Gerrit Cole exits game with injury

Update, 8:48pm: Exhale, for now. A tight hamstring is much, much better than any sort of arm problem for Gerrit Cole, certainly in terms of long-term injuries. Hard to say if this is a better short-term outcome than a blister or fingernail issue, though. I’m sure we’ll find out more in the postgame press conferences from Aaron Boone and Cole himself.

Original post:

Cross your fingers and hope for the best, everyone. Gerrit Cole left tonight’s game in the fourth inning with the trainer. He definitely did not look his sharpest tonight, though his normal velocity was present up until the very last pitch, as you can see above.

The best case scenario here would be a blister, which some have speculated about on Twitter (such as Phil Hughes). Cole did hang a bunch of breaking balls tonight, and appeared to be looking at his hand right before he got checked on, so maybe it’s a simple as a blister hampering his grip.

We’ll update this post if any new information becomes available before the end of tonight’s game.


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  1. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    Tight hamstring means 2-3 months of misdiagnoses before discovering a torn acl. This medical/training staff has no clue what it’s doing. This is not good news. He’ll be out for the year.

  2. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    And that’s the season, Derek. It was already hanging by a thread and now that thread is cut as we fall into the abyss like Scott Glenn in Vertical Limit. It’s not a blister. Unless you think the lineup will carry the load or that Cole’s replacement Andrew Heaney will switch bodies with 2009 Andy Pettitte. Take solace in it finally being over and we can move on with our miserable lives.

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