Game 81: The season is half over, and it’s not all fine

Welp. The win probability graph says it all. This one was scoreless through 4 before things unraveled in the 5th. The Yankees were being no-hit through 5 against Taijuan Walker on a day where Jordan Montgomery couldn’t complete 5 innings and the bullpen turned this one into a laugher. So much for responding back after Wednesday night/Thursday morning’s debacle. To the takeaways:

Jordan Montgomery’s luck ran out the 3rd time through. Montgomery was working his way in and out of trouble throughout this one. In the 1st and 3rd innings there were two on and one out, and he responded by getting the 2nd and 3rd outs via K. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get those K’s the 3rd time through in the 5th.

Brandon Nimmo, Francisco Lindor, and Dominic Smith all reached via singles, and Montgomery’s afternoon was over after a walk to Pete Alonso.

That’s a lot of pitches over the middle of the plate and virtually none towards the bottom of the zone. On the day, Monty used his changeup and sinker more than any other pitch to combat the righty heavy Mets lineup. Unfortunately, he only got 10 whiffs on his 86 pitches, leading to enough balls in play that found holes in that 5th inning. You can tell his command wasn’t where he wants it by that chart above and by the fact that he walked 3 in just 4.1 innings. His final line on the afternoon: 4.1 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 3 BB, 6 K. Against the worst run scoring offense in the league, that’s just not good enough to get it done.

The offense gets virtually nothing against Taijuan Walker. Through five innings, I was worried this recap was going to be the first no-hitter against the Yankees since the 6 pitcher one in 2003 against the Astros. Walker was dominant through 5 using his slider, four-seamer, and sinker to the tune of a 28 CSW% and an average exit velocity against of just over 85 mph. It took until the 6th inning to see any sustained red against Walker on the good ‘ole exit velocity chart:

Thankfully Aaron Judge had other ideas and took care of the no-hitter and shutout with a solo homerun in the 6th:

He took that up and away fastball out to right just like he should to the tune of 104.5 mph off the bat.

The bullpen doesn’t keep it close. Man, Justin Wilson did not have it today. Fresh off a 1-2-3 outing his first time back off the IL, Wilson couldn’t record an out today. It wasn’t entirely his fault as 3/4 hits against him were under 85 mph off the bat, but a bases loaded walk and a double from Dominic Smith turned a 3-0 deficit into a 6-0 one as he gave way to Michael King who promptly gave up a 2-run single to Kevin Pillar.

Wilson’s overall line was terrible: 0.0 IP, 4 H, 5 R, 1 BB, 0 K. He has a 8.79 ERA on the year. Big yikes.


  • Rough day for Brett Gardner who had 2 hard hit balls and no hits to show for it. He banged his helmet against the dugout roof. Return of #LetBrettBang?
  • Gio Urshela had a 2-RBI single in the 6th for the only other offense of the day.
  • Michael King threw 4 shutout innings in relief with 9!!! K’s. Less starting, more relieving for King who has a 5.47 ERA as a starter and a 1.90 ERA as a reliever.

All you can do is turn the page to tomorrow’s double-header. It’ll be Gerrit Cole vs. Marcus Stroman in the afternoon game at 2pm eastern and TBD for the Sunday night game. Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday weekend.


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  1. george grossi

    You dont win without good D up the middle. No real CF, sub par SS and catching D. Trade Voit ,Torres and one or two relievers. Play Stanton once a week in OF to keep Judge in lineup. Then see what you can do in off season to bolster pitching , get real CF ,and revamp offense with more contact hitters and lefty bats.

  2. Greg

    Probably already asked an answered, but why hasn’t Miggy been tried at second base?

  3. Wire Fan

    At this point they should use this year to get answers for next year.

    – Put Stanton in the OF 75% of the time and see if he can handle being an OF for next year

    – Play Miggy some at 1st base and see if he can be a backup 1st/LF next year (he is out of options next year)

    – let Taillon throw 100 pitches regularly and see if he can figure out the 3rd time thru the order. If he can’t, he has no business being a starter on a team that hopes to contend. But they can’t go into next year not knowing if Taillon is just an 18 batter, 4 innings and change pitcher.

    – dump Odor and give Park some starts at 2nd, SS, 3rd, CF to see if he is a viable super utility option for next year.

    – dump Wilson and give some relief innings to Nelson and Kriske to see if they are more than just AAA depth relievers. I’m skeptical but if the answer is “they’re not”, they can do a classic Cashman 40man deal so they can free up space for rule 5 and not lose the next Garret Whitlock.

    – consider dealing Britton (assuming he can show he’s healthy by the deadline). A team operating on a budget shouldn’t have 2 high priced relievers.

    • TwainsYankee

      I like all of this esp #1. The best OF right now is probably miggy in left, judge in cf, and Stanton in right. They can then use the DH as intended

    • Eric S.

      Good points.

  4. Cary


  5. Mark M.

    Three years ago we were comparing the play of Judge, Sanchez, Torres, and Andujar to Mantle, DiMaggio and Ruth. Now They are in their prime and what the neck happened!

    • Simple–typical Yankee hype turned into reality. Even Mantle, DiMaggio and Ruth were not all on the same team at the same time.

  6. Kansas

    Maybe if we just keep doing the same thing, day after day, the result will eventually be different …………or naaaaah

  7. dasit

    cc gave the team an attitude (fighting spirit!)
    didi kept the team loose and made them fun to watch
    love cole/judge/andújar/urshela/loaisiga but otherwise this team is dull as dishwater

    • Bartholomew

      Exactly… Although less snot rockets when the camera shows him would be great from loaisiga.

  8. Cary

    I didn’t watch today’s game as I chose to go fishing however, I do appreciate all of Brian Cashman’s & Hal Steinbrenner’s & Aaron Boone’s love for each other and desire to be buyers of the trade deadline. However, I just like to point out that being buyers is very unrealistic right now and potentially hazardous to the team’s future well-being.

    I’ve tried to imagine several trades in order to fix all the problems but the problems are so numerous that it’s just not realistically possible to fix it in one fell swoop at the trade deadline. I mean, you can get a feel-good player but this team has issues. The team needs two legit starting pitchers, as in the type of pitchers You could start in playoff games. Guys like Ryu, Keutchel, Wheeler, Corbin, Verlander..etc.

    The time has kind of gone to find starting pictures they were available in previous offseasons but due to budget constraints, which I totally get, the Yankees let those opportunities pass & instead spent all the money on one guy. Is Cole capable of winning a seven game series ala Orel Hershheiser? Dunno.

    The quantity over quality approach isn’t necessarily great for the playoffs. All I know is that Cashman has failed miserably with the pitching staff.

    Moving to the positional players, The Yankees need help Defensively at 1B, LF, CF, SS & C. For whatever reason this Yankees administration just doesn’t promote young players and stick with them. They’re just not able to show the patience necessary to get guys acclimated.

    Guys like Garrett Whitlock and Mike Ford and James Kaperlian and Miguel Yajure and Deivi Garcia are all testaments to what the Yankees can do with prospects. In fact the Yankees can even mess up an All-Star like a Sonny Gray. I’d wager we could add Clark Schmidt and a number of other Yankee prospects to this list very soon, once Cashman the further ruins the farm system with some of his idiotic trades.

    I say it everyday but it’s time to pull the plug on Brian Cashman. Now, I’d like to add a simple request. It will be nice if Hal Steinbrenner sold the team to someone who could lead not just an actual Major League Baseball franchise but, someone who could lead the New York Yankees.

    Let’s face it, Hal just isn’t equipped for this. He’s not cut out for it. That’s okay also. Not everybody can lead the New York Yankees.

    The fact that the Yankees still haven’t promoted Park & Amburgey and recalled Gittens speaks volumes. They’d rather have Gardy, Odor and Frazier or some other light hitting punk suck those ABs up.

    We are watching a complete fiasco on fold right now so my advice is to find a hobby and stick with it. It’s going to be a loooong summer. One positive you can take away is that losing eventually forces change. Revenues begin to decline. People like you and I stop watching and take up hobbies. And eventually in a big market like New York, the losers want to become winners.

    The Mets are a perfect example of this. Now, the Yankees, once on top, are now gutter dwellers. The Yankees are a putrid, overpriced franchise that needs to be disbanded and restructured. The leader of the operation, Hal Steinbrenner, create it all this so kudos to him! Way to go Hal! Nice work!

  9. Esteddardban Florial

    I thought it was the worst loss of the season, Rohan. I said yesterday they would get swept and we’re off to a good start. The DH tomorrow might actually help them steal a game because 80% of DH’s end up split 1-1. But God they’re bad. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks they’re going to go on a postseason run. The only place they’re running to is the dustbin of history.

    So if it was cold and misty and the ball clearly wasn’t carrying why didn’t Boone ever move his outfielders in to cut off all the bloop hits the Mets were hitting? They weren’t hitting it over their heads. No in game adjustments at all. Boone should be fired sooner rather than later.

    Apparently Judge had a players only meeting on Tuesday and cried. I give him credit for trying but a lot of good that did. This club just doesn’t have a true leader like Jete and then CC and it certainly shows on the field. Gardy has never been a vocal leader and Stanton is not a leader.

    • Bartholomew

      It’s up to the players to turn things around. Why would you expect the coaching staff and analytics dept to help them? It’s not their job. It’s all up to the players. The buck stops with Aaron judge. I mean it took them two years to help Sanchez adjust his batting stance. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these players would thrive somewhere else at this point. But hey just blame it on playing “on the biggest stage”. Cole may as well be the pitching coach at this point.

      • Even Cole has not been good lately–witness Sunday’s first game. Without Cole, they are a cellar-dwelling team.

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