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Mailbag: Tauchman Revisited, Trade Targets, New Ball, Ohtani

Happy Friday, everyone. The Yankees are 20-9 (.689) over their last calendar month, and they sit at 25-19 (.568) overall. They’re 1.5 games out of first place, but just one on the loss side. I think it’s fair to say that the early-season struggles are behind them, even if the injuries and anemic offense continues to frustrate. They’ll get a real test this evening against the AL-best Chicago White Sox. I’m excited for that one.

Anyway, it’s time for another mailbag. We have four good questions today. As always, please send yours to for potential inclusion in a future edition.


Mailbag: Bases Loaded, Gleyber Defense, Severino, Pujols

Happy Friday, everyone. It’s a good one: the Yankees took two out of three from the Astros. I wish that they won yesterday, of course, but the bullpen was due for a clunker eventually. Still, it was a good series. Now the Yanks will get ready to take on the Nationals for a three-game home stand before an off-day on Monday.

Before that, it’s time for another mailbag. Four good questions today. As always, send yours to – we choose our favorites every week on Friday morning. Let’s get to it.

Mailbag: Aaron Hicks, Clint Frazier, Assessing Aaron Boone, & More


Happy Friday, everyone. The Yankees lost a stinker yesterday – god I hate that damn extra innings rule – but look better overall. Let’s hope they can beat up the lowly Tigers this weekend.

It’s time for another mailbag before the game starts, of course. As always, send your questions to to be considered for a future edition. We choose our favorites each week and run them on Friday. To the questions!

Mailbag: Florial vs. Frazier, lineup replacement, and Hicks’s future as a switch-hitter

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Happy Friday, everyone. I just got my second vaccine dose yesterday and am feeling good for the most part. Hoping all of you have been able to or will be fully vaccinated in the not so distant future.

Like every Friday, it’s mailbag day. We answer our favorites every week, including three today. Send us your questions to viewsfrom314 at gmail dot com for a chance to be included in a future edition. With that, let’s get to the questions.

Andrew asks: I love Clint, but if he keeps struggling, wouldn’t it be worth a shot to send him down for a month and give Estevan Florial a chance to invigorate this lineup?

Clint Frazier is down to .163/.265/.209 (44 wRC+) in 49 plate appearances after last night’s 0-for-3. The left fielder is still walking a good deal (12.2 percent), but he’s hitting for absolutely no power (.047 ISO) and striking out a ton (34.7 percent). It’s bad. Really bad. He does have one minor league option remaining, so theoretically, the team could option him to the Alternate Site. I don’t see that happening, though.

I wrote a defense of Frazier last week, but things haven’t gotten better since even with a little more playing time. He’s 1-for-13 with two walks since that post. Even so, does sending him down and replacing him with Estevan Florial really make sense? No.

Florial, 23, got into one major league game last year, but otherwise, has yet to reach Double-A (other than the 2017 postseason). He’s posted astronomical strikeout rates in the minors, and overall, hasn’t hit all that well since 2017. That’s a long time ago! Not to mention the injuries he’s dealt with since. This isn’t someone the Yankees can just plug and play to invigorate the lineup. He needs more time in the minors.

Now, Florial apparently has done well in Alternate Site exhibition games, but I don’t think it’s worth making too much of that. Let’s see him perform in the minors for an extended period before considering him. Florial’s development (really, getting him back on track) is more important than hoping to catch lightning in a bottle in the Bronx right now.

Clint’s been frustrating to watch, like many other Yankees, but a swap of him and Florial isn’t going to fix this lineup overnight even if Florial raked from the start. This lineup needs the likes of Gleyber Torres, Aaron Judge, and Giancarlo Stanton cooking in the heart of the order. That’s the bottom line.

If the Yankees had a surefire upgrade of Frazier, I’d be open to it. They don’t, though. Florial’s not it. Brett Gardner is in a rut himself: .212/.333/.273 (83 wRC+) in his last 40 plate appearances. I don’t really want to see Mike Tauchman play everyday. Look, Frazier’s at-bats have been dreadful, including taking hittable fastballs over the heart of the plate. I can’t really blame Aaron Boone for playing Gardner more at this point, but Frazier is the most talented of the bunch. Again, none of these guys are rescuing the lineup on their own — that’s the middle of the order’s job. But ultimately, now’s not the time to demote Frazier.

Mailbag: Bruce Replacement, Stanton Panic, Judge’s Future, CC’s Place in Yankee History

This has nothing to do with anything. It’s just so beautiful, so I figured why the hell not?

Happy Friday, everyone. The Yankees play a baseball game tonight and I sure do hope they win it. They have been frustrating as hell to watch this year, and it’s been something of a continuation of last year’s frustrations, too. I don’t think that it’ll last. Tonight would be a good night to prove me correct.

Before then, though, it’s time for another mailbag. You all sent in a bunch of great questions this week, but this was running pretty long. Many of them were timeless, so I’ll get to them in future editions. I’m rolling with four good questions today. As always, please send us your questions at We choose our favorites each Friday. Answers after the jump.

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