Opening Day and a Look Ahead to 2022

Happy Opening Day, everyone. It’s one of the best days of the year, every year, no matter how we may feel about the offseason. That’s all ancient history, except for one day. And I’m glad that today, not yesterday, is Opening Day – it’s a gorgeous, sunny, and warm day in New York. A perfect day to watch the Yankees beat the Red Sox.

With the season now upon us, it’s time for our regular housekeeping post about what to expect from Views this season. It will be a little bit different around here, as many of you have likely noticed already. Derek and his wife welcomed their daughter last week, Randy is in the final stages of The Captain for ESPN, Matt is regularly shaping young minds, and I am balancing my own professional responsibilities.

But Views is here to stay. Our passion hasn’t gone anywhere – just our time. That means we won’t really have the space or ability to write daily takeaways of each of the games. These take too much time. In the process, they soak up our ability to write the other features we find more valuable.

So we are just revamping things a bit, so it will look a bit like this, with an average of a post or two a day:

  • Our usual recurring features: An overall thoughts post/analysis, the mailbag, and the newly-added live chat.
  • In-Depth Analysis: We’ll be doing our usual standalone trend pieces and player analysis. Last year, a lot of this analysis got buried in-game recaps (at least mine did), and this year we’d like to bring it out as their own unique articles.
  • A Weekly DoTF Recap: As with the takeaways, the daily DoTF takes too much time if we want to keep the other gears turning. We will replace it with a weekly feature to keep everyone apprised of the latest developments at every level.
  • Breaking News Reaction: In the event of breaking news, we’ll be covering that in real-time. An example: if, say, Aaron Judge were to sign an extension today.
  • The Podcast: Randy and the team are in the process of standing the podcast back up, which will be back in action perhaps as soon as next week. That will be a weekly feature as well.

I am very excited about the 2022 Yankees. There’s a lot I would have done differently, but I actually do think they’re going to make some noise. Now it’s time to find out. And Views will be here with you, even if it looks a bit different this year. Let’s go Yanks.


VF314 Live Chat – 4/6/2022


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  1. Wire Fan

    Hmmm… judge turned down 7 years 213.5mil.

    As much as I love Judge I don’t think you can go longer than that or even a higher AAV. If he takes less than 7 years maybe go higher AAV?

    These deals and Cashman’s mismanagement of a budget by overspending on relievers and signing players to long term deals to manipulate the AAV has led to a roster with an incredibly weak bench as well as holes in the linrup

  2. Tim Loceddardstro

    Thank you, Bobby. And already Cole is getting bombed and Laz Diaz thinks he’s the star of the game. Some ace we’ve got here. I think I’ll appreciate the lighter work load. We’ve accomplished a lot since we created this blog from nothing and it’s time for a much needed break. I like more focus on in depth analysis. I don’t read it but I like it. And Cole gives up another run. The game recaps would be ugly anyway. I wouldn’t wanna write one up about this one. That Cole contract looks worse and worse every day. I hope Josh gives him a good screaming at later today. And Boone’s doing his usual nothing. The pen is going to be blown out by June at this rate. But don’t worry, the lineup will hit one solo home run to make up for it. Some ace. Crowd gives a sarcastic cheer for getting one out. It’s gonna be a long miserable year. Some things just never change.

  3. Jayne K

    that walk was a sign that he is off. Maybe too pumped up.j

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