Game 60: Takeaways from The Yankees Vs. Blue Jays

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How fun was that game to experience? I’m sure all of you loved watching that as much as the Views crew did. With the loss tonight, the Yankees’ nine consecutive series winning streak comes to an abrupt halt. They are also on their first three game losing streak since early April. Here are the takeaways as we try to flush this one down the toilet.

1. The Defense Lets The Team Down: The 2019 Yankees took a trip down memory lane and returned to their defensive issues from last year. It started in the 5th inning with Vlad Jr. hitting a ground ball to Urshela at third. Gio made a great grab, but threw the ball by Voit, which allowed Lourdes Gurriel to score from second. This was ruled an error, but it was a tough play to make. You could make the case Voit should’ve come off the bag to keep it in the infield.

Then in the 7th inning, we get another error that changed the course of the game. To start off the inning, Gleyber charged a grounder from Vlad Jr., didn’t set his feet and unleashed a poor throw to first. To compound the issue, Luke Voit put himself in a poor position to make the pick. It was a sloppy play all around. Vlad Jr. eventually scored on the Teoscar Hernandez double to bring the Jays closer and also force a pitching change. If they make that play the inning plays out in a much different manner.

One of the underrated bright spots of the Yankees season so far is the drastically improved infield defense. Tonight was not one of their better nights. The team was sloppy overall even if plays weren’t scored as errors. The poor defense was a major factor in the loss.

2. The Bullpen Struggles: It goes without saying that the Yankees bullpen is the clear strength of the team. More times than not, the unit is going to at the very least keep the team in the game and at their best lock a game down. Tonight was one of the rare times when neither outcome took place. In 4 1/3 innings, the bullpen went for 5H, 7R (5ER), 3BB and 3HR allowed. We can nitpick Boone’s bullpen usage in the 7th or 8th, but this came down to pitch execution. Jonathan Holder gave up a big two run hit with two outs. Zack Britton wasn’t sharp in his inning of work, including giving up the big home run to Vlad Jr., and Luis Cessa was awful as soon as he stepped on the mound. This is a rare moment when the best bullpen in the game couldn’t get the job done.

3. A Disappointing Start From Paxton: Coming off the IL in his last start, James Paxton was dominant. He was anything, but that tonight. His stuff was good, but he lacked command and struggled to finish off at bats when he was ahead in the count. Coming into the stadium where he threw his first career no hitter and facing a struggling lineup, it is fair to be disappointed by Big Maple’s performance. This was a great opportunity to build off his last start by pitching with efficiency and giving the team some length. Paxton was unable to do that. For a pitcher of his caliber and the expectations placed on him coming into the season, James should deliver a better performance.

4. DJLM Is Awesome: We will end this with something positive. DJ LeMahieu is so damn good. He does everything well and competes at an elite level. Here is a nugget from Pete Caldera:

.471 with RISP!!! Did I mention that he is really damn good?

It is a long baseball season and even the best of teams will hit a frustrating stretch. The Yankees are an elite team and will get back on track soon. You hate to see frustrating losses against bad teams, but it will happen over the course of 162 games. Tomorrow is another day and they will be ready to salvage the series before moving on to Cleveland. Have a great night everyone.


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  1. Fat Guy

    I hope the Yanks keep scoring in bunches tonight because I expect the BJs to keep Happ’s head ringin. Ring ding dong Ring-a-ding ding ding dong

  2. Brian M

    Well the bright side is that the Yankees pounded everyone for the last month so even with this mini-slide they’re still up in the division and 6 1/2 up on Boston despite them gaining 3 games in the last 3 days. Right the ship and continue to increase that division lead!

  3. Madrugador

    I understand it’s one game and the bull pen is not going to be perfect. My concern is more about the starting pitching. It seems like they don’t go deep into games and did Paxton lose a bit of velocity off his fastball? It will be interestingesting to see if Severino or Montgomery can give them anything this season. It sure feels like the rotation could use a boost.

    • I do not see Montgomery as a serious contributor this year. He’s a year removed from TJS which seems to be an outdated return date. 18 months seems to be when pitchers are back to full strength. Hopefully you can slot him in next year, but I’m not expecting much this year.

  4. Harristotle

    What an annoying game to watch. Holy cow did the Blue Jays grind out at bats. Also I was already counting my money after live-betting the Yanks down 3-0 +225 after DJ’s homer. Made it even more annoying.

  5. dasit

    classic trap series

    • I’m not the droids you’re looking for

      This game in particular had reverse lock written all over it.

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