Game 55: Playing for the Series Win

Last night was pretty frustrating. Between Tanaka’s continuing struggles with the splitter, the offense’s inability to score runs off a middling pitcher and the strike zone being the size of the Bronx, I feel pretty good saying the game won’t make the best of 2019 highlight reel. The team did show their trademark Fightin’ Spirit and we will always appreciate that. James Paxton makes his return from the IL to face a pretty good San Diego Padres lineup.

Today’s Lineups:


  1. Wil Myers, LF
  2. Franmil Reyes, DH
  3. Manny Machado, SS
  4. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  5. Hunter Renfroe, RF
  6. Ty France, 3B
  7. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  8. Austin Hedges, C
  9. Manuel Margot, CF

SP. Chris Paddack


  1. DJ Lemahieu, 2B
  2. Luke Voit, DH
  3. Kendrys Morales, 1B
  4. Gleyber Torres, SS
  5. Brett Gardner, CF
  6. Clint Frazier, RF
  7. Gio Urshela, 3B
  8. Cameron Maybin, LF
  9. Austin Romine, C

SP. James Paxton

The Yankees will be looking to take another series win this afternoon. This may be another long day for the bullpen as Paxton is good for only 70-75 pitches. Enjoy the game.

Notes: Luis Severino threw in the outfield this morning. It was his second time throwing this week…J.A. Happ will start tomorrow against the Red Sox. Domingo Germán will start either Friday or Saturday depending on bullpen usage. CC Sabathia will most likely start on Sunday. The bullpen day against the Red Sox is TBD.


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  1. Eric b

    Hi guys is there a way to see new articles first instead of having to bypass all the old articles? Please reverse the order

  2. Fat sancho can rake.

    someone left the gate open The Original RABers are here.
    paxton a big part of this teams future.

  3. Bobby

    Hi Eric — Please let me know if you still have issues with this. As best I can tell, this should be corrected. Sorry for any confusion.

  4. BigDavey88

    Love this team, you guys

  5. Dan

    Damn, only 66 pitches for Paxton. I was hoping he’d at least start the 5th.

  6. Return of the Greg

    House Money Game. Happ vs Sale tomorrow has me nervous. Maybe it will rain.

  7. turts

    why does it feel like paddack has been better than Paxton this game but we’re winning 3-0…

    also whaddup

  8. Mouse Honey

    It sure is sticky in here. Must be all the honey.

  9. Brian M

    Yuck. I’m not real confident in tomorrow’s matchup:

    Sale vs Happ

  10. Dan

    Pitch count a little high, but Paxton looks electric. Good to have him back in the rotation.

  11. Brian M


    Padlock is looking breakable.

  12. The Original Drew

    While I really appreciate the old school original RAB nature of the comments, It’s very hard to keep track of who replies to who.

    Also back to back and belly to belly HRs to start the game is definitely what you want. I just hope that Paxton can go at least 5-6 and save the pen for the Boston series.

    • GE

      Hey Drew! Good to see ya Brother

      • The Original Drew

        Same! Glad to see that a lot of people have migrated over here as well!

    • Your a Looser Trader FotD

      Yeah. But 35 pitches after 2IP does not bode well for 5-6 innings. “Too many strikeouts.”

  13. JudgingStanton

    Are there plans to change the comment structure in the near term?

    • Chip

      Nope. Go back to RAB

    • Your a Looser Trader FotD

      Change as in not require moderation for each comment? It’s gotta be that or force the use of real names. Otherwise, we know how the movie ends.

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