Game 78: Speechless

Well if this was a game with the “season on the line” as Aaron Boone said, they sure as hell didn’t show anything different from their pathetic showing in Fenway Park.

Yet another bad loss and this team is free falling to .500 ball again. I hope you decided to watch the NBA over this one.

To the takeaways…

  1. Mike King barely keeps the team in the game.

Against a really bad matchup in the Angels offense, King went 4.1 innings pitched allowing 3 runs on 6 hits and two walks. He got roughed around a lot but managed to keep the team in the game with some help from the awesome Lucas Luetge and some adversity by DJ’s defense, more on that later.

Everybody has been clamoring for an opener in King’s starts, and with good reason. Including today, King has allowed 10 runs in 6 first innings. And that is counting the huge triple-play bailout against the Jays.

Adding more to that point, today was an even better opportunity for that because of the Angels lineup. Two of the first 4 Angels are legit some of the best lefty hitters in the AL, Ohtani has a 174 wRC+ (LOL), and 1B Jared Walsh has a 143 wRC+ for the season. How does Mike King fare against lefties you might ask? Entering today they’ve hit him for a .344 wOBA, for his career they’ve tagged him for a .359 value. Definitely not what you want. If there was ever a game to open with Lucas Luetge you were just looking at it, alas.

Overall, King today showd us why he struggles so much starting and more especifically against a lefty heavy lineup. He got a curveball crushed by Shohei for a homer in the first, and straight up scrapped the offspeed stuuf for the rest of the game. Take a look:

Mike King’s pitch chart taken from Baseball Savant.

That’s just not a reliable plan to go with even if he had an elite sinker. Those sinkers are also higher than where they should be to get more grounders. He threw only 11 non fastballs in 77 pitches, exactly 1/7 of the time.

Still, not the worst of outcomes for King. And to be fair, Luetge did get two grounders to strand the last run but DJ misplayed them both. The first one for an error and allowing Walsh to be safe at first, and the second one to botch a possible double play and allow Rendón to score from third (Sigh).

2. The offense gets nullified by another lefty.

But Dylan Bundy started! you might say. Well, yeah. He was really struggling with the heat today, and even got sick and pulled from the game after allowing 2 runs in 1.2 innings.

In came José Suárez, a soft-tossing lefty (92.7 avg. 4 -seamer velo today) who thoroughly dominated them for 5.1 innings allowing just one run on a Giancarlo Stanton bomb. Other than the homer, the Yankees just managed a Gio bloop single and a Judge walk. All of that, in just 56 pitches. Just embarrassing. Here is the Giancarlo bomb at least:

For the non-Giancarlo homer turns, Suárez was throwing his 93 mph heat high as if he was prime Randy Johnson, look at this:

José Suárez’s pitch chart taken from Baseball Savant.

I know, that fastball was playing up a lot from the changeup (that looked really good and was located well). But still, embarrassing. For such a righty-heavy lineup, that should theoretically do big-time damage against lefties, they sure struggled against two of them in consecutive days.

3. Frazier should not be in the team right now.

And this is not just from today’s AB against Suárez where he was completely dominated with 4 straight changeups for a swinging K. Or yet another misplay off the bounce of the RF wall (albeit this one not as bad). It is because of 216 PAs of a .290 wOBA and an 86.9 average exit velocity. It is because of his -8 OAA in 102 attempts that’s the worst of any outfielder in MLB. It is because of this recent trend as well:

Clint really earned the chance to be an important piece of this team with last season’s display. He has more than squandered that opportunity. He is just too much of a liability to play right now, and even a replacement level player would be a big improvement right now.


  • Just one: please hit Gleyber lower. He has been awful all season and still hitting 6th. He’s even hitting over Gio! That’s just not good. It’s time to get him lower in the lineup and even start thinking about losing some playing time. After all, Gary Sánchez lost a lot of ABs in his slump, Gleyber shouldn’t be different.


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  1. I suppose that I am one of the ‘early adopters’ that the Yankees were playing such bad baseball it was going to be next to impossible to turn it around this year and stopped watching games (mostly) in early May.

    I will watch a couple of innings (last night I watched the 1st 3) before giving up because the brand of baseball being played is so poor it defies logic.

    They obviously aren’t going to do the one thing that has a chance of turning it around-replacing Boone with a completely different kind of guy who might be able to disrupt the team enough to get them playing real major league baseball so this will be a lost season with them winning between 83-88 games and finishing way behind both the Sox and Rays.

    At the same time, I am also fed up with the ‘modern’ approach to the game, all of the bs stats, not letting pitchers go through the order 3X (thereby becoming a self fulfilling prophecy), and the home run or nothing mentality-maybe it’s just a good time for me to stop caring completely and I’m very close to that right now.

  2. mikenyc2007

    all the big bets made by Cashman went south …. hicks stay healthy, Kluber stay healthy, Soriano return seamlessly, King/Devi holding down 5th spot, Frazier taking left field, Ford as 1B, Gleyber playing good short/hitting like 2019… nevermind Bruce, no lefty OF, Stanton unable to play field, Tallion…
    As much as i laud Cashman for finding Voit (although Gallegos has similar WAR and would be helpful) and Gio, he is still trying to be the smartest guy in the room trying to be the first Yankee GM to win something without a lefty hitter in the lineup, or having 6 guys in the lineup with the same hitting profile, or putting 15% of his payroll at the back of his bullpen, or locking down Hicks for the millennia, or having to trade Ottovino because he was overpaid… then you have sh*tty coaching where people are out of position, fundamentals are a joke, no one cuts down their swing in a two-strike count when they are hitting around .200…. its an embarrassment of mediocre leadership.
    the idea that the yanks would blast their way thru the regular season and make noise in the playoffs with Cole + bullpen was shot down last year… so what did the Yanks do? bring the same team back….. know what they got…. same middling results.

  3. DZB

    I haven’t been on the fire Boone side, but it’s time for someone new. I would go after Beltran.

    Frazier needs to go to AAA, Gardy needs to be a bench piece at best (he’s done), so the ten desperately needs an outfielder. But if the team refuses to go over the luxury tax limit, then they will never manage to improve this roster. Yankees fans should be really angry about the teams unwillingness to spend to help win a championship. It’s an outrage.

  4. D J

    FFS Let’s blame Frazier while the rest of the team stinks too.

    Frazier, Torres, Andujar, three hitters that have crashed and Marcus Thames is still here.

  5. Mungo

    No comment beyond…no comment.

  6. Wire Fan

    The players need to play better, but the idiotic “analytics” group needs to be fired.

    The opener is painfully obvious for King and arguably Taillon. They were willing to do this in game 2 of an ALDS but not a regular season game?

    And as mentioned Torres hitting in the middle of the lineup and Frazier just being on the major league team is ridiculous. The front office seems to lack any urgency in making obvious moves. Just a few moves that took/are taking too long – pulling the plug on Bruce, pulling the plug on Ford, dropping Hicks from the 3 spot, jamming useless lefties in the 2nd or 3rd spot, dropping Torres in the order, rostering Frazier

    At this point it probably no longer matters what they do. The starting pitching has regressed enough where even a bounceback on hitting won’t be enough. And with Deivi massively regressing in AAA and no real schedule on Severino they are going to be dealing with less than 5IP starts by both King and Taillon most turns thru the rotation.

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