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VF314 Live Chat – 3/23/2022

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All of the Yankees’ arbitration eligible players except Aaron Judge has settled on a contract for 2022 (Jon Heyman). The two sides are $4 million apart, with Judge coming in at $21 million and the Yankees at $17 million. While this does set the stage for a hearing, it’s also not a foregone conclusion that this gets to that point. Judge could agree to a new deal for 2022, or even a much bandied about extension, prior to the hearing. Now, if this case does get heard, there’s no in between: it’ll either be $17 million or $21 million for 2022.

We can discuss Judge’s extension and anything else on your mind in today’s chat, which begins at noon eastern. As usual, you can send your questions ahead of time in the message box below. See you then!

Today’s chat has ended. See below for the transcript.

VF314 Live Chat – 3/16/2022

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The time has (finally) come: a chat that doesn’t have to be dominated by the owners’ lockout and collective bargaining. We can still talk about that, if any of you wish, but considering that the Yankees have made two notable transactions in the past few days, I’m guessing that many of you would like to focus on the team’s roster and any other potential moves.

Today’s chat will begin at noon eastern. As usual, you can send your questions ahead of time in the message box below. See you then!

Today’s chat has ended. See below for the transcript.

VF314 Live Chat – 3/9/2022

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Today will end with one of two things: Rob Manfred canceling more regular season games or a new collective bargaining agreement. Last night’s negotiations carried on into the early hours of this morning, with MLB issuing its latest proposal (as detailed by this Evan Drellich Twitter thread). At some point today, the players union will respond to the league. That response could arrive by the time we start chatting here at noon eastern. Come by then to talk about the status of labor negotiations, the Yankees, and more.

As always, the question queue is below and open right now if you’d like to submit yours ahead of time. Otherwise, be here at 12pm sharp to discuss the state of MLB labor negotiations, the Yankees, and more.

Today’s chat has ended. See below for the transcript.

VF314 Live Chat – 3/2/2022

Folks, things are bleak. That statement could apply to all sorts of things around the world right now, but in this instance, it applies to labor relations in Major League Baseball. The owners simply do not care about anything other than their bottom line. They’ve made the league pretty joyless for at least the last three seasons. Ditto Rob Manfred. Yesterday, the commissioner announced the cancellation of the first two series of the regular season, but surely, it won’t stop there.

What’s next? I’m not sure. It seems like the players want to continue negotiating, but the owners don’t seem particularly serious, and instead are striving to break the union. I don’t know if or when there will be Yankees baseball this year, but sheesh, things aren’t looking great at the moment.

So today, let’s chat about the last few days of collective bargaining, the Yankees, and anything else on your mind. The question queue is below and open for questions now, but the chat won’t get underway until noon eastern. Speak to you then.

Today’s chat has ended. See below for the transcript.

VF314 Live Chat – 2/23/2022

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If you missed today’s chat, the transcript is below today’s notes:

Wednesday means it’s chat day, and while in a normal year we’d have plenty to discuss about spring training by now, 2022 has been far from normal thus far. Not that any year in recent memory has been, but I digress. At the very least, the league and union have met every day this week, and will continue to do so, with the hope of striking a new CBA and to start the regular season on time.

We can discuss the league and union’s proposals, Paul O’Neill’s number retirement, or anything else that’s on your mind today at noon. As always, the question queue at the bottom of this post is open so you can submit your questions before the chat gets underway at 12pm eastern. In the meantime, since we haven’t done this yet at the blog, I figured it would be good to summarize the status of some of the key labor issues at stake, according to reporting from Evan Drellich and Jeff Passan:

  • Arbitration (Super Two Status): The union dropped its ask from 80% to 75% of players with two to three years of service to become eligible for arbitration. The league does not want this to change from the status quo of 22% of players and hasn’t shown a willingness to budge.
  • Pre-arbitration bonus pool: MLB agreed to a bonus pool for pre-arbitration eligible players based on a mutually agreed upon WAR metric. However, the two sides are far apart on how much the pool should be, with the owners proposing $20M and the players at $115M.
  • Minimum salary: MLBPA proposal includes minimum salary of $775K, with $30k increases annually. This is a slightly higher ask than the union proposed previously because they lessened their proposals elsewhere (Super Two status, for instance). The league wants the minimum to be $630k, or fixed at $615k, $650k, and $725k based on years of service.
  • Draft lottery: MLB (top four) and the union (top seven) are negotiating the amount of first round picks to enter a lottery, similar to what the NBA does.
  • Draft pick compensation: The league would eliminate the forfeiture of draft picks tied to signing qualified free agents. The teams that lose those free agents would still be granted a pick though.
  • Luxury Tax: No proposals this week. Last time this issue arose, there were massive gaps. The league wants to create stiffer penalties for exceeding the tax threshold, and only wants the artificial cap to increase to $222M by 2026. The players are proposing an uptick to $273M by 2026. MLB needs to budge here. The threshold is currently $210M, and has barely increased over the last decade or so in spite of exploding revenues.

Again, the queue for questions is open below. Send your questions now, or stop by at noon for the start of the chat.

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