Players and League may or may not be near deal for 2020 season

Just a couple of days after Rob Manfred showed his duplicity, it looks like we will have Major League Baseball in 2020 after all.

More details to come on the amount of games to be played, but it’s evident that the players will get what they’ve been owed since the initial March agreement: full prorated pay. Meanwhile, the owners get the benefit of expanded playoff revenue.

Of course, the big mystery is how baseball will be played amidst a global pandemic. Frankly, there probably shouldn’t be any baseball or any sports this summer! Alas, an attempt will be made.

Again, more to come.

Update, 2:47pm: Here’s some cold water for ya:

Update, 3:02pm: The MLBPA has weighed in.

Update, 3:11pm: Here are the details of MLB’s offer:

Quick take: that’s not that great of an offer. There are 22 off days in a typical 162 game season. 10 in 70 days, while a nice reprieve for players in theory, leaves money on the table. And as Baseball Prospectus’s Craig Goldstein tweets, it’s essentially offering three more games worth of pay compared to the previous offer.

Update, 3:48pm: The commissioner has weighed in.


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  1. Coronaveddardus

    There won’t be a deal, Derek, and we don’t want a deal. A 60 game season is a joke. It’s like a 6 game NFL season. Nothing can be gained from that garbage. It’s time to just pull the plug on the season. Baseball is already viewed as an old man’s game and hopefully a cancelled season puts the final nail in the coffin for the league. The fans deserve better than this.

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