MLB Suspends Aaron Boone for One Game

This was inevitable, wasn’t it? MLB has suspended Aaron Boone for one game after yesterday’s explosion, per Joel Sherman of the New York Post:

Boone will serve the suspension tonight, and one imagines Bench Coach Josh Bard will take his place. That’s probably for the best: serve the inevitable suspension, let it be a storyline tonight, and then everyone moves on. Makes sense to me, at least.

If you somehow missed the legendary tirade, here it is in full with isolated audio (NSFW, obviously):

There will probably be some consternation among Yankee fans for this suspension, but honestly, what did you expect? The league can’t let a rookie umpire get undressed like that–this video has been seen many times–without consequences. That’s true even if the umpire is calling a terrible game, which was, of course, the case.

As Randy noted last night, we often hear that Boone is a player’s manager, but we don’t get to see it–well, we did here. We already know how at least one player responded:

Anyway, the Yankees will be without Aaron Boone, but we’re all equipped with a new catch phrase about the “Bleepin’ Savage” Bronx Bombers now, aren’t we? Enjoy your night off, Skip. You earned it.


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  1. Wire Fan

    Let’s be clear – he is getting suspended because someone caught the audio and it got circulated quickly and widely (not just social media, but highlight and sports talk shows). And because it was some poor rookie ump, though it’s not like Boone is some sort of grizzled veteran manager.

    This type of confrontation happens a lot, we just rarely get the audio. Will be interesting to see if this is now the precedent for use of profanity with the umps.

  2. lightSABR

    Totally justified, and maybe a bit lenient.

    Honestly it all looked like a show to me, like Boone planned it. The league doesn’t want to discourage that sort of thing *too* much because it drives clicks, but you don’t want everybody doing it every night, you know?

  3. dasit

    they could have suspended him for a month and it still would’ve been worth it
    already got my t-shirt

  4. Ray Zayas

    Our boy’s are savage in the box, Boone is savage in the dugout

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