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VF314 Live Chat – 1/19/2022

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It’s Wednesday, so let’s chat. There is no hot stove to speak of, there appears to be little to no progress on a new CBA, and the owners’ offer last week essentially quashed any hope for a timely spring training. Great fodder for a chat, huh? Let’s talk Yankees baseball anyway.

Today’s chat will get underway at noon eastern. The queue is open for questions in advance, so send them in beforehand if you wish.

If you missed today’s chat, the transcript is below:


VF314 Chat – 1/12/2022

Good morning, everyone. It’s chat day once again, and we’ll get our conversation underway at 12pm eastern. In the meantime, the queue is open to submit your questions ahead of time after the read more button below.

There’s been very, very little for us to discuss in recent weeks, but at some point tomorrow, we should have have something more substantive to banter about on the labor front:

It’s too bad this (hopefully earnest) offer won’t come before our chat, but we’ll make do nonetheless. Again, the queue for questions is below. See you at noon.

If you missed today’s chat, the transcript is below:

VF314 Chat – 1/5/2022

Happy Wednesday, everyone. That means it’s chat day, and we’ll get things started at 12 pm eastern. But before getting to today’s conversation, I’d like to plug our mailbag email address: viewsfrom314 [at] gmail [dot] com. Send us your questions for this coming Monday’s edition.

With that out of the way, you can start putting your questions into the queue for today’s chat below. Talk to you all later.

VF314 Chat – 12/29/2021

Good morning, everyone. I hope that all of you who celebrate Christmas had an enjoyable one. It’s Wednesday, which means it’s chat day. Next to nothing has happened since we last spoke a week ago, so I don’t know that we’ll need the full hour here, but let’s see what happens.

The queue is open for questions below, so feel free to send them in before we get underway at 12pm eastern. See you soon.

VF314 Chat – 12/22/2021

Happy Wednesday, folks. We received plenty of positive feedback after last week’s chat, which means that we’re going to keep this as a regular feature here at Views. Our plan is to continue hosting a chat Wednesdays at noon eastern going forward.

Before we get to today’s chat, there is a bit of Yankees news to relay. Naturally, it came just a few hours after we noted that the blog would be relatively quiet over the next couple of weeks. The Yankees officially announced their 2022 coaching staff last night:

We can discuss it during today’s chat. Again, it starts at 12 pm eastern, but the question queue is open if you’d like to send one ahead of time. You can see the chat box submit your questions by clicking the “read more” button below:

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