Here are Some Dismaying Stats about the Yankee Offense

Boy have the Yankees been bad lately, huh? It’s borderline unfathomable to me. They’re implementing the classic formula for a struggling baseball team: when the offense is good, the pitching is bad; when the pitching is good, the offense is bad. And, of course, when both are good, the bullpen blows the late lead. It’s brutal.

Anyway, the Yankee offense has been horrible since the 5-14 stretch began on August 18. I was going to write a whole post about it, but it’s honestly pretty deflating. Besides, what is there to say? We all know they’ve been horrible. There’s very little new ground here. So, instead, I’m going to bullet out this misery:

  • Yankees batters have a .205 batting average in their last 672 plate appearances. That ranks 28th out of 30, ahead of Cincinnati (.202) and Arizona (.197).
  • They have a .304 on-base-percentage, ranking the Yanks 25th in the league.
  • Amazingly, the Bronx “Bombers” have a .354 slugging percentage over the period. It’s better than just two other teams, Texas (.341) and Arizona (.328).
  • For the team, they’ve been hitting .205/.304/.354 in the last nearly 700 plate appearances. That is “good” for an 80 wRC+, which ranks 25th out of 30. That is good for a .657 OPS, which ranks 27th.
  • Put another way, they have a .290 wOBA – ranking them above Kansas City (.289), Pittsburgh (.286), Arizona (.270), and Texas (.269).
  • The Yanks still have some power, with an average exit velocity of 88.6 mph, which puts them 15th and a .149 ISO that ranks 22nd. This is more in line with their .330 xWOBA, which ranks 21st.
  • Overall, the Yankees offense has posted 0.2 fWAR. That’s 28th out of 30, with just Arizona (-0.7) and Texas (-1.8) clocking in worse over the period.

Pretty bad, right? How about a few more, this time a bit more in-depth:

  • The Yanks have a .283 wOBA against high-velocity fastballs (any over 95 mph). That’s 24th out of 30. Their .184 batting average against them ranks 26th out of 30.
  • Their .190 BABIP against such fastballs is consistent with their actual batting average and ranks 29th out of 30. The good news, though, is they “should” perform better, with a .342 xWOBA that ranks 15th and an average exit velocity of 89.3 mph that ranks 18th.
  • Teams have noticed, throwing them 18.1% of the time against the Yanks, the second-highest clip in the league. Hey, I’d do it too.
  • Lest you think it was just fastballs, they also have a .188 BA (26th), .236 wOBA (25th) and .266 xWOBA (26th) against off-speed stuff.
  • As I’m sure you can imagine by now, they’ve been abysmal against breaking pitches too. Our Bombers have a .153 BA (29th), .196 wOBA (30th), and .266 xWOBA (25th) line against those offerings.
  • Finally, they can’t even hit anything right down the middle. They have a .230 BA (30th), .268 wOBA (30th), and .354 xWOBA (25th) against 692 pitches in the heart of the plate. Pretty frustrating!

If you’re still here, there are two pieces of good news. The first is that the Yankees are still taking pitches (their 28.7% chase rate is a top-10 mark) and they still walking (their 11.3% walk rate ranks 4th). That bodes well in the long-run.

The second is that every team, no matter how good, is bound to struggle at some point. It won’t stay this bad forever – even in a pandemic-shortened season, the law of averages will win out. We’ll forget about this soon, but until then, it’s rough waters ahead for the New York Yankees.


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  1. Mungo

    Teams always look bad when slumping. They had a similar stretch in 2017. Problem is this year it’s a 60 game schedule and there are multiple issues beyond simply hitting and injuries.

    The Yankees haven’t had a losing season since 1992. It would be so 2020 for them to have their first since in a year when they were projected–along with the Dodgers–to be the best team in MLB.

  2. CentralScrutinizer

    I just love the narratives built around “expected” results. That’s just a bunch of lying with “statistics”, pretending that those “expected” numbers actually have any real meaning. I don’t care what was “expected” to happen. I only care about what DOES happen. You are what your numbers say you are. I’m sure Mike Trout has some hard-hit balls go right at fielders too..The difference is that he hits enough of them that his bad luck doesn’t hurt him. No one is lucky or unlucky for any extended period. Luck is random. Analytics geeks just love to plug in “”luck” as an explanation for things that their models can’t measure or explain.

  3. Doug Hudgins

    It will turn around the last couple of days as they head home and evryone talks excitedly about next near – again.

  4. Dani

    I thought about it but I can’t remember the last time the Yanks had a stretch this bad. The team looks lifeless, they have no confidence in themselves and it shows. Imagine missing the postseason with the highest payroll when half the league gets a spot … seemed impossible just 2 weeks ago, now it looks like a very real possibility.

    • Mungo

      I’m sure they had something equally bad in either June or July 2017. That was a full 162 game season, so a slide like this in a 60 gamer can be crippling.

  5. The Original Drew

    Do the law of averages count in a short season though?

    They have 19 (!) games to figure it out. That is it?

    • Bobby

      Agreed in principle but I do have a hard time imagining that the offense is as bad as this. I’d bet they turn it around at least a little bit.

      • Mungo

        Get Judge and Stanton healthy, and that will help the offense. In the Strange Case of Gary Sanchez, he does his typical Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and goes off on one of his six week hitting streaks to carry the Yankees through October. They’ll need to find someone past Cole and Tanaka to take the ball for a game three in the postseason. Maybe it’s the return of Paxton, or maybe it’s Garcia or Schmidt. Finally, Britton and Chapman will be fine once their work is more consistent. Send Happ off to the pen where he has shown increased velocity and effectiveness against lefties in the past.

        Is all that going to happen? Unlikely, but they’re in a slump and all teams look bad in slumps. The core of an exceptional team remains. They need to get that core back on the field so the team can begin hitting on all cylinders.

        This is simply my counter to yesterday’s rant!

        • Gerreddardit Cole

          This is by far the worst Yankee lineup I’ve seen in 50 years, Bobby. Even the glory years of the Nuneys, Frankies and Soleys looked better than this. At least Stephen Drew hit 20 dingers when he hit .200. These guys hit .100 and don’t hit for any power. And it ain’t getting any better.

          But Judge and Stanton are only weeks away! You’ve only got 3 weeks left in the season! They’re not coming back, folks. Outside of DJ, Voit and Clint these guys can’t hit a lick. And when they do hit either Green, Crappavino, Britton or Chapman blows the game. Makes you pine for the days of McCann, 40 year old Arod and 50 year old Beltran. At least they had age as an excuse for their decline.

  6. BillyMartinVanBuren Boys

    Thanks, I hate it.

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