Game 69: Two steps forward, one back

After a great sweep against the Blue Jays, the Yankees proceded to lose the first game of the series against the A’s. Still waiting for that massive win streak guys…

Anyways, to the takeaways:

  1. Taillon living to the extremes.

The righty managed to limit the damage to just 2 runs in 4.2 innings pitched. He did this with a really interesting combination of outcomes, he seemed to either get whiffs or get rocked. I mean, look at this:

A’s exit velo’s against Taillon taken from Baseball Savant.

Definitely not what you want, that’s a whole lot of red there. The average exit velo against him? 95.3, ooof. Still, he managed to keep the team in the game limiting damage via 5 k’s and just 1 walk. Jameson got hooked with a runner on base by Boone before facing Olson (who homered off him in the first) for the third time. Sensible move if you ask me.

The dilemma today for Taillon was that his best whiff getting pitch was also the one getting rocked the most. Jameson got 7 whiffs in 18 swings agains’t the nummber one. The thing is, the average exit velo against the pitch was 100.8(!!!) in 4 balls in play, yikes. Also worth highlighting is that he again mixed in some sinkers, throwing 17 of them, exactly half the amount of 4-seamers he threw.

The rest of Taillon’s stuff was also mediocre, getting exactly one whiff on each of his breaking balls and the changeup each. The general bendy stuff ineffectiveness probably played into the 4-seamer getting rocked as much as it did.

2. LeMachine has updated.

LeMahieu started the game with a lineout to RF hit 90 mph, the second time through the order Kap wasn’t as lucky. After walking Gardy for the first baserunner for the Yankees, LeMahieu launched a a 4 seamer to the same direction but further back. Further enough to score both him and Gardy, easy as that, the game tied at one. The video evidence:

LeMahieu is really putting it together this season and his average exit velo is ever so close to what we usually expect out of him with a 90.1 mph value. His averages for the first two seasons with the Yankees were 91.8 and 91.2, and if you look at the season trend he is most definitely going there. Take a look for yourself:

LeMahieu’s exit velo by month taken from Baseball Savant

And also, as the great Max Greenfield correctly pointed out, these are his numbers since the Minnesota series:

That’s pretty much Yankees LeMahieu right there, and I don’t think it is coincidental that the Yankees offense has been better as well. LeMachine is the catalyst of this lineup, let’s hope he can keep it up and that exit velo keeps going up.

3. Wandy blows it

The shine of the new toy is starting to rub off, and Peralta seems to be on the lowest end of the pen right now. Just after getting the lead in the 5th with an Odor homer, Peralta allowed consecutive singles to Matt Chapman and Sean Murphy. Inmediately after that he proceded to allow a homer against Tony Kemp… Tony fricking Kemp. Sigh.

How bad is it for Wandy to give up a homer against Tony Kemp? This bad:

INWYW. Tony Kemp has a career .333 slugging against lefties, with a measly .100 ISO. I know that baseball variance does weird thing from time to time, but man that was bad.

The Yanks are hopefully getting some relievers back soon in Wilson and O’Day, and it figures that Wandy is first on the chopping list. He actually has an option left, so the Yankees can send him down and let him work on his stuff in AAA. Ideal? definitely not. But it is what it is.


  • To be fair with Jameson, he wasn’t the only one getting either whiffs of rockets. Take a look at the contacts Kap allowed to go with his 7 k’s:
Exit velo’s against Kaprielian taken from Baseball Savant

He was quite lucky himself as well.

  • Andújar killed the ball all night and had nothing to show for it. He was especially unlucky in the 7th, when he hit a 107.1 mph (!!!) rocket at Canha that had a .670 xBA with Gio running in 1st. His other hit balls: 101 and 91.1 mph. Keep those exit velo’s up Miguel and good things will happen.
  • The ump was REALLY BAD and was calling absolutely everything low and away for righties a strike. Take a look at the huge cluster in that zone that the A’s were attacking all night:

Get me the robo-umps.

Tomorrow the same teams will face off 1:05 pm ET. It will be Chris Bassitt taking the rubber against Domingo Germán, let’s hope with better results. Have a good night everyone!


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  1. MG309

    They stink, period

    I’d rather watch water boil than see them go through the motions on the field

  2. Wire Fan

    I get pulling King and Taillon on the third time thru the order, but there is no way that is sustainable if they are taking 40% of the starts for the foreseeable future.

    I know I have been beating this drum in the comments for a while, but if you don’t want them facing the top of the order a 3rd time – Use an opener and you may be able to steal an extra inning out of them.

    Also they need to split these two up in the rotation, so you aren’t taxing the bullpen on back to back days.

  3. dasit

    wish they would stop resting guys who are red-hot (sanchez) like they are guaranteed to make the post-season

    • Wire Fan

      Day game after a night game tomorrow.he was almost certainly going to sit one of those games (unless Stanton got a day and he could DH one of them)

      But yeah in general the excessive resting of players is (and has been) ridiculous.

      • dasit

        they need to play at a 100-win clip from now on to have a realistic shot at the postseason. that means when sanchez gets hot, he needs to be catching or dh-ing every game. for the love of god let stanton play the outfield

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