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Aaron Evaluation Survey: September 14th, 2020

Things turned on a dime for Aaron Boone’s Yankees last week. Funny what a winning streak can do to wipe away bad memories. That meltdown against Toronto on Monday? Followed by a GM-led team meeting before yet another loss? Long forgotten after the Yankees went on a five game winning streak to close the week. Let’s take a look at latest with the Yankees’ now happier manager:

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Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: September 7th, 2020

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The Yankees went 2-6 last week, which effectively killed any chance to win the AL East. Not only is Aaron Boone’s club 5.5 games behind the first place Rays, but the Yankees are also now a game back of the Blue Jays with 20 games left this season. Fortunately, the expanded playoff system will allow the Yankees to almost assuredly make the postseason. Let’s get the latest on the Yankees’ skipper:

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Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: August 31, 2020

That was mostly a rough week. More players got hurt, the Yankees struggled, and the Rays started to build a cushion at the top of the division. But at least it ended on a good note. Aaron Boone’s club won the last three games of the week against the Mets to keep divisional hopes alive, especially with the Rays coming to town today. Tampa Bay still has a 3.5 game lead entering this series. Before looking forward, let’s take a look back at Boone’s week. Then, please take a moment to vote on the poll questions at the bottom.

Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: August 24, 2020

Last week was not good, to say the least. The Yankees fell out of first place after a sweep at the hands of the Rays at Yankee Stadium. A number of players were put on the injured list. A chance to rebound over the weekend was lost as the subway series was postponed due to COVID-19 positives in the Mets’ organization. A redo would be awfully nice.

Of course, there are no do-overs available for Aaron Boone’s club. This team is once again saddled with a litany of injuries like last year. The manager is confident his squad can overcome adversity once again, though that’s not a surprise from him. One, I wouldn’t expect Boone or any other manager to openly doubt his players and staff. Further, we know Boone tends to wear rose colored glasses. Let’s take a look back at what was a tough week for the Yankees’ skipper:

  • The manager left Zack Britton in too long in the middle game of the three game series against Tampa Bay at Yankee Stadium this week. Not seeing Chad Green whatsoever in the Rays series seems like a pretty big whiff, too.
  • Over the weekend, Boone was asked why he thinks the Yankees are suffering so many injuries again. His response:
    • “I think the uniqueness of this season is a contributor, without question. And while we did the overhaul (of the strength and conditioning program), the overhaul came in January. We haven’t had an offseason yet since we’ve overhauled it. This has all been on the fly and getting up to speed through spring training and into the season in what’s been a very unique year. Confident in our team and in our strength and conditioning team that we are going to do a good job and hopefully prevent certain things from happening. But hopefully when we look up in a couple or in a few years, we’ll really start to see the dividends being paid.” (Brendan Kuty)
  • Gerrit Cole outwardly displayed his aggravation when the skipper pulled the ace mid-inning against the Rays, but Boone didn’t mind one bit. The manager loves it, actually. (Kristie Ackert)

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Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: August 17, 2020

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Even though the Yankees haven’t lost a game since we last did this survey, it hasn’t necessarily been a great week for the Yankees. The team lost three of its best hitters to injury: Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and DJ LeMahieu. Granted, we knew about Stanton’s injury last weekend but didn’t hear of the 3-4 week prognosis until mid-week. Then came Judge, who fortunately will return Saturday from the sound of it. LeMahieu’s status is a little more precarious, though at least it seems he’ll avoid surgery. And yet, in spite of the constant barrage of injuries, Aaron Boone’s squad kept chugging forward this week.

  • Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Boone moved the goalposts with regard to Judge’s injury throughout the week. First, the skipper went with the “nothing to see here” approach regarding why Judge came out of a five run game in the sixth inning. The next day, Judge was out of the lineup because of “lower body tightness”, though he hoped the slugger would return to the lineup on Friday after a team off day. The kicker came once the Boston series began: Boone announced Judge was heading to the injured list. At least it sounds like Judge will spend the minimum amount of time on the injured list.
  • Gleyber Toress’defense at shortstop has drawn some ire this season. Boone acknowledged that Torres is frustrated with his own performance, but the manager also said that the 23 year-old’s defense has been “strong”. (Kristie Ackert)
  • Boone and JA Happ had a couple of one-on-one conversations last week about the team skipping Happ’s turn during the Atlanta series. Happ noted that one went well, and the other not as well. Not in the sense of an argument or anything like that, but rather, the lefty’s frustration with Boone choosing to skip him. (Bryan Hoch)

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