Game 51: A cold boring night in Detroit

In the biggest borefest of the season, the Tigers won by a score of 3-2 after 10 innings. I really hope you decided to watch some basketball tonight (unless you are a Knicks fan) because this game was BAD. Anyways, to the takeaways.

  1. A duel (well, kind of) of first overall draft picks.

Fueled more by offense futility by both sides than merits of the pitchers, but still a duel of good-looking pitching lines. Gerrit Cole was definitely not good today. He left way too many breaking balls and changeups up and even some fastballs down in the zone. Almost the opposite of what you want, to bear:

Gerrit Cole’s Pitch Chart taken from Baseball Savant.

The first run allowed by Gerrit was also evidence of this, with three straight singles on a curveball and 2 changeups that he simply didn’t locate low enough for swing and misses. It happens, Cole is amazing and will surely be much better next time. Against a much more competent offense, he’ll surely need that.

On the other side was Casey Mize, who if you look simply at his pitching line — 5 IP while allowing 5 hits, no walks a single run and striking out 7 — you would think was absolutely dominant. He definitely wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t as good as that line indicates. Six of his 7 Ks came to LeMahieu and Stanton (Love you guys but that’s definitely not setting up the table for my guy Judge), who needlessly to say really struggled against Mize who’s not usually a high strikeout guy. They even missed a few cookies along the way, take a look for yourself:

Casey Mize’s pitches to LeMahieu and Stanton taken from Baseball Savant.

That four-seamer and curve right in the middle against Stanton were consecutive pitches, yikes. I would say Giancarlo struggled the most and it is totally understandable because of his recent time off the field. But DJ is in a bit of a slump as Max Goodman pointed out:

I’m definitely not worried about those two guys, they will go on crazy hot streaks before you know it. But that doesn’t mean the Yankees shouldn’t be looking for help. We will talk about that in a few.

2. Offensive offense

The only guys to get on base multiple times tonight against the positively bad Tigers pitching staff were LeMahieu (everything against the bullpen), Judge, and Odor (more about him later). Take Judge and Odor away and the Yankees combined for 5-31 with 10 K’s and just 2 walks. Heck even the short-lived go-ahead run in the 10th scored on some Tigers shenanigans with a wild pitch from Bryan García.

There’s not much to emphasize here other than the non-competitiveness this lineup is showing waaay too frequently. Now, about those reinforcements we were talking about before:

3. The offense needs some help.

Even after the awaited return of Giancarlo Stanton the offense can’t find its rhythm. We are reaching the point where the results are more of a trend than a slump, and there are just a few too many easily pitchable spots. Today’s lineup featured three sub .600 OPS hitters in Odor, Frazier, and Gardner. That’s too much of a liability and really takes away from the lineup feeling dangerous because of the free innings where those guys hit. To make matters worse, that’s not even counting other struggling hitters because I picked such a low bar. LeMahieu and Torres are also struggling but to a lesser level.

Trade season doesn’t really pick up steam until after the draft (and that’s 11th to the 13th of July this year), but it would really behoove the Yankees to start looking for answers in the market early. The pieces to look for? Definitely, a CF after Hicks surgery and another hitter that’s preferably a LF, a 1B could be another option given the recent injuries to Voit and Stanton but that would be harder to accommodate.

We are quickly ending the first third of the season and that was the time to assess where help is needed, and that is clearly in the offense (mainly the Outfield), it is time to prepare the actions to maximize the winning probability for a team that is good and can compete with the best of them (The CWS series is good evidence).

We’ll be exploring possible trade options really soon so be sure to check that out in the future!

4. Justin Wilson blows it.

The lefty got a final borderline strike call blown against him and proceeded to give the walk-off homer against Robbie Grossman on a middle-middle 93 mph nothingball. Sigh.

Justin Wilson has a 5.68 ERA in 12.2 innings with a xERA of 5.10. He has been BAD, as BAD as this game I might even say. It’s still early and relievers can turn the season around quickly, but the early signs of Wison are not good. He has the worst average exit velo, HardHit% and xwOBA allowed in his career for the season. Yikes.


  • Quite a night for Odor! He went 4-for-5 with a homer for the first run and a couple of singles. He hit everything over 90 mph in real baseball (even his one out had a 107 velocity), the exit velo’s for his hits: 102 (HR), 110 (!!!), and 91. Keep it up Rougned!
  • DJ may not be doing it with the stick but HOLY CRAP what a play he did in the 8th to take a double from Candelario at 1B.

That was a 108 mph (!!) off the bat of Jeimer and had an expected average of .880 (!!). Also, it would have scored the real baseball go-ahead run for the Tigers. Amazing & clutch DJ!

  • Gio Urshela walked on ball three in the 6th because he is awesome would be my guess. You go take that walk, my dude. Check it out:
  • But then the Umps took a clear single from him in the next turn even with the review because you know, ump things (Shrugs).


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  1. Hurt yankees fan

    Cashman…1 in 20.years…must go

  2. This team is basically unwatchable at any level.

    I did watch a couple of innings of today’s debacle and see nothing in Deivi Garcia to make me believe he is a major league pitcher-91/92 mph fastball with little movement or command won’t cut it against even as bad a team as the Tigers.

  3. Frankie Ho-Tep

    Asinine to say you’re not worried about DJLM. He hasn’t hit since the jump and here we are two months later. His exit velo is down and his power is non-existent. So silly to say he’ll just magically turn it around. He’s had seasons like this before. We’re not entitled to have him repeat his last two seasons. I’m personally extremely worried, and it’s justified.

  4. MikeD

    Easily the worst loss of the season. When your best pitcher is taking the mound, arguably the best pitcher in the AL, and he’s facing arguably the worst team in the league (ok, that’s probably the Orioles, who the Yankees are a “mediocre” 6-4 against), then you should win the game. To lose it on a walk-off HR to a crappy hitter with a reliever on the mound who has been scuffling all year is, well, why it’s the worst loss of the season!

    Really, it’s just frustration that in a year of no hitting, the Yankees have been impacted even more so despite supposedly having better hitters. Two runs against the Tigers? Completely frustrated with this team because I know the front office is going to not make any moves to address it as they’re up against Hal’s self-imposed luxury tax. The Yankees don’t have a 1B’man with Voit down. They’ve don’t have a CFer who can hit. They don’t have a LFer who can hit. They’ve decided they have no money to fix these issues.

    Does anyone here have hopes this team will rise to the occasion when they face the Rays and Red Sox next? I don’t.

  5. BillyMartinVanBuren Boys

    What’s most frustrating is that, if recent history is any indication , the Yankees will not do anything significant to improve this team this year. They’ll say they’re expecting guys to turn it around, and I can’t WAIT for inevitable “Player X coming off the IL is our trade acquisition”. Just really really frustrating. True, guys are underperforming and the talent is there but some years just aren’t your year, (see 2020 vs 2021 Red Sox) but still man, sucks to be in a spot where 2-3 run deficits seem insurmountable

  6. Mungo

    This edition of the team is very difficult to like.

  7. Jason

    They didn’t deserve to win with how silly our offense looked(story of the season). Maybe they’ll show up tomorrow like they did vs the second game against the Jays yesterday.

    Cole deserved better.

    Wilson should be gone for one of ODay/Britton, but who is the other guy? I think they keep Peralta, so is Cessa time done?

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