Game 90: Dreadful

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How many times have we wrote something like: “hope you found something better to do tonight!” this season? Far too many, obviously. The Yankees lost in listless fashion to the Red Sox this evening, 4-0. Jordan Montgomery pitched just fine, but good grief, the offense was a no show.

With the win, the Red Sox are 7-0 against the Yankees this season. New York is nine games off Boston’s pace in division, so you can pretty much forget about an AL East title. Meanwhile, the Wild Card is starting to slip away, too. Oakland holds a five game advantage on the Bombers right now, though their game is just starting tonight.

Murphy’s law applies to the 2021 Yankees, that’s for sure. Whether it’s on the field (underwhelming or disappointing individual performances, #RISPfail, etc.) or off the field (two COVID-19 outbreaks now), the Yankees are having a downright dreadful season.

Should you care, here are the takeaways from tonight’s game:

No surprise: the offense stinks. That’s it. That’s the takeaway.

OK but really, what did you expect? The Yankees’ offense has been incredibly underwhelming as it is. Losing Aaron Judge, Luke Voit, and Gio Urshela compounds the issue by putting more pressure on those who are already struggling. I mean, Gleyber Torres and Brett Gardner were the team’s fifth and sixth hitters tonight. Rougned Odor hit third. At least Odor (a double) had one of the three hits (DJ LeMahieu and Greg Allen too). Torres and Gardner went 0-for-8. What a nightmare.

And to no surprise, Trey Amburgey (0-for-3) and Hoy Jun Park (0-for-1) didn’t spark the lineup. That’s nothing against them, to be clear. Those two represent potential upgrades to the margins of the major league roster. Instead, they’re filling the shoes of guys much better than them.

The Yankees’ lineup needed upgrades weeks ago, so I really don’t feel like beating a dead horse. But now with the COVID outbreak and Voit’s injury, the Yankees could dig themselves an even deeper hole in the Wild Card hunt. As mentioned, they’re five games out as of this writing. If they want to remain in that race — because divisional hopes are laughable at this point — it’s time to make a move.

It’s hard to appreciate Jordan Montgomery right now, but it’s not his fault. There’s so much else going on with the Yankees that Monty’s solid season is flying under the radar a bit. Tonight, he met the requirements for a Quality Start, delivering six innings of three-run ball against a very good Boston lineup.

Was it annoying that Montgomery gave up three early runs to put the offense behind? Yes. But he rebounded, and at the end of the day, this is the type outing expected from the tall lefty. Again, it’s the offense that let him down. I mean, just look at this:

Poor guy. A calendar month has gone by without a run behind him. Incredible.

Anyway, in a year of very few positives, Montgomery’s 4.18 ERA (96 ERA-) and 3.71 FIP (84 FIP-) in 99 innings has to be considered a success. He got knocked around a bit in last year’s pandemic-shortened campaign, though the underlying numbers indicated some bad luck. Looks like he’s finally getting things to go in his favor this year.

It’s also worth noting that Montgomery has been very consistent, especially of late. He’s allowed three runs or fewer in 14 of 18 starts, and done so just once in his last ten outings. He’s done his job. It’s not his fault that he’s been thrust into the number two starter role.


  • Aroldis Chapman pitched a scoreless, albeit eventful, ninth inning. He walked one and threw a pickoff away, but escaped. Chapman also brought back his splitter, which perhaps is a good sign for his nail issue he was dealing with earlier.
  • Rough, rough day for Giancarlo Stanton. He grounded into a double play and struck out three times.
  • Chris Gittens walked twice and played a nice first base, I thought. Made a nice pick on an errant DJ LeMahieu throw, for one.
  • Justin Wilson surrendered the other run to the Red Sox: JD Martinez took him deep.

For better or worse: same time, same place for these two teams tomorrow. Gerrit Cole pitches, at least.


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  1. Ruth, Coombs, Maisel
    DiMaggio, Henrich and Keller
    Mantle and Maris
    MIckey Rivers and Reggie Jackson
    Bernie and Paulie

    And now, Greg Allen, Brett Gardner, and Tyler Wade

    This is an all time low for this franchise, they might as well lose every game the rest of the way and start over

  2. Blueboy23

    If Judge is not vaccinated, he can never be captain of this team and should be traded immediately. (*unless he has a condition which makes the vaccination a greater risk than the protection it offers)

    • Bartholomew

      What kind of salute do you require to exist in your world mein fuhrer?

    • Bartholomew

      Also lol NY is surely a great example for the country as a whole when it comes to covid. You going to miss Cuomo? Did he kill any of your grandparents or parents? Keep voting how you all do thou.

  3. Dani

    On the bright side it’s a good development for “team sell”. I still think they’ll buy though and to nobody’s surprise they’ll finish 10+ games behind the 2nd wildcard anyway.

  4. Mikenyc2007

    Embarrassing… from stantons DP in the first – knowing he should wait for his pitch because of the lineup behind him- to Gardner overrunning the Devers flyball/hit to Sanchez not catching the strikeout to Odor hitting 3rd on a Friday night against Boston to Wilson being on the team to Chapman giving up 8 miles of fly balls to calling for a throw to 1st for no reason…. Nevermind Sanchez looking lost at the plate again….And let’s be reall.. Monty was getting shelled and after the Sox scored those 3 runs they were trying to finish the game to go to dinner in the City since they saw the Yankee lineup.
    Indictment of Hal, and Cash, for not making a move for Pederson and having to throw a spring training lineup on the field for another 2 weeks because of no depth

  5. Steve

    Well, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be with a spring training road game lineup tonight. Torres looks horrible. He collapses so much during his swing he looks like one of those old push button thumb puppets.

  6. David Pieragostini

    Reading cashman comments, seems like at least one of judge, urshela, higgy not vaccinated.

    • Billy

      Does that really matter? These guys are young athletes. The likelihood of it severely affecting them are extremely low. And vaccination is not to stop the spread…

      • TwainsYankee

        It matters and we know Gio was vaccinated because he missed a game due to soreness after the vaccine.

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