Game 50: Now That’s More Like It

Now that’s more like it. The Yankees dispatched the Jays 5-3 after a very frustrating day game today. They had homers and everything. It was wild! Who knew they could even do that still. It was the 50th game of the season, too, which is weird only because it reminds me just how stupid last season was. It feels like this year hasn’t even started and last season was basically already over at this point.

Oh well. Let’s get right to the takeaways.

1. Monty is Good but Not Great: That was not the best start of Monty’s career (that was last time) but it wasn’t bad, either. He didn’t really have good swing-and-miss stuff, eliciting a whiff on just 14% of swings, and that really hurt him with two strikes. He threw 23 (!) pitches with two strikes, and actually gave up more 2-strike hits (2) than he got strikeouts (1) in this game. That, friends, will come back to bite you. Here was his overall pitch plot, which had a lot over the plate and a lot not even close:

Not exactly what you want. All of this said, though, he only really gave up one big blow, but it was a big one indeed. He threw a hanging curveball that Bo Bichette just absolutely demolished:

This one was a bit of a crusher only because it felt insurmountable at the time. (It was not insurmountable.) All things considered, it was a perfectly cromulent start. Not good, not great. In a seven-inning game like this one, though, Monty did more than enough to give the Yanks a chance to win. I’ll take it, and I’m sure the Yanks will, too.

2. Aaron Judge is Good at Baseball: Folks, Aaron Judge is so good. It is not really insightful to say so, but man did he come up big for the Yankees in this game. After a brutal day game loss earlier today, and a half-inning after a big three-run blow, Aaron Judge came up with DJ LeMahieu up and two outs. On the YES broadcast, David Cone was talking about how the Yankees needed a big blast to get their offense going, and he was right. That’s why the Yankees gave Judge the green light on 3-0. He got this pitch:

And boy did he not miss it. Look at what Judge did to that pitch. This is such incredibly easy power to absolute dead center:

Just a huge at-bat there. He’s now hitting .307/.406/.577 (173 wRC+) on the season with 13 HR. Offense is depressed, remember. What a stud.

3. It’s the Yankees’ Bullpen’s World: Okay, so, weird stuff here. With a 2-run lead in the 7th and final inning, the Yankees turned to Chad Green instead of Aroldis Chapman. No idea why! I’m assuming we will hear soon, but ugh. Could be bad! Could also be fine. Who knows. Here is what we do know, though: the Yankee bullpen is pretty damn good. The lines of the respective pitchers:

  • Jonathan Loaisiga: 1.0 IP, 3 H, 1 K
  • Wandy Peralta: 0.1 IP, zeros
  • Chad Green: 1.0 IP, zeros

Loaisiga was better than the line, I thought. He worked a double play and forced the Jays to just pound the ball into the ground. Just so happened that a few of the grounders got through the infield. The Jays hit the ball hard, sure, but they drilled it into the ground. Could be much worse.

It was also an interesting decision to go right to Peralta with a guy on and two outs in the 6th, at least at the time when we assumed Chapman was ready to go for the save. Peralta, as he usually does, made it irrelevant one pitch later though, and Green was good in the 7th. No Chapman, no problem – though let’s hope Chapman is okay, obviously.


  • Aaron Judge’s Send: I also want to talk a bit about the decision to send Judge in the 1st inning on Gio Urshela’s RBI double. The send came with one out and runners on 1st and 2nd, and Judge was thrown out at the plate. We all know that the Yanks have been thrown out an incredible amount of times and that it’s frustrating…but I liked this send. The offense had been really struggling and it took a perfect relay to get Judge at the plate. The Jays made the play. What can you do? I like the aggression, though. (I did not like the aggression in the 6th inning with Gary, though.) Gotta force the action when you’re struggling.
  • DJ LeMahieu: Another two-hit game for DJ LeMahieu, who scraps together singles even when he doesn’t look right.
  • Florial Watch: Nice to see Florial hit a rope in the 6th. He’s not ready for this level, but still nice to see.
  • Offense Overall: The Yankees smashed the ball against Robbie Ray, which was pretty great. Especially after the first game in this series. Just look at this beautiful blast, which put the Yankees ahead for good:

The Yanks hit the road tonight after the doubleheader, which sucks for them. They are on their way to Detroit, where they’ll kick off a three-game set against the Tigers. Gerrit Cole (6-2, 1.81 ERA) will take on Casey Mize (3-3, 3.42 ERA) in that one at 7:05 tomorrow. Enjoy your night, everyone.


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  1. dasit

    judge gets thrown out and immediately checks if jansen is okay. judge is a 5-tool human being

  2. James Dunn

    The Sanchez send was inexcusable, more example of a lack of fundamentals on the basepaths for players and coaching staff. 25 outs on the bases 12 at home most terrible reads((Judge’s send was a good one though)

  3. Jason

    That was fun baseball.

    Thames still needs to go though. You can beat Robbie Ray but you can’t beat a rookie?

    Losing another series to another contending AL East team isn’t going to haunt us come playoffs, surely.

    • Terry from LA

      I’m sorry but I missed when Marcus went up to hit. Agree with stop losing to the Rays and Jays.

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