It’s official: Joey Gallo is a Yankee

Bobby substantially covered this last night as word first broke, but now, it’s official.

The structure of the deal changed from the version reported last night. Instead of lefty John King, the Yankees are receiving southpaw Joely Rodríguez as a secondary piece. Additionally, prospects Everson Pereira and Randy Vasquez are no longer in the deal. Reports also indicate that the Rangers will pay all of the salaries for Gallo and Rodriguez this year, so the Yankees still have room to make deals under the luxury tax.

Aaron Boone said before today’s game that Gallo and Rodríguez should be ready for tomorrow’s series in Miami.

It seems that the Yankees balked at King’s medicals. He’s currently on the injured list with a shoulder injury. So, I’ll provide a quick briefing on Rodriguez. For everyone else involved in the deal, check out Bobby’s work last night.

Jaime is going to dig deeper into Rodríguez in the coming days, so I’ll just provide the nuts and bolts. The lefty reliever has appeared in 31 games for Texas this year (27.1 innings) and owns a 5.93 ERA (3.70 FIP). He was much better last year when he tossed 12.2 innings of 2.13 ERA ball (1.69 FIP).

Rodríguez generates a lot of ground balls (63.9% this season), which tracks with the Yankees’ current bullpen composition (see: Zack Britton, Jonathan Loaisiga, and the newly added Clay Holmes). As Mike Axisa pointed out in this morning’s RAB Patreon post, it may be in response to the sticky stuff enforcement and spin rates dropping.

The Yankees have a $3 million club option ($500k buyout) on Rodríguez for 2022. These next two months will likely be a referendum on that contract decision. The 29 year-old is out of minor league options, so the Yankees will have no choice but to try him out in the major league bullpen.


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  1. MikeD

    There’s another deal coming. Wouldn’t shock me if they moved Voit and brought in another reliever and lefty bat.

  2. Joey Galleddardo

    And just when we get giddy again Gerrit Cole tears out our hearts and feeds them to a hungry Ji Man Choi. Some ace. He was lined up to pitch vs the Sox and Rays and has looked awful. He had one lucky start vs Houston and has done nothing since they took his spider tack away. Nestor should be our starter should be miraculously make the WC game.

    • Scout

      Nothing wrong with Cole that a little stickum wouldn’t fix. Just sayin’.

  3. chip56

    Nice trade. Yankees did well for themselves here. The players they gave up were good, but none of them have paths to the majors with the Yankees given the young players ahead of them. Duran, for example, is the best of the bunch and for him to make the majors then Torres, Peraza, and Volpe will all have to fail and the Yankees wouldn’t have gone hunting for a SS in FA.

    Additionally, most of these guys can be replaced by being aggressive in the IFA market and/or by trading major leaguers who no longer have roles (Andujar/Frazier/Voit)

    Rodriguez is a LOOGY in a league that no longer allows LOOGY, but whatever, he’s another option at least until Peralta returns.

    I wonder if the Gallo add puts an end to the possibility of Stanton playing the OF in Miami?

    Overall, good deal, and the Yankees kept their financial and prospect powder dry enough that they can still make another big move.

  4. I’ve slept on this overnight and am convinced it’s a great trade for the Yankees.

    It gives them left handed power in the middle of the order and likely helps guys like Stanton and Judge and improves the defense (they can play Gardner or Allen in CF and have solid ‘D’ across the field.

    They gave up some prospects who likely would never have played an inning for the Yankees as well as Texas is paying both salaries for the balance of the year so they have room to add another player if one falls into their laps (or maybe they are working on something now).

    I’ve also decided that I hope Allen becomes a long term piece of the team, maybe he’s the outfield version of Ronald Torreyes in the way they can use him-good defense, great speed, and makes contact consistently.

    They have clearly been bad this year but it’s time to forget that and move forward-they are 7-4 during this ‘tough’ stretch after the All Star game and have Cole going today.

  5. HenryKrinkle

    We’ll have to wait and see what they do with the money they didn’t spend here. Pitching, I hope?

  6. Joey Galleddardo

    It’s about time, Derek, but was the hold up really over a lefty reliever with a 6 ERA? I thought we just got rid of one of those. I don’t know what their obsession is with these guys. But if it gets the Gallo deal done we’ll take it. Giving up 4 prospects instead of 6 is a win as well. And of course Hal had to get some cash considerations in return. Texas probably threw in a few Costco coupons to sweeten the deal. Now let’s get the sweep behind Cole today and we’ll have Gallo waiting for us in Miami.

    • Jersey Jerry

      I think the hold up was getting Manfred to agree the money that Texas had to kick in.

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