MLB and MLBPA agree on new CBA — Here’s where the Yankees stand

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At long last, the lockout is over. There will be Major League Baseball this year and there will be a full 162 game schedule. The Players Association voted to approve the ownership group’s latest counteroffer, setting the stage for ratification later today. After that, players will report this weekend and Opening Day will be April 7th. For the Yankees, that will be against the Red Sox, no less.

It’s been a long time — 99 days to be exact — since there’s been any substantive transaction talk. I don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten much of what the Yankees did pre-lockout, because I sure have (not that they actually did anything significant, but that’s another story). So, now seems like a good time to get back up to speed. First, let’s break down some of the key reported components of the new CBA and how they affect the Yankees, and then recap all of the Bombers’ transactions from months ago.

The Luxury Tax

This likely is the subject Yankees fans care most about. The initial threshold has increased from $210 million to $230 million, and over the life of the deal, will go up to $244 million. I haven’t seen any word on adjustments to penalties yet, but assuming that they’ve largely gone unchanged, this will still act as a de facto salary cap.

So, where do the Yankees stand? I had the Yankees entering the offseason at just a hair under $230 million back in October. That’s a stale number now of course, given a few roster departures along with raises to the league’s minimum salary in this new CBA, but I think it’s a reasonable ballpark estimate now, plus or minus a few million dollars.

How does this threshold increase affect Hal Steinbrenner’s thinking? That remains to be seen. Is he more inclined to subvert the mark in 2022 now that it seems much more doable than under the old system? That would be a bummer.

No Rule 5 Draft

There reportedly won’t be a Rule 5 Draft this offseason. That means the Yankees won’t lose catching prospect Josh Breaux, among others. I suppose that’s somewhat of a relief to the front office considering what happened last year with Garrett Whitlock. Yet, at the same time, I bet they wish they could have some 40-man roster spots back too. At the end of the day, the biggest losers here are the prospects missing out on a potential big league opportunity.

Option Limits

Players can only be optioned five times per season now. We won’t see what happened to poor Albert Abreu last year again. It’ll be fascinating to see how the Yankees handle this considering the vaunted “Scranton (bullpen) Shuttle” in recent seasons.

Yankees Transaction Recap

OK, now let’s refresh our memories on the players who have come and gone from the Yankees before the lockout:

In: TJ Rumfield (trade – PHI), Joel Valdez (trade – PHI),

Out: Andrew Heaney (LAD), Corey Kluber (TB), Darren O’Day (ATL), Greg Allen (PIT – waivers), Tim Locastro (BOS – waivers), Andrew Velazquez (LAA – waivers), Donny Sands (PHI – trade), Nick Nelson (PHI – trade), Clint Frazier (CHC – non-tender), Rougned Odor (BAL), Tyler Wade (LAA – trade), Chris Gittens (NPB)

New to the 40-man: Everson Pereira, Ron Marinaccio, Oswaldo Cabrera, JP Sears, Stephen Ridings

Re-signed: Joely Rodríguez

Notable MiLB signings: Jose Peraza, David Freitas, Vinny Nittoli, Ender Inciarte, Jimmy Cordero

Team FA: Anthony Rizzo, Brett Gardner

In summary

The below tweet thread from Evan Drellich does a nice job of summing just about everything up. I didn’t include all of that above — rather, I focused on some more Yankees-specific things — but there are some other important nuggets within:


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  1. HenryKrinkle

    At least the DH will give more potential trade partners for Voit and other vets not long for their positions.

  2. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    I’ve been praying for this day for months, Derek, and it’s finally here. All good things come to those who wait. And now the work begins. We can sign Freeman and Correa to long term deals and we will sign both. Hal has a reputation for being a big spender like his dad and especially when the luxury tax threshold is raised. Like father like son. Every one of our current ballplayers is in the best shape of his life with the exception of Gary Sanchez who just got his first endorsement deal, Krispy Kreme. Might want to sign a C while we’re at it. I love the universal DH and the 9 inning double headers and no stupid ghost runner on 2nd. We can finally watch real baseball again. Play ball!

    • MS from NJ

      “We can sign Freeman and Correa to long term deals… We will sign both… Hal has a reputation for being a big spender like his dad… Like father like son…” Dude! What reality are you living in? And can I join you? It’s sounds incredible.

  3. chip56

    I don’t like the notion of an International Draft but at the same time, the system as it currently exists is so corrupt that they needed to do something.

    I look forward to Hal saying that between the CBT and rising gas prices the team really doesn’t see the value in spending more money.

    While the options limit hurts the Scranton Shuttle, the team that’s really screwed by this agreement is the Rays. Between the bonus pool and the limitations on options that pretty much ruins their approach to roster construction.

  4. Dan A.

    I will definitely be excited if we sign Freeman, but that probably means going with a stop gap SS. I think the better move from a roster construction standpoint is signing Rizzo and going big at SS.

    Definitely happy the lockout is over.

  5. John

    No more single game WC eliminator. Three wild card teams, best-of-3 in that round with the worst division winner. That’s probably where a mediocre Yankees team will end up.

    Hopefully Hal sees the division winner bye as a good enough reason to open the chequebook but I doubt it.

    • John

      also interesting that Cole (on the board) and the Yankee players as a whole voted to reject the deal. a load of vets so the minimum salary /pre-arb stuff didn’t affect them as much. probably wanted more changes to arb / free agency.

  6. sevrox

    Anthony Rizzeddardo? Where you at?

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