I’m still pumped as hell from this game, woooow. Talk about a nerve wracker and a legit beastly performance by Cole. The Yankees took the series aginst the Astros after winning 1-0 with a performance from Cole that is hard to describe with just words.

The takeaways (while I try to get myself to breath normally again).

Get a better grip on this outing

So much for the Cole without the sticky stuff is Pittsburgh Cole (who was still quite good, may I say). Today, Cole went to the mound and delivered an ace-like performance worthy of his immense stature. Granted, this was far from the trashcan bangers’ best lineup. But still, we needed a big outing and Cole gave us one and more.

Gerrit absolutely dominated his previous team, throwing a complete game, 12 K shutout allowing just 2 walks and 3 hits on the night. He did this throwing 129 pitches because of a shortened bullpen and Chapman’s unreliability lately. Gerrit even went full psychopath in the last inning when Boone wanted to take him out for the last out, take a look at this:

No even the full set of Avengers could have taken Gerrit out of there alive. And what does he do for the last out? Throw 3 straight fireballs for strikes ar 98, 99 and 99. Down goes Yordan Álvarez swinging. The awesome video:

How did he do it tonight? Well, his command was pristine for his breaking balls and changeup. The only time he struggled with it was for two batters in the 4th inning, and the defense bailed him out with a double play ball from the beast Yordan Álvarez. Let’s take a look at his pitch chart, shall we?

Cole’s pitch chart taken from Baseball Savant.

Most sliders away from righties! The changeups mostly down in the zone. The curve was not as good as those but still did the job. Another interesting development was that he mostly worked his fastball down in the zone today, especially for the first 6 innings. Cole’s has mostly been a North-South pitcher for the Yankes, today it was more East-West. Is it a matchup thing for today only? Or a trend for the future? Definitely #athingtowatch.

The Cole Train didn’t get too many whiffs on his 4-seamer as usual (just 15%), but still managed to get a 26% CSW rate. All the other pitches had at leat a 33 CSW% and the slider and change even got 57 and 50 whiff%. The slider was an absolute beauty today, I might add. All things said, the cheaters combined for a measly .139 xBA against Gerrit Cole, and didn’t log a single extra-base hit.

On a night where Loaisiga and Green were unavailable, that will surely do Gerrit. Just what we needed. The highlights of this absolute masterpiece:

Just an all-time performance for a an elite pitcher in MLB. This indeed was your f’ing game as your correctly pointed out to Boone. Hats off for you Mr. Gerrit F’ing Cole.

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The Judge remembers

The Yankees got the first punch in this one. In the top of the third, just as the Fox Broadcast was talking about how Greinke dominated Judge and he had never got a hit off him, the superstar RF dropped an absolute bomb to LF for a 1-0 lead. The totally necesary video:

And if that wasn’t enough he did this amazing dig at the cheaters:

Word can not express how much I love this guy. He literally does everything that can be done on the baseball field great. He is not part of the problem this year or any year. And hell no, they shouldn’t trade him. You do anything humanly possible to keep an elite guy like him on the team. You build around him and Cole, those are the hardest pieces to find for a championship team. Anyway, rant over.

Judge is now hitting .286/.376/.532, good for a 148 wRC+. His K% is still below 25% which would be a career best rate. Additionally, OAA has him as a neutral CF and a positive 1 value in RF after his shy start in the outfield. I’ll just leave his statcast percentiles entering tonight now to further reinforce how fricking good he is:

Judge’s MLB Percentile Rankings taken from Baseball Savant

I would say those 100 are pretty good huh?


  • Not a good day for the Yankees offense, as they only managed one extra base hit other than the Judge homer. That was a Gleyber double off Greinke in the 4th. The were working Greinke, who needed 65 pitches to get through 4 innings before being weirdly taken out of the game. After that, there was barely anything going as the Yankees combined for just 3 hits in 5 innings agains Cristian Javier, Rhyne Stanek and Ryan Pressly.
  • John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman’s call on the Cole full psycho-moment:


  • Also this:

What a fricking beast.

Tomorrow the Yankees go for the sweep in cheater’s park. It will be Jameson Taillon against LHP Framber Valdéz (2.86 ERA). Have a great night everyone. I sure as hell will after this game.


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  1. Alemadgt

    Let’s go Yaaaankess!

  2. Tim Loceddardstro

    You’re lucky I like you, Jamie, or I’d sue you for copyright infringement. But I agree, it was the best win of the season. We’re back! Cole finally showed he’s an ace worth the contract. Only took him two years. I loved when he told the feckless Boone to get off his mound. Finally someone on the club showed fire and passion. That’s what we’ve been looking for. 129 pitches is a lot but they can give him another day or two rest with the break.

    Was Boone really going to put in Chapman? Has he been watching the last few weeks? Chapman woulda lost the game on one pitch. You don’t take a guy like Cole out of the game until he tells you to. Cole saved him from another blunder.

    I thought we’d win the series and we did. Now Boone needs to finish it to end the first half on a good note. We’re on the heels of the A’s and the Rays and Sox are in our sights. Buy buy buy at the deadline. Losing Loisaga hurts but hopefully he’s back after the ASB. We need him vs the Sox. Finish the sweep! We had them swept in NY too until Boone blew it.

  3. DZB

    Wow, what a performance for Cole against a really good (but depleted) offence. But 129 pitches worries me a bit. Thankfully he’ll have the AS break to recover, but leaving a pumped guy in to throw that many pitches is often a recipe for injury. That aside, he was fantastic.

    On the other side, it amazed me that Greinke can continue to be successful with his very low velocity. He was really screwing with some hitters, especially Voit, with his timing variation. And he obviously has a great varied arsenal, but still, it’s coming in so slowly I am amazed he can be so successful.

  4. Terry from LA

    WHY was Boone even THINKING of taking him out???? STUD!!!

  5. MikeD

    A game that reminds you why you love baseball.

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