Game 77: Inexcusable

The Yankees entered this series after gaining some well-earned ground against their division rivals. They were about to play a Boston team that was barely playing over .500 in June. Instead of getting revenge for the first series in Yankee Stadium, they got absolutely embarrassed. I think today’s game was the worst of the bunch.

I hope you decided to take a pass on this one after a few innings. Better to have a plan with your family or special ones, better to watch the Euros — there are many better plans to be fair.

Anyways, if you want to read more about this one then by all means. Go ahead with caution.

Today’s Rant

Let’s look at today in a vacuum of the rest of the series. You had your ace, the best pitcher in the AL going against one of the worst starters in the AL this season. Who, also happens to be a lefty against your righty-heavy lineup. There could not be a better picture for a game you have to win… and still.

Things went bad early and didn’t correct at any point.

After making a statement about getting early leads and playing better against their rivals. The team responded by making three quick outs against Eduardo Rodríguez. Promptly giving the ball to Cole who allows an HR to Kiké Hernández (he of the .292 wOBA going into the game) on the very first pitch. Yeah, that sucks. To make matters worst, the next two batters get on base against Cole with a double and a walk, and after getting Bogaerts on a flyout, Devers hits a rocket to the RF bleachers for a 3R homer.

Really early in the game and they managed to make the exact opposite of what they keep saying they have to do to accomplish their objectives this season. Astonishing.

The offense proceeded to only manage 2 meager runs against Rodríguez. Cole to allow yet another homer and two more runs in 5 innings. Gleyber Torres missing two throws wide of first. Clint Frazier not getting close to the base or the cut-off man in a sac fly to RF. Bringing the tying run to the plus and doing nothing (DJ LeMahieu and Aaron Judge). Again, embarrassing and inexcusable. All the way around.

The Leftovers

  • Even after that whole rant. I’m most definitely not putting this one on Cole. He’s bound to have a bad start every here and there. My problem is with the team just not bringing anything today. Just to clear that up. And about that:
  • This team is loudly crying for help. You have three lineup spots most of the time not giving anything close to decent offensive production (Gleyber, Gardner & Frazier).
  • And furthermore, two of those are actually hurting you a lot in the field. Frazier is practically one the worst OF in the game with his -8 OAA (1st percentile). Gleyber has -3 OAA and is not that much better in the 9th percentile. That just can’t continue, be the way you want it (Improvements by them, trades, promotions, etc). My personal opinion: go get some dudes (yeah, plural).
  • It is time to reassess last offseason’s plan. It’s clearly not working and as much as Hal may love being under the luxury tax, that’s looking more and more like it won’t be enough.


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  1. Alex

    Jaime, none of this is going to change until Cashman’s overdue firing happens.

    A managerial change alone isn’t going to vault this terribly constructed roster to the top of the division. Get rid of everybody and clean house.

    Hal and Cashman’s complacency are absolutely killing this organization and the fans are the ones who suffer from it the most.

  2. JML

    Please don’t forget the accent mark in Kiké…

    • The Original Drew

      It’s the most important accent mark in all of sports.

  3. brian

    Well, it’s not what you want…

    • Alex

      None of this is going to change until Cashman’s overdue firing happens.

      A managerial change alone isn’t going to vault this terribly constructed roster to the top of the division. Get rid of everybody and clean house.

      Hal and Cashman’s complacency are absolutely killing this organization and the fans are the ones who suffer from it the most.

  4. The Original Drew

    We have seen this team play at this level for 137+ games now. This is who they are. They are a gutless team that can’t rise to the occasion when facing adversity. It’s the perfect storm of an imperfect injury prone roster, bizarre managerial and coaching miscues all put together by a front office and ownership that are deliberately handicapping themselves in the name of a luxury tax. This is probably the most disappointing Yankees team in the 33 years I have been alive.

    This team needed help 40 games ago, and unless they are willing to go over the LT or make any sort of major roster moves (trading a Stanton level contract – nope) or this is the team that we are going to be watching the rest of the way.

  5. Mungo

    Not to add to the negativity, but I’ve been saying for some time this edition of the Yankees is difficult to root for.

    I’m going to say it right now. The Yankees won’t make the postseason. They are 5.5 games behind in the WC hunt, and the teams in front of them include Tampa Bay and Oakland. They’re behind Toronto too. No reason to think this Yankee squad can overtake those teams, and maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t want to root against the Yankees, but maybe missing the playoffs and being thoroughly meh for two straight seasons might wake up Hal and Company.

  6. whodat

    Can the players, coaches, play-by-players stop with this crap about if you can make it in NY you can make it anywhere. Seriously this Yankee exceptionalism needs to go the way of American exceptionalism. Cashman seems to be great at making other teams better, but there are some fans who think this guy should stick around until he is 80. Let’s move on. I mean he didn’t even know what spider tack is (if you take him by his word) and he’s supposedly one of the top GMs in the game.

  7. MikeD

    This is a team constructed around Hal’s luxury tax obsession, and it’s showing. Cashman took a shot at trying to build a team this year that had some high-end potential at a lower cost, hence the addition of Kluber and Taillon. It didn’t work. Worse, they traded away some decent prospect talent simply to make the roster fit the luxury tax profile. We all had to be annoyed watching Whitlock and Ottavino shut down the Yankees righty hitters. Whitlock was a bit of a different situation, although I’ll never quite understand why they preferred Abreu over Whitlock. Ottavino, and the Odor trade, are more reflective of the mindset of the Yankees ownership. Letting Tanaka return to Japan? Inexcusable.

    Teams generally have five/six-year windows. We are now in year five of this window. It’s looking like the 2017 squad was by far the best in this window, and that edition likely was robbed by a cheating team. No matter, they’ve had plenty of opportunities then to show their worth, but instead they’ve shown themselves to have a glass jaw since 2018, consistently failing when their backs were against the wall, or they simply were in a position to make a statement against a rival. A team can’t win a division when they get embarrassed by the Rays, as they were in 2020, and so far by the Red Sox here in 2021.

    This team has structural problems that weren’t addressed. They won’t be addressed this season because of the luxury tax. Perhaps they’ll sneak in as a Wild Card, but I don’t see much hope they’ll go deep into the postseason without some outside help brought in, which won’t happen because of Hal’s payroll obsession. Hopefully, with the luxury tax reset, a new threshold established with the next CBA, and a couple embarrassing seasons in the rear-view mirror on which to reflect, the Yankees managing partner will let the Yankees act like the Yankees. I’m not betting on it though.

    I’ve been watching the Yankees since the very early ’80s, with even vague memories (very vague) of the late ’70s. This is by far the most frustrating Yankees team I’ve watched. Oh, there’s been worse, but we knew they were bad teams. There have been mediocre teams, but we knew they were designed to be mediocre. There have been incomplete teams, like the teams in the 1980s that were good, but had flaws. This version, particularly the last two seasons, are at the top of my list frustration wise.

  8. Cary

    I haven’t been watching Yankee games much this season, mainly because the team has gotten so far away from what Yankee baseball is, that it only upsets me to watch. I probably won’t return as a fan who attends games until Brian Cashman is fired. Cashman is delusional if he thinks he can pull off several trades and fix this badly balanced lineup & compete with teams that are suppressing runs & outscoring their opponents consistently.

    Hal Steinbrenner has not done diddly so I’m pretty sure his father would take the keys of the Cadillac away and probably ground him if he ever found out how wimpy his leadership is.

    All this talk of the Yankees being buyers at the trade deadline is a joke. This team clearly needs to be sellers, otherwise they will be basement dwellers in the ongoing future because scuttling the farm system right now to save a floundering big leg bulb club is a big mistake.

    Thoughts of catching Oakland or Boston is a highly suspect notion. The teams ahead of the Yankees are suppressing runs and out scoring their opponents, playing very consistent baseball. The Yankees would have to one up that. They would have to become juggernauts in order to catch these teams. They just don’t have what it takes. There’s no balance guys. There’s a lot of dead weight that needs to be trimmed and the clock needs to be reset with an eye towards next year or the year after or even the year after that.

    After getting eliminated last year Cashman admitted that Tampa Bay was a better organization. Well, the Yankees have fallen even further behind now. So what’s next? Can anyone recognize that Cashman needs to be removed? Is it just me complaining?

    • Steve

      Yeah, we know you have an obsession with Cashman, but Hal is the one wearing this disaster. Hal made the off season priority staying under the luxury tax instead of winning a championship. And this wasn’t a one-season decision either. This has been his plan the past three seasons. That’s why you have a roster with Wilson, Taillon, O’Day, Odor, etc. No Tanaka or Ottovino. Moves made to fit under the LT. But something tells me you won’t look any further than your favorite boogeyman.

      • Cary

        I agree that Hal constricted Cashman from a budget standpoint Steve. But only the Dodgers have a higher payroll. Boston’s payroll is $21 million less than the Yankees. Houston’s is $24 million less. Oakland’s payroll is $119 less than the Yankees and Tampa Bay is a whopping $134 million less.

        Hal Steinbrenner doesn’t oversee how the money is allocated. He takes Brian Cashman’s recommendations and he signs the checks. There’s not an executive in baseball who is doing less with more, than Brian Cashman is.

        Do we want Hal to give him another $50 million to squander? Is that going to make everybody in the room feel better? The point is that Brian Cashman can’t make a roster capable of winning the world series. It is definitely time for a change. He’s also about to scuttle the farm system in order to what? Make the playoffs this year? Doing that will have long lasting ramifications that will make it all the harder for the Yankees to win a World Series in the next decade.

        • Steve

          Did the Dodgers let the LT stand in the way of improving the team? Did they say oh, we can’t sign Betts or Bauer because of the LT?

          No other team is TB. I don’t know where you get you LT payroll numbers, but NY, Boston, and Houston are all with $2M of each other.

          If another $50M can fix the team, then sure. But the time for that was two-three seasons ago. What makes you think he’s “getting ready to scuttle the farm system”? Some of you guys just make up stuff in your mind then start speaking it like it’s truth.

  9. Esteddardban Florial

    Just call it what it is, Jamie, the worst loss in the history of history. How Cashman and Boone still have jobs is beyond me. George woulda fired both months ago and Nevin woulda been sent to Siberia after that send on Friday. The Sox, like the Rays and soon the Jays, are just a flat out better franchise from top to bottom and have been ever since George died. The Sox were smarter, hustled more, fought harder, pitched and hit better. They even scored on a sac fly to the first baseman because Voit looked like Bozo the Clint running around in circles. And we can’t even hit a sac fly and most of the time can’t even get a runner to 3rd.

    This club reminds me of the French Army after Dunkirk. They’re already surrendered. At this point the best thing they can do is to keep losing, sell at the deadline and hope Cash and Boone are fired. Cash has done such a horrible job putting this roster together. Who gave the Sox Eovaldi? Who gave the Sox Whitlock? Who gave the Sox Ottavino? And the worst thing about Ottavino was it was just a salary dump. Since when do the Yankees trade to their biggest division rival to dump salary?

    And managers matter. Leadership matters. The Sox were good in 2019, crap in 2020 and good in 2021. Why? Cora is the difference and unlike Gerrit Cole, Cora doesn’t need to cheat to win. Boone is nothing but a feckless yes man who couldn’t inspire a dog to lick his own butt. And with the loss of CC there’s no veteran leadership either. Judge said today they need to get off to a good start and they were down 4-0 after one. A lot of good he did. Stanton isn’t a leader. Gardy never has been a vocal leader. I’ve been saying for weeks that this whole thing needs to be blown to smithereens. It’s time to light the fuse and watch it burn. It was a pleasure to burn.

    • Cary

      Totally agree. If you are ever in New Jersey let me know and I will buy you a beer.

      • Haven’t you figured out yet that Eddard is a troll account, an alter ego of Mike Axisa?

        All he does is mimic what he thinks stupid Yankees fans will be thinking and saying after each game, he did this on RAB and continues to do it here.

  10. dasit

    i’m entering 2016 mode: ignore the game recaps and focus on reading dotf

    • Cary

      Darn, I’ve been doing that for about a month now. As fun as it is it’s a little depressing when you consider Brian Cashman is about to scuttle any hope the Yankees have for the future in order to somehow resuscitate it dying, unbalanced big league team.

    • MikeD

      Difference though is they had a very strong core from the farm. Not the case now. Those teams leading into 2017 were eye-wash, designed to be mediocre but sort of good enough to keep the turnstiles clicking as they awaited reinforcements they could build around for the next championship run. As I noted elsewhere, we’re now into year five of the championship run with little to show, and there are no near-term reinforcements coming this time.

  11. Wire Fan

    Cole is not the same pitcher without the sticky stuff. Still very very good and a clear top of the rotation guy, but he doesn’t seem best pitcher in the game good. Hopefully he’ll adjust.

    Keeping Kriske over Whitlock on the 40 this off-season was not Cashman’s finest hour. I get they will continue to be fascinated by Nelson’s stuff, but not sure what they saw in Kriske.

    The infield is a mess. Torres really needs to be at 2nd where his poor footwork and sidearm tosses won’t lead to a bunch of errors. I wonder if they should try Gio at SS, DJL at 3rd and Torres at 2nd for the short term. Unfortunately that moves Gio and DJL off of their best position. And with DJL signed long term, do they want to move him off his best position?

  12. Ryan

    Go get some dudes? This team should be selling. 0-6 against the Red Sox. Only division team with a losing record against the Yankees is the Orioles. Even thats 6-4. What are you even buying that’s going to turn this team into a contender? Are you going to trade guys like Oswald Peraza or Luis Medina for Starling Marte? Jasson Dominguez for Ketel Marte? Only to maybe sneak into the second wildcard spot. $300M invested into a guy that’s showing he’s hardly worth $200M without cheating. Stanton isn’t allowed to play the outfield but he’s making $30M. This roster is full of right handed hitters and the division has decided to combat that quite easily with guys like Ryan Thompson. Gleyber, Clint, Andujar, etc have all regressed to the point they’re essentially reclamation projects. Boone is a joke. How this guy was even hired is baffling. The Red Sox traded their best player, are sitting in first place, AND have the #4 pick. They’re probably getting Jack Leiter too. I’m all for improving the team, but with the luxury tax plan, that is impossible. This team will never contend for a World Series with this roster. They’ll sneak into the playoffs & “see what happens” while Hal keeps cashing his checks. Go back and watch the 30for30 on Steinbrenner, they for-shadowed all of this with Hal.

  13. Howard Shanley

    Managers job is to make sure his players are ready. If you can’t get up to play your blood rivals something’s wrong. Obvious they have not been ready since last year. For the players who supposedly love Boone they sure don’t play like it. He has lost the clubhouse and should be removed tonight. Bring in an old school hard nose like nothing to lose, hell he might light a fire under their dead as*es. This season has been a nightmare!!

  14. Jason

    Cole doesn’t deserve a pass at all for this game. His personal catcher mandate is responsible tor the benching of one of the game’s hottest hitters.

    He needs to be better in a must win game. He is just as responsible if not more than the mediocre offense.

  15. MG309

    I didn’t watch a single pitch of today’s game but it sounds like more of the same. Boone may or may not be the primary reason for this season of horrendous, unwatchable baseball, but it’s time for a change with a different approach because you can’t fire all the players, I gave up on this team over a month ago when it was clear they weren’t going to win anything playing like this and, if anything, it’s gotten worse.

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