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We didn’t really think we’d get through Game 162 without an injury scare, did we? Gio Urshela made a few sparkling plays at third base today, as usual. But on the last one–a soft roller off the third base line–Gio rolled his ankle, came up limping. Steve Donahue and Aaron Boone immediately came out to evaluate him. Gio left the game immediately, of course.

Brian Cashman was in the booth for the injury, and he immediately went silent in the middle of answering a question. I know that feeling, Brian. He mentioned that removing him was the smart thing to do regardless of severity, and he’s right. But come on. This was ridiculous five months ago and I’m not even sure there are enough descriptive words in the entire English language to describe the flurry of injuries and injury scares the Yankees have dealt with this year.

My gut inclination is that he’s fine–it didn’t look that bad–but those are famous last words with injuries, especially regarding the 2019 Yankees. I’ll update this once we learn more. Ugh.

UPDATE (5:37 pm): The Yankees just announced that Gio left the game with a “mild left ankle sprain.” He was seen by doctors in Texas and, apparently, there are no more tests scheduled, so they must think this is a minor thing. I don’t think we’re out of the woods just yet, but hey–I’m not a doctor. Hopefully, the four days off do Gio’s ankle some good and that he’s good to go for the ALDS. The Yankees did say this was just a precautionary removal, so let’s hope that’s all it is.