Game 82: Please make it stop

The Yankees lose another game, this one 9-5 to the Mets. And as easy as that they are playing .500 ball after losing 8 of their last 9…

To the takeaways.

  1. Cole doesn’t have it.

We really needed the Ace to step up and stop the bleeding, it didn’t happen because 2021 Yankees. Gerrit couldn’t locate anything but his 4-seamer for strikes, take a look at this:

Cole’s Pitch Chart taken from Baseball Savant

That’s how you blow a rare 4-1 lead rarely given by the offense these days. The rough fourth inning where Cole coughed that up went like this:

4th inning pitch results against Cole take form Baseball Savant

INWYW. As you can see they weren’t even blooped like the previous game, the singles all had big-time xBA, you might even say Cole was lucky that none of those went for extra bases. Walks and hard hits, not a good recipe and we suddenly need to add Cole to the list of people who need to do better. Loaisiga came in for the visibly gassed Gerrit and managed to give up only one inherited run, made only possible by a Judge assist on second after a Lindor single (because he is awesome) and an amazing play from Jonathan going to his right to get Alonso at first on a slow grounder (more on that later).

All things considered Cole went 3.1 innings while allowing 4 runs on six hits (!!) and three walks. He managed to get 6 K’s, which was the lone silver lining that allowed him to keep this game close. In a day with a doubleheader, with Néstor Cortés going the second game, they sorely needed some length from Gerrit. Alas.

2. The good ole’ Hard-hitting into double play’s offense

Rember when they got too many HR’s and K’s and lots of people were complaining, yeah, good times. This season should be the perfect counter-argument to the “too many homers” crew. Nowadays the Yankees just hit it hard into the ground instead of into the bleachers, and are getting double-played to death every single fricking day it seems like.

That being said, Stroman just didn’t have his stuff today (like Cole). The Yankees were hitting his pitches like a truck but (you guessed it) into the ground or weird Gleyber’s baserunning double plays. They did receive some help for the good guys to score. First in the second inning, where Lindor misplayed a Gio grounder that could’ve been a double play, there the Yankees proceeded to score 3 runs of a Higashioka laser double and a Locastro sac fly (in his first AB with the Yankees, congrats dude!). Then in the 5th, where the Yankees retook the lead in a Stroman wild pitch. Ladies & gentlemen, your 2021 Yankees, where even taking leads is ugly.

Stroman finished his day with 5 IP, allowing 5 runs (3 earned) on six hits a walk, and no K’s. He also allowed 8 (!!!) hard-hit balls and the average exit velo against hid sinker was 98.8 mph. Yeah, they should have REALLY SCORED MORE RUNS, especially with the help provided.

3. Chapman blows it… again.

Yeah, so now we have a big-time closer problem as well. Take a look at this daunting stat:

Chapman started the season looking like the best reliever in MLB by far, now he is blowing saves left, right, and center. Baseball…

Chapman got into the last inning with a one-run lead and immediately gave up a game-tying HR to Alonso, and followed it up with a HBP and a walk. All things said Chapman and Luetge combined to allow 6 runs in the 7th.

4. Loaisiga is awesome (and getting Betances’ed)

This is a series of tweets to highlight how great this dude is and why he needs to be in the All-Star Game:

He’s amazing. His season stats entering today: 42.2 innings of 186 ERA+, a 0.984 WHIP, a 23.4 K% and a 5.4 BB%. Amazing, what a beast.

What worries me a little bit: those innings are mounting up. Today, he threw 41 pitches for those 2.1 innings. And that is surely from Boone feeling the pressure of this awful season.

The next game

Now we go to the second part of this doubleheader, where Néstor Cortés faces (checks notes) Corey Oswalt over at ESPN.

Can’t wait for Boone’s random selection of “we need to do better”, “it’s frustrating”, “it’s time to walk the talk” or whatever phrase he comes up with now.


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  1. Bartholomew

    Green could have closed it out. Everyone but the coaches knew this. But because they pay him the big bucks to pitch the 9th it’s up to the player to get it done. Too bad they will be paying Cole some big bucks to be a 3rd string starter for the next 7 years or whatever. For a team so relient on the stick it’s amazing the gm and coaches knew nothing about it.

  2. Esteddardban Florial

    It was certainly a bad loss, Jamie, but I wouldn’t call it the worst loss of the season. There’s no need to get hyperbolic. Sadly, it wasn’t even the worst loss of the week or even the weekend. But you’re right, we need to be put out of our misery once and for all. That’s why I’m rooting for the Mets sweep tonight. They’re a fun little ballclub to root for and a sweep on national television just might be the impetus to get Boone fired.

    All Boone had to do to win Game 1 was keep Chad Green in the 7th. Green had thrown a whole 4 pitches, there’s a DH tonight and Chapman has looked terrible for a month. So many good reasons to keep Green in. Plus they desperately needed a W.

    The spider tack made Cole a 2 ERA pitcher but without it he’s an average 4 ERA pitcher. It made Chapman a .90 ERA closer and now he’s the next Mark Wholers. When Mariano had a rare bad stretch both Torre and Girardi would look for a nice 4-5 run game to bring him in to get his bearings. Not a 1 run game in the Subway Series. My god that’s just bad managing.

    Only thing we can do now is sit back and watch it burn. I’m all stocked up on marshmallows.

  3. dasit

    it thought it was the worst loss since the big bang, jaime.

  4. DanGer

    “Jonathan Loaisiga’s … 1st Shutdown of the season, tying Adam Ottavino for the AL lead”

    That’s appropriate…

  5. Kansas

    Boone is insanely bad at his job

    • dasit

      girardi drove me nuts with his inflexible and unimaginative in-game management, but now i find myself longing for his brand of conservative competence

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