Here are the financial details, per Passan:

I’ll come out and just say it: this just sucks. There may be baseball reasons to move on from Betances — the injury, payroll concerns, etc. — but the dude has been one of my favorite players for a long time. It’s weird to think that the Yanks dugout will no longer include CC Sabathia, Dellin Betances, and Didi Gregorius in 2020. It’s just a weird thing. Baseball, man. I’m glad the Yankees signed Cole, about as glad as I can be short of a World Series, I cannot believe both Dellin and Didi signed one year deals with teams not named the Yankees. I get it from a baseball perspective, but it still sucks from an emotional standpoint. It just does.

Anyway, Betances had a sterling career with the Bombers, who drafted him in the 8th Round of the 2006 draft. Originally a starter, Betances became one of baseball’s very best relievers, pitching to a 2.36 ERA (2.31 FIP, 57 ERA-) in eight separate seasons for New York. From 2014-2018, though he really shined. I mean, check out Betances’ stats from 2014-18 in key areas, with league rankings among 273 qualified relievers in parentheses:

  • ERA: 2.22 (8th)
  • FIP: 2.26 (4th)
  • Strikeouts per 9: 14.63 (3rd)
  • Strikeout percentage: 40.3% (4th)
  • Home Runs per 9: 0.60 (29th)
  • Innings Pitched: 373.1 (1st)
  • Average Leverage Index When Entering Game: 1.44 (44th)
  • fWAR: 11.3 (2nd)

The guy was an absolute, absolute stud. One of the sturdiest and nastiest relievers in all of baseball when he was on, walk problems be damned. Plus, he seemed like a great dude who was well-liked by his teammates. I will miss rooting for him.

I hope for his sake that he returns in Spring Training as healthy and effective as ever and is able to cash in on a huge payday after declining his player option after the season. His injuries really stopped him from collecting the contract he deserved. As I’ve said before, Betances, who was one of the best players in baseball for several seasons, is a shining example of the problems with baseball’s economic structure — he over-performed his value to the Yankees for half a decade and may never reap the rewards.

Anyway, it’s Christmas Eve today so I’m not going into much more detail now. We’ll have more thoughts on this in the days to come, obviously.

For now, I’ll leave you with this:


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  1. MikeD

    It’s all in the numbers, in this case $248.

  2. DJ Lemeddardhieu

    And to me the Mets just won the World Series, Bobby. Their bullpen was their one weakness and Dellin instantly turns it into a champion. We ain’t going to be able to hit him in the Subway series so there’s 6 losses on the year. Why didn’t we give him this 1 year deal? Ottavino cannot be trusted in big games, Green was gassed at the end of last year, Kahnle is a wildcard. Dellin was the one guy you could count on.

    And who would you take in a think off between Carlos and Boone? Exactly. We’re screwed for the next decade plus.

    • Natahn Thurm

      Is this semi-sarcastic?The Mets still have a lot of questions, including the starters behind deGrom (IMO) and the rest of the pen. They may not even make the playoffs. Not sure how you can count on Betances from a health standpoint any more than the performances of the Yankee relievers you mentioned. Maybe Ottavino was worn out, you’re using a small sample size to decide he can’t be trusted. How do you know how good of a manager Beltran will be? I don’t think Boone is a bad manager.

      • Nathan Thurm

        Also, 6 losses in the subway series due to Dellin? He’s pitching in all 6 games? Screwed for a decade because of Boone?

  3. Bob

    Sad for me and the Yankees, happy that Dellin gets paid after a late blossoming career and his arbitration fight.

  4. chip56

    Yes it sucks.
    And, I would not have given him that deal.

    It’s the same basic terms as the Raf Soriano deal which was stupid.

  5. RetroRob

    Dellin will be missed. I do understand from a business perspective why the Yankees let him leave. They want to get under the third luxury tax tier and committing $10.5 million to a reliever coming off significant injuries when they already have a strong pen isn’t the best use of resources. If they get under $248 million all well and fine. If they don’t and they let both Didi and Dellin leave on one year deals, then it will have been a poor decision. I don’t see that happening. It’s like Cashman knows he can move Happ’s salary. He’s just waiting for the best deal.

    I’ll say one thing, many in the media dismiss the idea of collusion, saying teams are simply running themselves better. Maybe. The Red Sox have done nothing to help themselves post their 2018 championship. Just the opposite. Now they’re looking to trade Mookie Betts. The Cubs are looking to trade Bryant. The Astros are looking to trade Correa. And here the Yankees are, in a total win-now moment, not willing to bring back Didi and Dellin on one year deals, which would allow them to get back below again in 2021. All of them say it’s to get below one of the luxury tax levels, yet there is nothing in the rules that says you can’t go above any of the levels. The fact that all teams are running the same playbook when it comes to the luxury tax levels actually does strike me as collusion.

    Merry Christmas, all.

  6. CTRob

    Best of luck Dellin. Hard to imagine you in Queens but this is how it goes sometimes.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all.

  7. Coolerking101

    The last of the “Killer B’s”

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