Report: Aaron Boone, Yankees Agree to 3-Year Contract

File this one under “disappointing but not surprising.” According to the YES Network’s Jack Curry, Aaron Boone will return as manager of the Yankees next season, and for the next two following that. Curry reports that the terms are a three-year deal with a club option to return in the fourth year. (At least, that’s how I read it.) I would have guessed a two-year deal to return – nobody likes to make their manager a lame-duck right away – so that element surprises me. The rest? Eh, not so much.

The Yankees took their sweet time with this, which always suggested that they were okay with the status quo minus some staffing changes. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Why they are okay with Aaron Boone at the helm, however, is a different question entirely. I don’t get it. He must be the world’s best clubhouse communicator. (The merits of which are also lost on me.)

Boone is not an especially good in-game manager, his strategic decisions are often baffling, several key players have regressed, they’ve never beaten a rival in the postseason under his leadership, and the Yankees have not even equaled their 2017 success despite having more talent in the following four seasons. Given the debacle that was the 2020 and 2021 seasons, it felt like an opportune time to make a clean break. The Yankees obviously disagreed. I find that extremely disappointing and depressing. I am sure many of you do as well. They had better go out and make a big splash in free agency to wash away the bad smell, because it’s hard not to be really deflated as a Yankee fan right now.

Anyway, we’ll update this post with the terms and other relevant details as they trickle out, and I’ll have a more detailed reaction post later this afternoon. Ugh.

(Update: 9am) It’s official. Good luck to the social media managers on this one.

(Update: 9:40 am) Hal Steinbrenner has released a statement, which does what good statements do: it expresses confidence in his decision and not much else. A lot of folks are upset by it, but whatever. What did you expect? It was Hal’s call to bring Boone back. Therefore, he obviously thinks it was a good move, and he’s going to say so in his public statement. No use getting worked up over this. It is what it is.


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  1. dasit

    cashman: how does our analytics director like his coffee?
    boone: vente no-foam frappacino with an extra shot and a dusting of cinnamon
    cashman: here’s 3 more years

  2. The rewriting of history as it relates to Old George just boggles my mind.

    Other than being willing to spend money regardless of the consequences he was a terrible owner-he fired Dick Howser after one season and 103 wins, changed managers like they were underwear, and luckily was thrown out of baseball for a couple of years so Stick Michael could actually put a real team in place that became the Core 4 and a dynasty.

    Had he not gotten thrown out the Core 4 would likely have been the Core Zero because each of them would have been trade fodder seeking the next Jesse Barfield or some other player he read about in the newspaper.

    Larry David (who played Steinbrenner on Seinfeld) would have been done a better job, at least he wouldn’t have traded Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps along with a bunch of other ridiculous, stupid deals during those years.

    Just look at what happened to the late 90’s dynasty once they had to replace players-big names started replacing winners and pitchers like an over the hill Kevin Brown and Randy Johnson were pitching in World Series games instead of guys who could actually win those games.

  3. Vin Fieseler

    George would have made changes by firing Boone and Cashman. It’s going to take more than firing a hitting and third base coach to get back to the World Series.

  4. Brendan

    I just hope that Boone realizes that he hasn’t been to the World Series since as far back when he was a player playing for the Yankees! That’s a long time . Only thing he can do is win a championship next year an safe face!!!

  5. Bart

    I’m trying to look on the bright side. At least I’ll have a lot more free time to focus on other hobbies for the next several years. Now that the rest of the league has caught up to the Yankees like their esteemed manager stated, I’m interested to see how he manages on an even playing field.

  6. Marc

    Steinbrenner and his front office and his team are being outclassed, outsmarted and dominated by certain other teams. Patton had a phrase lead,follow or get the he’ll out of the way.Seems to be me Steinbrenner doesn’t lead or follow that leaves him one choice.

  7. Anybody who still thinks Hal is a good owner needs to remove their nose from his ass.

  8. june

    are we now boston of the 1990s

  9. terrible toni

    so another 10 rings for boston

  10. section 418

    whats next higher ticket prices

  11. YANKEES # 2


  12. UGH, that’s about all I can say.

    That just tells me next season will be status quo and the Yankees are satisfied just being playoff contenders without going to the World Series on a regular basis.

    No MLB package subscription for me in 2022, that’s a guarantee-I can’t deal with watching another full season of boredom with the occasional long ball.

  13. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    The Yankees just resigned themselves to another 3 years of mediocrity, Derek. If the Sox world series run this year showed us anything it’s that a good manager matters and you need a killer if you’re going to compete. The great thing about George was that every year he’d go in to the manager’s office and say you have two options, win the world series or you’re fired. Boone is just a feckless clown. He reminds me of Kendall Roy going up against Logan, Alex Cora. He just gets outplayed every time. This year the Sox will win their 5th world series of the century to the Yankees 1 and their 3rd of the decade to the Yankees 0. Cash also had to go to get fresh eyes. The Sox pick up Kike, Pivetta and Whitlock and the Yankees pick up Heaney, Odor and Jay Bruce. That’s the difference between mediocrity and greatness.

  14. Jack Meehoff

    Insert expletive here and then repeat over and over and over again unto perpetuity

  15. Mike Polans

    The least they can do now to cover for his flaws is bring back the juiced ball

  16. Cool cool, first the Sox look like freakin world beaters who are going to cruise to their third title 8 years and now this wonderful news….there better be some ’08 offseason-type splashes and then some to wash away this bad news.

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