Game 64: A Late Review of a Bad Game

Yesterday’s game was a bit of a nightmare for the Yankees, even if they tried to fool us into thinking it was going to be a good dream after all. Life got in the way of actually doing a full-blown takeaways for the game as planned, so an abbreviated, day-late version will have to suffice. Sorry about that.

The Yankees were down early, battled back improbably, and then blew the comeback in extra-innings. A classic example of a “this game sucks, maybe it’s great, why did I waste my time watching this?” game. But anyway, let’s get to a belated takeaways.

  • Jameson Taillon Does Not Have It: It was a disaster start for Jameson Taillon, whose season has gone anything but according to plan. He opened the game allowing 4 consecutive singles, a walk, and two runs before recording his first and only out of the game, a sac fly to old friend Andrew McCutchen. One single later and he was gone, leaving the Bombers in a 4-0 hole in the bottom of the first inning.

    The nightmare raised Taillon’s ERA to 5.74 on the season, and you can’t make the case he’s been unlucky. Yankees pitchers have been excellent in 2021. Taillon is the obvious and most glaring exception.
  • Gary Sánchez Stays Hot: Since May 27, Gary Sánchez is hitting .349/.417/.628 (184 wRC+) with 6 extra-base hits out of 15 knocks overall. He is partying like it’s 2016. Yesterday’s 2-5 performance, in which he went 2-5 with a homer and another RBI base hit, was just a continuation of that hot stretch. The Yankees are scuffling, but Gary most certainly is not.
  • DJ LeMahieu’s 2019 Cosplay: It’s been a rough season for DJ LeMahieu, obviously. Yesterday at least gave us a taste of what we’ve been missing, when he drilled a one-out, game-tying, three-run home run in the top of the 9th inning. That was a bit of that Yankee magic thats been missing all season. Alas, it didn’t last for much longer.
  • Aroldis Chapman is Fine: Thursday’s implosion was worrying, but seems to be an aberration. Chapman’s velocity was mostly back yesterday, as he averaged 98 miles-per-hour on the heater. He took the loss mostly as a function of the awful extra-innings rule. All he allowed was a sacrifice bunt, a pop-up, and a single – but that was enough to score the ghost runner from third, and the Yankees lost 8-7. A comeback that was until it wasn’t.
  • The Rest of the Bullpen (Mostly) Does the Job: Do I wish that Luis Cessa didn’t give up 2 runs in the 4th? Yes, of course I do. That was, in hindsight, enough to cost the Yankees the game. But it’s hard to get too fired up over that. Because of Taillon’s incompetence at the start, the Yankee bullpen had to cover 8.2 innings – and that was before extra-innings, obviously. All told, they allowed just 3 runs on 8 hits in regulation and recorded 6 strikeouts against 4 walks. It was a fine performance and the real source of our frustration here is obviously on Taillon. Oh well. At least Zack Britton made his return.

The Yanks and Phils will meet again today at 1:05 pm to conclude a weird, two-game weekend set. Domingo Germán (4-3, 3.12 ERA) will take on Aaron Nola (4-4, 4.06 ERA) in the finale at Citizens Bank Park. See you then, everyone.


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  1. Terry from LA

    Send Taillon to Scranton to work it out there, not in the Bigs. Sevy looks out for most of the rest of the year. Doesn’t look good folks. I try to stay positive but this team doesn’t make it easy.

  2. Eric S.

    Another great starting pitcher trade by Cadhman

  3. Cary

    I refuse to watch MLB extra inning games now that they’re putting a run around second base like you would in a coed beer league softball game. Big hit by DJ LeMahieu which was the feel good story but the Yankees differential says there are a .500 team, as does the Yankees record in the last 162 games they’ve played.

    With each loss the sinkhole deepens. Giancarlo Stanton had a nice seat on the bench I noticed. Must have been fun to watch the Philly phanatic up close like that. God forbid he actually play the outfield so the Yankees can put their best hitter in the lineup on a daily basis. But no, best played safe and rest him, maybe use him as a pinch hitter – LOL

    The Yankees are a joke. They are a sinking ship. Time to Make Brian Cashman walk the plank and I’m good if we just leave Boone in Philadelphia. The real problem with the Yankees is that Brian Cashman is the architect & that Hal Steinbrenner is in way over his head. Hal has no clue & has bought into the excessive number of kids with iPads who have convinced him the way things ought to be. Every sentence they speak begins with the word ,”if.”

    This product on the field is an insult to the New York Yankees tradition. By the Trade Deadline the Yankees will be dangerously close to being remotely in the conversation for a Wild Card.

    The right move is to get rid of most of the front office, from Randy Levine to Brian Cashman to all of the kids with subscriptions to FanGraphs, then trade anyone who can help contenders, targeting mid-level prospects.

    Spending a ton of money this off-season makes a zero sense. The Yankee window won’t open again until the latest crop of baby bombers work their way up from Single A baseball and that’s going to take a couple of years. Might as well recognize that Brian Cashman has ruined the Yankees & maybe hire a real manager first and then hire a GM who has no choice but to listen to the manager? Then have a limited number of actual experienced baseball scouts provide input.

    Doing all that seems too daunting to Hal Steinbrenner, maybe a better option is just to sell the team to someone who actually knows baseball & can lead an organization with a willingness to win.

    Hal has built a culture of complacency. From horrendous defense being tolerated to Boone putting a positive spin on horrendous play and thus accepting it, everything we are seeing this year would make Lou Gehrig want to quit.

  4. Esteddardban Florial

    It was the worst loss of the season, Bobby. Taillon is not a major league pitcher and I’m not sure why we keep pretending that he is. And now Sevy is out for the year so he won’t be the savior. They need to immediately send Taillon down to Scranton and put Nestor in the rotation. At least Nestor can give us 4-5 good innings. Wr have a chance to split today because German is pitching but the season is effectively over. Cash let too many good players go and signed too many bad/injured ones. Toe is reminding us why he was such a great player with us and Girardi managed circled around Boone. Ji Man Choi, Eovaldi, Ottavino, Ref. Too many good players lost to rival clubs while we’re left with Taillon.

  5. Brent Lawson

    Nice article Bobby. Could read the sadness we all feel in your words.
    This iteration of the Yankees make you want to scream, curse, rant and rage.
    Why, because this is the team Cashman/Steinbrenner wants, bad contacts, bad play, bad manager, and the GM running the show.
    I’m looking for an 81-81 season so, once and for all, we will see beyond the hype to how awful Cashman is.

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