Game 81: Across the Pond

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Today is the halfway mark of the 2019 season for the Yankees, which is wild. It’s getting late early around here. That aside, though, things are good. The Yanks have a 7 game lead (8 in the loss column) in the division at this point in the year and they’re coming off a 9-1 homestand. You can’t ask for much more than that, even with all of the injuries.

Anyway, the Yanks will look to keep the good times rolling in London today. I don’t know if anyone’s really mentioned this yet, but aren’t you guys glad that these two games are technically home games for Boston and not the Yanks? I know I sure am. Two fewer games in Fenway and we don’t lose Yankee Stadium games? Sign me up.

Here are today’s lineups:

New York Yankees (52-28)
1. DJ LeMahieu, 3B
2. Aaron Judge, RF
3. Gary Sánchez, C
4. Luke Voit, 1B
5. Didi Gregorius, SS
6. Edwin Encarnación, DH
7. Aaron Hicks, CF
8. Gleyber Torres, 2B
9. Brett Gardner, LF
RHP Masahiro Tanaka, (5-5, 3.21 ERA)

Boston Red Sox (44-38)
1. Mookie Betts, RF
2. Rafael Devers, 3B
3. Xander Boegarts, SS
4. J.D. Martinez, DH
5. Andrew Benintendi, LF
6. Christian Vázquez, C
7. Brock Holt, 2B
8. Michael Chavis, 1B
9. Jackie Bradley Jr., CF
RHP Rick Porcello, (5-7, 4.52 ERA)

Steven has the low-down on the stadium and other facts you need to know, and I covered the Sox earlier today. Make sure to check that all out if you haven’t already.

First pitch will come at 1:10 EST today, and you can catch the game on TV on FOX or on the radio at WFAN (660am). Enjoy the game, everyone.

News and Notes

  • Luis Severino: the Yanks’ ace still hasn’t resumed throwing, per Aaron Boone via Bryan Hoch. His lat is “90% healed” but the Yankees want to take it slow, which is understandable. He was “shut down” and had another MRI. Boone says it might be another 5 days before he throws again, and while it is unfortunate, Brian Cashman says they still expect him back this season. Let’s hope so. Sevy is important.
  • Dellin Betances: the Yanks’ erstwhile bullpen ace also hasn’t thrown, per Hoch. Boone expects him to when they return from London, though I’m not going to get too optimistic about either Betances or Severino at this point. Whatever happens, happens, and it’s getting to the point where you almost have to wonder if they come back at all.
  • Didi Gregorius: the Yanks’ shortstop likes to play the piano, and apparently he’s good at it. The two injuries above are bumming me out, so I wanted to end on a good note. Didi is the best ,so.


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  1. Your a Looser Trader FotD

    The recap post sure is taking a while. Nearly as long as the game ?

  2. Rob Manfried: But pace of play!

    • lightSABR

      Who wants to have fun for a long time? I want my fun over with as soon as possible.

  3. dasit

    both of my posts were intended as reverse jinxes (not)
    imagine if that was first baseball you had ever seen

  4. Dani

    no matter how this ends I’m gonna have nightmares tonight.

    • lightSABR

      So are the people who built the field. Two injuries, plus none of the pitchers being able to find the strike zone. I’m amazed nobody’s been hit. Maybe none of it’s their fault, but it sure doesn’t look good.

  5. dasit

    pulling ottavino for britton will cost the game

  6. Dani

    imagine the Yanks blowing an 11 run lead after Boone pulled Sanchez and Judge after the 6th when they just had 2 off days. The internet would implode 😛

    • Brian Morales

      Pretty close right now

    • lightSABR

      How ridiculous is it that we have a four-run lead with six outs to go and I’m biting my fingernails? (Figuratively speaking.)

  7. lightSABR

    Voit injured?!? I hate this season.

    • Encarnacion signing looks even more genius now. Maybe Clint gets another shot at DH too.

      • lightSABR

        Yeah, if they don’t call Clint up now, you know something’s up.

        • RetroRob

          I think he was coming back next week regardless. Definitely now.

          • lightSABR

            How freaky is it that we just lost a 140 wRC+ hitter to injury, and we have a 120 wRC+ hitter in AAA to replace him with?

  8. dasit

    14 runs will not be enough to win this game

    • lightSABR

      I don’t know. That’s three straight scoreless from the pen.

    • lightSABR

      Since you made that prediction, I find it hilarious that the Sox scored exactly 13 runs.

  9. lightSABR

    I never in a million years imagined Tanaka would give up six runs in the first like that.

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