Game 46: Yanks Win 5th Straight Behind Cole and Gleyber

Fresh off a tense walk-off win last night and tough first few innings, the Yankees jumped on Dylan Cease the 2nd time through to ultimately make this one a 7-0 laugher.

The Bombers have now won 5 in a row, are 8-0-2 in their last 10 series, and have gone 22-9 since April 20, which is the best record in the bigs. Let’s get to the takeaways:

Gerrit Cole battled through 7 scoreless with some help from the defense. Folks, this was far from Gerrit Cole’s best start, yet he still got through 7 scoreless. From the first inning, you could tell he didn’t have his usual stuff or command as seen by the pitch plot.

Everything was pretty much all over the place. With Cole, you usually want to see fastballs up and everything else down. Yet this here is a mess. After only walking 5 batters in his first 9 starts combined, Cole walked 3 on the afternoon. At one point, he even had more walks than strikeouts.

So, how did Cole manage to get through 7 scoreless? With some timely defense of all things. The Yankees reversed the script and instead of hitting into an unconscionable amount of double plays managed to turn four of their own to support their ace on a tough day for him. Here’s how they happened:

Cole did not have his typical swing-and-miss stuff today. He averages over a 30% whiff on all of his pitches, yet today his whiff% was only 27% and he did not get a single whiff on any of his sliders. Instead, he generated a ton of groundballs. He got 10 groundouts compared to only 1 flyout which unusual for him, yet needed on a day like today.

After being staked to a lead in the 4th, Cole shut the White Sox down over his last 3 frames. Take a look at his velocity chart to see how he got stronger as the game went on:

Those last few fastballs hummed in at 100mph or higher and led to striking out the side in the 7th. Great to end his day with a few FU fastballs.

Everyday is Gleyber day. After being the hero last night, Gleyber picked up right where he left off. Dylan Cease DOMINATED the Yankees the first time through, but things unraveled for him in the 4th. After a single by Aaron Judge (who is also on fire) and a great walk from Gio Urshela, up came Gleyber and here’s what he did:

Look at how he stays back on that curve and drives it into the gap. That gave the Yankees a 2-0 lead, and with the way Cole was “struggling” that hit was much needed. Up again with runners on in the 5th, Gleyber came through again:

Per Jack Curry, Gleyber only saw 1 fastball in those 2 at-bats. After a rough start to the season, it’s great to see Gleyber coming around. In his last 16 games, he’s batting over .300, and since coming off the COVID IL this week, he’s hitting over .500 with 6 RBI just this weekend.

Tack on runs are nice. In that majestic 4th inning, right after Gleyber’s 2-run double, Rougned Odor kept the Yanks foot on the Sox neck with a double of his own to extend the lead to 3-0.

Clutch hitting is nice.

Mike Ford got in on the action as well with a 447 blast:


  • The Yankees starting pitching is unreal right now. That’s 30 straight scoreless from the starters, and 4 straight games of 7+ IP without allowing a run.
  • Justin Wilson and Luis Cessa threw scoreless innings in relief to close this one out.
  • The only damper on this game is Kyle Higashioka. After a hot start, he’s 3 for his last 33. Might be time to rethink the catcher platoon.

The Yankees go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be Jameson Taillon against former Yankee killer Dallas Keuchel. The Yankees are 1-6 when going for the sweep this year, so let’s see them change that tomorrow. Catch the game at 1:05pm Eastern.


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  1. Frankie Ho-Tep

    The Yankees are on a roll, boys and girls! Five wins in a row and series wins over the Astros, Nats, White Sox and the Rays at the Trop!!!

    The tide she’s a turnin’.

  2. dasit

    how strange would it be if after all the injuries and trade rumors andujar ended up being the yankees left fielder for the next 5 years?

    • Mungo

      Andujar defensively needs work, so I hope they continue to play him 100% in LF if he gets sent back down so he’s gets more comfortable out there. Andujar has an excuse for poor routes, Frazier does not. Unless Clint starts hitting, they’ll need Andujar.

    • Frankie Ho-Tep

      This site needs an upvote button so I can HAMMER it. I’m a big Andujar fan and I would love it if he could stick as an outfielder with the Yankees.

      But what of Clint Frazier? That will work itself out, as they say. The Yankees are always in need of outfielders.

    • Cary

      I said all along that left field was the spot for him and he is clearly learning the position and all of a sudden, he’s in the lineup every day. Go figure.

      I’ve also said that the Yankees need to be patient with Gleyber Torres. A lot of knee jerk people want the Yankees to give up on him and trade for a Trevor Story. Do people realize that Torres is a better defensive shortstop than Story is this year &; that he’s also significantly better offensively?

      Not to toot my own horn but I’ve also said that Giancarlo Stanton needs to play the outfield at least 50% of the time. And I’m talking about right field. That moves judge to left field. It also moves Luke Voit to DH and it moves in Chris Gittens at 1B. This allows the Yankees to take full advantage of DJ LeMahieu that second base. That double play ball that Odor dropped today is an example of why the Yankees defense stinks. The outfield defense stinks & the infield defense stinks. When Sanchez is catching then the catching defense stinks.

      The only way the Yankees will become a serious contender is if they take the time to address their defense.

      Thomas Milone & Rob Brantley both need to come up. Clint Frazier needs to be sent down along with Mike Ford even though he hit an absolute bomb today.

      Wade needs to be a late game pinch runner every single time the Yankees need to scratch out a run. Play him and center field play him and right field I don’t care where you put him. He’s too valuable of commodity to not play and Boone is finally starting to get this.

      Miggy’s defense is still a work in progress. I’m not sure letting him patrol left field for the remainder of the season is in the best interest of the team. The Yankees should probably buy him some playing time at AAA and put somebody who’s quite a bit more competent with the glove out there.

      Florial It’s struggling with AAA pitching where as Milone is raking right now so he should get a look.

      Ratcheting up the defense should be the top priority. It’s not like any of these guys that we are talking about replacing are doing anything offensively. Aaron Hicks? Please.

      Mike Ford? Outside of today? Alrighty then. Odor? Time to cut bait. Frazier????? Beginning to wonder if he shouldn’t go back to AA. Certainly conducting experiments with him in the outfield and in the lineup is not really a great idea, given that games actually count.

      Let him do whatever he’s doing Another year in the miners. He needs to get back to the drawing board. He hits off his back leg and you just can’t do that at the major league level and sustain it. We’re starting to see that now. His jumps on balls are also quite the adventure.

      • Cary

        Also, Boone is just turning to realize that Tyler Wade can play center field. He’s got mad range and a cannon for an arm. Between Wade & Gardner, the Yankees can keep winning games for the foreseeable future.

        If the Yankees are able to get a really good center fielder at the trade deadline, and then it might be worth it to pull the trigger and move on from Hicks.

        The reason I say this is that by the end of the season Brett Gardner is another year older and at some point the Yankees will need to stop rolling in a minute as their primary center fielder.

        It may be time for the Yankees to bite the bullet. They have younger center fielders who are a long ways off and they need a center fielder in here and now. Gardy really isn’t that guy, is he? We say this every year.

        Another cool story is Tyler Wade. He’s starting to become very valuable. His dirt cheap and he’s a pretty good player. That triple he had the other day was pretty cool but his speed on the bases is hard to deny. Also he gets really good jumps on the ball if he’s in the outfield and he does have a strong throwing arm so he’s a pretty good late game replacement and of course you can play the infield once or twice a week No problemo to give guys a rest.

  3. Gerreddardit Cole

    Best win of the season, Rohan. Cole was fine. You won’t have it every start but he still made do. Gleyber finally has his stroke back. Now if Thames could just get DJ going. Ford is a monster and I hope they find a way to keep him around. Watching Ford hit a HR must be what fans in the 1920s saw when they watched the Babe hit one. Odor continues to get clutch hits and ever since he came back this club started winning. Andujar misplayed a ball but that’s ok. I think he should start every day in LF with Clint’s broken neck. All Miggy does is hit. Higgy is on a cold streak but he’ll start hitting again because he always has. And no we won’t start rethinking the catching platoon, Rohan. Did you just see Kluber’s no hitter? Cole won’t pitch to Gary. So right there Higgy is going to catch 40% of the games whether you like it or not and I actually think he should be catching 80% of them.

    • William Hudgins

      You are right – he would say play Gary if Johnny Bench was the alternative.

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