It Is Time

We’ve waited a little over six months for this moment. We endured a frustrating and eye opening offseason for this day. We all adopted a next man up mentality just so we could get to 7 p.m. EST on October 4th. The playoffs are upon us and it is time for the Yankees to win number 28. My blog brothers have done an incredible job this week of providing you with all the analysis you need heading into this series with the Twins. After taking all of that in, there is something I need from all of you. I need you to believe.

The Yankees are really, really good. The amazing thing is we never saw the full 2019 New York Yankees roster. There wasn’t one day where we saw the death lineup. There may have been one time this season when we saw the projected starting rotation go through a full turn together. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter. This team carries calluses and bruises. They are adorned with scars and wounds. They built the character of a champion, while other teams were simply playing their schedule.

In past seasons, all of this intangible stuff wouldn’t mean much in my eyes. This isn’t any other season. It felt like a test to see if this group of players were capable of handling the adversity that comes with winning a championship. The most recent dynasty years had the heartbreaks of ’95 and ’97. The 2009 team had the disappointment of closing out YSII in 2008 without playoff baseball. This group has ’17, ’18 and the rash of injuries of ’19 to build their mettle. Now is the time to seal the deal.

As fans, it is time to throw caution to the wind. Yes, the Twins, Astros, Rays and Dodgers are fantastic teams, but so the hell what. The Yankees are great. We know the Yankees’ flaws, but that shouldn’t define how we view them. Those flaws shouldn’t be the reason why we don’t courageously proclaim that our team is going to win it all. We can’t enter the playoffs giving these other teams too much credit and not giving our own team enough credit. The Yankees don’t deserve the title. They will need to earn it. This season taught them how to do exactly that. We should embrace that idea and ride into the playoffs with confidence.

This was a fun regular season. We saw a group of players and a manager grow before our eyes. The conventional wisdom says that we should throw all of that out of the window. The only thing that matters now is match ups, data, advanced scouting and tendencies. This is all true, but character doesn’t know limits. It stays with a team for as long as they allow it. The Yankees believe they can win the title and we should follow suit. The road to number 28 begins tonight. Let’s get it poppin’.


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  1. dasit

    if they can avoid being ambushed by the twins in a short series, they’re winning it all

  2. RetroRob

    My main concern is readiness. By that, I mean we have a number of hitters who may be just a tick off. EE returns, but he’s been out for weeks. If it takes him 3-5 games to get up to speed, the series will be over. Stanton has looked solid, but he’s still not at peak. Gary was injured and missed a few weeks and didn’t look all that good at the plate on his return. Urshela was slumping up until his last few games. Voit (who is not starting tonight) is in a 1-31.

    None of this matters once the first pitch is thrown. Slumps end in the swing of the bat. We just need enough of the hitters to be on their game.

    • Randy

      Yeah, I’m not concerned about that. The same can be said for a bunch of Twins players. They’re limping into the series as well.

  3. BillyMartinVanBuren Boys

    I’m doing a shot every time an announcer mentions Glasnow’s height. I’m almost dead FYI

  4. BillyMartinVanBuren Boys

    Guys which team is more insufferable the Astros or the Rays?

    • BillyMartinVanBuren Boys

      The correct answer is actually C.-the broadcast crew for this game….

    • Betty Lizard

      My only Yankees game this year was last week at Tropicana, so I have to vote for the Rays.

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