Monday’s Yankees-Phillies Game is Postponed (Or Not)

Major League Baseball postponed Monday’s Yankees-Phillies game, according to Joel Sherman. The game was theoretically the start of a four-game set that is not officially scheduled yet but is postponed anyway. Such is 2020, and such is the fallout from the Marlins’ COVID-19 outbreak.

The Phillies have not played since last weekend when they played Miami on Sunday. There is some good news: no Phillies players have tested positive despite a massive outbreak in Miami’s clubhouse. This suggests that team-to-team spread is, perhaps, not a huge concern. At least for now.

Two staffers – a clubhouse attendant and a coach – did test positive, of course. But now ESPN’s Jeff Passan is reporting that someone, either in Philadelphia or MLB, believes those tests were false positives. That would be good. In either case, the Phillies are working out again. This is all good news.

Still, the Yankees and Phillies will not play on Monday. Theoretically, the two clubs can play a doubleheader on Tuesday before playing out the rest of the series on Wednesday and Thursday. I’m not holding my breath. This has been a big mess and there’s no use predicting anything anymore. A part of me wonders if the Phillies need an extra day to get back up to game speed and shape after a week of isolation, but I really have no idea. We just gotta take it hour-by-hour at this point.

This comes on top of the fact that the outbreak is spreading to the NL Central, too. The Cardinals have a number of positive tests. Manfred is threatening to cancel the season on Monday. And Lorenzo Cain just opted out. He is now the first player to do so after the outbreaks began. By the time I even publish this post, things could, and probably will, change even further.

The next few days will be critical, obviously. More to come as things develop.

Update (1:46 pm): Haha, just kidding. Joel Sherman is NOW reporting that the game is back on for Monday. Yes, I am serious:

I will keep you posted as this changes 16 more times in the next 30 minutes.

Update (4:58 pm): The game is officially happening now, so there’s that. Gerrit Cole will start it, which is cool.


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  1. dasit

    sincere question: are people enjoying these games? i just can’t get invested. empty stands, cringing every time someone gives a high-five, the whole thing is just not enough fun to be worth it for me personally. wondering if i am alone in this

  2. Mungo

    Update (2:18 pm): Game is now off. Ok, now I’m just kidding!

    Not sure why they’d want to cancel Monday’s game if no Phillies have tested positive and they’ve been off for a week. Having an extra day to ramp up again might make sense, but then they’d be asking to play a double header on the first day back.

    I’m hoping this turns out to be a massive screwup on the fault of the Marlins players. Something weird happened there and there are rumors leaking of unauthorized get-togethers/parties while the Marlins were in Atlanta. If so, this better serve as a wake-up call to all teams and players. Need to increase security, 24/7.

  3. Gerreddardit Cole

    They’ve gotta stop this, Bobby, and determine whether it’s safe to play or not. We can’t keep missing these ballgames. And if it’s not safe to play then just cancel the season and put us out of our misery. Too bad because this is our year but I just don’t see this ending well.

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