Game 84: A late-night laugher

Is this a winning streak I just witnessed? IT IS!

The Yankees beat the Mariners with a 12-1 score. The game was practically done by the second inning. Let’s keep going this W streak guys, please.

To the takeaways.

  1. The offense goes wild against old friend Justus Sheffield.

Sheffield for sure didn’t have a fun night playing baseball. For all the talk about getting early leads this past few weeks seeing such an explosion early was pretty nice. The Yankees tagged the young lefty early and often, and as the old saying goes: “even the outs were hard hit”. Take a look at this beauty:

Yankees exit velocities against Sheffield, taken from Baseball Savant.

Look at all that red. Look at those xBA’s. WOW. It sure is nice to see a vintage Bronx Bombers performance. The hardest-hit ball belonged to known baseball murderer Giancarlo Stanton (I bet no one saw that coming right?), who absolutely blasted a 116 mph bomb to LF with DJ and Gary on base to start the scoring. The video evidence:

A really bad pitch that was dutifully put in the seats by G. Sheffield did throw a lot of those bad pitches, even to the point that I am confused if it was actually his game plan or he just missed the same way every time. Look for yourself:

Sheffield’s pitch chart, taken from Baseball Savant.

Sliders middle-up. Changeups middle-up. I bet he didn’t want those to be there. Now, especially weird was the sinker placement. He missed so much in the same spot that as said before it confuses me. I would think he was those down being a sinker and all, but who knows. I’ll definitely take a stinker to wake up this offense though.

All things said, the Yankees worked him for 6 runs on 63 pitches for 5 outs. Yeah, they had both more runs and hard-hit balls (8!!) than outs to Sheffield. That will do guys!

2. Jameson Taillon dominates.

Ahhh yes, hadn’t had the chance to write that title in half a season and it sure feels good to finally do it. It was really encouraging to see Taillon play to his potential, he threw 7 innings, allowing 1 run on 9 K’s and one walk. K’s and weak contact, just the stuff you want to see for the righty. Look at those pitch exit velo’s:

Even the lone run was quite unlucky on a couple of bloopers (71.4 and 78.9 exit velo’s) and a walk. The average of those exit velocities works out for a beautiful 75 mph. Such a low exit velo would make even Tyler Wade blush. To add some more beauty, that average xBA against Taillon works out for a .171 value.

Taillon managed to accomplish this by having every single pitch in his repertoire working. He got called strikes and whiffs on his 4-seamer, curve, and changeup with 30,41 and 75 CSW% (Called Strike % + Whiff %) respectively. With his sinker and slider, he got weak contact, getting average exit velo’s of 67 and 66 on those pitches respectively.

The change was particularly well located except for one and got 4 out of 6 CSW, if that pitch becomes a weapon for the righty the outlook for the rest of the season for him will be much better. The K’s for Taillon:

Let’s hope this is the start of a good streak for Jameson!

3. LeMahieu and Judge smoke the ball.

Let’s start with the robotic infielder. He had a 3 hit night… by the 3rd inning (LOL). And his uptick in exit velo from the start of the season looks to be here to stay with all three of those hits having over 100 mph exit velo.

The only guy to hit the ball harder consistently today? Our Elite Mountain Man of a RF.

Judge’s exit velo’s taken from Baseball Savant.

Man do I love that guy! We all should. There is no way in hell the team should think about trading him. That’s just BS.


  • A beautiful play from Gio at SS in the 7th going to his right:

It is nice to see him do well in SS for the Yankees, he was a pretty beastly SS when he played in Venezuela for my local team Aguilas del Zulia. In a super small sample, OAA agrees with this positive evaluation as well. Makes you think about non-Gleyber at SS alignments huh?

  • Shoutout to Odor as well, who K’d twice but hit a single and a homer of 111 and 98 mph respectively. As Matt said in the Slack chat if he’s not going to have any plate discipline just go all in and take some huge hacks at it.
  • Congratulations to Tim Locastro for his first hit as a Yankee! He hit a 97 mph ground single to left in the 5th, I’m sure that must have been awesome for a longtime Yankees fan.
  • 5-hit night for Luke Voit, the first of his MLB career! 4 singles and a double. Get some more homers there Luke and we’ll be golden.
  • The Mariners needed 139 pitches… to get through the 5th inning. Yikes for them. I personally love when they make opposing pitchers life hell by working those counts.

Tomorrow these two teams will do it again at the same time, lets hope it ends up with the same result as well. It will be Domingo Germán facing LHP Yusei Kikuchi (3.18 ERA for the season).

Have a good night everyone!


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  1. MikeD

    Nice win, at least what I saw of it, as I had to call it a night shortly after the 5th. The game looked to be in control, although I thought that last week only to awake to a loss and a Chapman explosion.

    Tonight will be a stronger test. They’re supposed to beat a pitcher like Sheffield. Kikuchi will be a tougher match.

  2. Steve

    Yay! Neutral run differential!

  3. dasit

    maybe getting out of town and away from the spotlight was what they needed? they actually looked like they were having fun playing baseball (now watch them get shut out tomorrow)

    • There was an observable difference in the way they played last night vs all of the other games this year-aggressive on the bases, good defense, solid hitting, good pitching (except for Chapman, who still is a mess).

      They need to bring this every night for the next bunch of games before I can have any level of excitement about this season, though.

      • dasit

        unfortunately there is no way to “will yourself” to play better defense. in that department they are what they are, but if the line-up starts to click and taillion figures it out they will have a better chance of going on some actual winning streaks

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