Injury updates: Corey Kluber shut down for four weeks; Luke Voit has oblique strain

I guess we’ll have to keep using this, huh?

Another day, another injury. We already were waiting for the news on Corey Kluber’s MRI — it’s not good — but now, we’ve also come to find that Luke Voit has a grade 2 oblique strain. I had initially speculated that he was out of the lineup prior to postponement for paternity leave as his wife was scheduled for induced labor by Friday, but nope. Voit will return to the injured list after missing a good chunk of time already because of knee surgery.

I guess we will see more Mike Ford and perhaps Miguel Andújar at first. Or, more DJ LeMahieu at first base and Rougned Odor at second base. But what about Chris Gittens? Can’t envision a better chance for him. There’s no timetable for Voit yet, but figure it’s gonna be a while.

Meanwhile, Kluber has a subscap strain in his throwing shoulder. The righty didn’t sound too concerned about the tightness he felt in last night’s start, but now, he’ll be shut down for four weeks. That means he’ll also need another four weeks of build up, per Aaron Boone. Probably won’t be seeing Kluber until August at the earliest, and it absolutely sucks. He was pitching really well with the no-hitter being the high point. I know folks will point to the no-no being the root cause of the strain, but I doubt it. He only needed 101 pitches to throw those nine innings. He’s a late 30s pitcher with shoulder trouble already last year. It was the risk the Yankees decided to take, and it had looked like it was going to pay off in a major way until now.

So, expect to see Deivi García and Michael King duke it out for Kluber’s vacancy. Then, once Luis Severino returns (hopefully around the All Star break?), Sevy will jump in.

Is everyone having fun yet?


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  1. Jacob

    Damn, I know we just could (and were for a bit) just as easily been saying “wow we were wrong about the Kluber signing” but idk it just makes it burn extra that we knew this was the risk, got a taste, and had it taken from us. Obviously he could come back and be an asset for them but I just feel like the chances are low.

    Also what does this say, if anything, about the training/conditioning staff? It’s 3 years in a row now the Yankees have been hit with a bunch of injuries, I know they shook it up after 2019 but it doesn’t seem to have changed much.

    Sorry, just frustrated because I really don’t have hope of them having a deep run. I don’t really doubt they’ll get to the postseason because they’ll probably start playing like maniacs and squeak in at the very least, then come up short when the injuries and lack of performance is just too much to overcome, for the 3rd year in a row.

  2. MikeD



  3. The Yankees have very little chance of going deep in the playoffs this year, too many black holes in the lineup and nothing ready in the minors to replace them.

    They really only have 4 position players that are keepers (Judge, Torres, DJM, and Urshela), everyone else can go in the right deal (and maybe should).

    Their ‘window’ seemed to close very quickly, that’s the price for having too many all or nothing players on the roster. If I’m the opposing pitcher, I go after Sanchez, Voit, Frazier, and Stanton with high heat until they prove me wrong.

  4. dasit

    to add insult to injury, kaprielian threw a gem today (rooting for him, but still)

  5. Wire Fan

    A grade 2 strain is fairly significant, no? Not to mention oblique injuries can re-occur pretty easily if brought back too quickly. The number of soft injuries this team sustains is astounding. Still wonder if these guys getting jacked up makes them more susceptible to soft tissue injuries.

    Not looking forward to either Odor or Ford getting full time ABs. Might as well give Gittens a shot. They can put Kluber on the 60day for a 40 man spot.

  6. Gerreddardit Cole

    Just as I suspected, Derek. Kluber is out for the year. And now Voit is too. These injuries just keep happening and nobody ever questions why and if our medical and training staffs are adequate. Rinse repeat. The entire training and medical staffs should be fired. They don’t keep anyone healthy. They don’t warm up the players and keep them in shape so you constantly see injuries of guys that are just running 90 feet, which an 80 year old could do. But Voit can lift a tire over his head! Who gives a crap. Can he hit a baseball and run 90 feet? Apparently not.

    • smurfy

      Think it’s all in the way they’re thinking of the ‘get more for your money’ tactic, to bet on the potential to succeed. Wonderful when they make it. Medicals vs guts? The human equation.

  7. chip56

    If Kluber isn’t even picking up a ball for 4 weeks, then it’s going to be 4 after that, minimum, before he’s back in the rotation – and that’s only if there are no setbacks. If his season isn’t over, I would be shocked.

  8. Zach

    Not surprising, unfortunately. This is what happens when you assemble a roster of extremely injury-prone players just to save money. Instead of spending to improve the team and acquire a reasonable amount of depth, Cashman tried to paper over the team’s flaws with cheap high-risk signings. All because of the artificial, arbitrary cap the team operates on so Hal can save a few bucks.

    The worst part is that there will be no trade help for the same reason. There are plenty of players available that could really help the team. But the artificial constraints will prevent any trades that would actually make an impact. Instead we’ll get lots of Ford, Odor, Wade, and Michael King. No serious “contender” operates this way

    • Steve

      If Hal sets a budget mandate, what did you expect Cashman to do?

      • Zach

        The budget mandate is exactly the problem, but that still doesn’t excuse the way Cashman built this roster. He made plenty of bad decisions himself.

  9. No more Ford jokes

    I’m so tired of seeing Ford adjust his batting gloves. Please call up someone exciting…

    • Cary

      Time for Gittens. I’ll make the prediction right now. Once he comes up he becomes the starting first baseman of the future. He will not squander this opportunity. His defense will be very good and he may hit a little also.

  10. Dani

    I really hope Gittens gets the call this time, should’ve gotten it the day they DFA’d Bruce. I guess he won’t because “duh, we need more LH batters to balance the lineup”.

  11. Mungo

    Well, if he comes back healthy, we won’t have to worry about an innings overload as we head into September and hopefully October. That’s about the only positive spin I can put on this at the moment.

    It does seem strange this happened right after the no-hitter, although, as noted, he only tpssed 101 pitches and he looked to be free and easy.

    I’d like to see Gittens, but frankly I’d rather they give Andujar as many ABs as possible, be in in LF or 1B, or a combination of both. A grade 2 oblique could keep him out six weeks or more.

    From a Yankee fan perspective, the main issue is we have the wealthiest team in MLB hat left themselves exposed because they weren’t willing to go above the luxury tax line

  12. Brian M

    At least Wade is still healthy

  13. dasit

    kluber down for 8 weeks per mlbtr

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