Hitting a Release Valve

Today seems like a good day to stop the slide. The Yankees have been pretty putrid for the last two games, two ugly losses against the Rays. As many fans–including many of you loyal readers–would tell it, this young season has been at least mildly frustrating to many and down right infuriating to others. For some, that boiled over on Friday night with fans throwing things onto the field.

As I wrote on Twitter Saturday morning, I’m much more frustrated with people who do that than with a struggling baseball team. The latter is to be expected, even with a team as talented as the Yankees. The former is unacceptable and dangerous. Please be better, Yankee fans.

While that’s not a good way to hit a release valve, we all need to at some point. That includes me despite the patience I’ve been preaching online and in real life. So here’s my release valve, my early airing of the grievances, so to speak.

On the micro level, I’m annoyed with Aaron Boone pulling his patented ‘get one more inning out of the starter’ act, which almost never works. He did it yesterday and it helped put the game out of reach. Of course, Jordan Montgomery shouldn’t be throwing five balls in a row, but there was no need for him to be in after the sixth inning.

I’m also frustrated with the team’s handling of Clint Frazier, which Derek detailed already, even before Frazier sat out on Saturday. The entire lineup seems to be slumping, save one or two guys, but only Frazier is the one who’s not allowed to work through his slump in game action. His replacement, veteran Brett Gardner, isn’t exactly lighting things on fire. He’s got two hits and three walks in his last 18 PA. Is this really an improvement?

The offense in general has been frustrating to watch, and Randy summed up why pretty easily yesterday:

When an offense isn’t getting breaks, it’s not too hard to watch. But when an offense is in between, as Randy noted, it’s awful. They seem to miss everything hittable and hit everything missable. That’s no good for anyone. But I still trust this team will hit and hit well.

The non-Gerrit Cole rotation has been disappointing to watch as a whole. Corey Kluber and Jameson Taillon haven’t lived up to their upside yet, but I’m willing to give them more time. Montgomery has been fine, but it would be nice to see him find a groove over the next few starts. Maybe not playing Tampa so much will help him and everyone.

Speaking of Cole, he’s the release valve today, right? He’s the guy the Yankees can turn to now after a losing streak and feel confident that he will stop it. With a win today, with a typical Cole outing, he can help us all head into the Yankees’ off day with confidence that things will turn around.


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  1. Jason

    If the owner doesn’t care for rings, neither should the fans.

    Lets start putting banners for “Started slow, but won 90+ games and lost to the eventual AL Pendant team.” We are 4peating when it comes to that category.

  2. Brian M

    Any plans to bring back the weekly poll about our thoughts on the team/mgmt/etc? I’d be curious to see how low it is

  3. CentralScrutinizer

    Kluber belongs at the alternate site. Bring back Deivi Garcia. I would say the same for Taillon except that I’m not sure who the replacement would be. It’s absurd that the #2 and #3 starters struggle to go 4 innings and are mediocre to bad in the few innings they do pitch. This is no longer spring training and guys who are still working up to being game ready do not belong on the roster.

  4. fat sancho can rake

    Jay Bruce retires today?

  5. H. Avis

    The Yankees have become a 500 ball club. No longer elite. I blame it all on management.

    • Brent Lawson

      No question.
      One dimensional offense, 1 1/2 pitchers, shaky at shortstop and catcher, no farm system to speak of, a “chill surfer dude” leading the team, a GM driven by his ego, and a bottom line owner who seems not to care.

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