Game 42: There’s no help coming

Brian Cashman traveled with the team to Buffalo, an obvious sign of urgency coming from the front office’s top dog while the Yankees sputter. The problem? It’s literally too late for help, as Cashman said himself. Cashman met with the team before tonight’s game and reminded the team of his belief in them but that they have to get back on track “yesterday”. At this point, there’s no better time to get back on track tonight, I guess. Here are the lineups as the Yankees look to return to the win column:

New York Yankees (21-20)

  1. DJ LeMahieu, 3B
  2. Luke Voit, 1B
  3. Aaron Hicks, CF
  4. Clint Frazier, RF
  5. Gleyber Torres, SS
  6. Mike Tauchman, LF
  7. Gary Sánchez, C
  8. Miguel Andújar, DH
  9. Tyler Wade, 2B


Toronto Blue Jays (23-18)

  1. Cavan Biggio, 2B
  2. Randal Grichuk, CF
  3. Rowdy Tellez, 1B
  4. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., DH
  5. Lourdes Gurriel Jr., LF
  6. Joe Panik, 3B
  7. Jonathan Davis, RF
  8. Danny Jansen, C
  9. Santiago Espinal, SS

RHP Taijuan Walker

News & Notes

  • Gary Sánchez is back in the lineup. Aaron Boone benched him the previous two games so Gary could get a reset of sorts. He’s hitting .130/.237/.350 (58 wRC+) with a 42.1 percent strikeout rate. Hopefully the short break helped.
  • Tonight’s home plate umpire is Brennan Miller, who you’ll recall from Aaron Boone’s “savages in the box rant” last year.

YES, WFAN, and WADO have the call of this game. First pitch is scheduled for 6:37 p.m. EDT. Enjoy the game.


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  1. Alex

    Genuinely hope this team misses the playoffs the way they are playing. The Orioles are actually playing really hard on a nightly basis and playing fundamentally sound baseball. They completely deserve a spot in these expanded playoffs this joke of a team. Cashman and Boone honestly cannot go soon enough. Dombrowski, who lost his job a year ago to date, did a way better job with the Red Sox than Cashman’s done here and…this Yankees team is even worse than the Red Sox were last year. Cashman has also managed to saddle this team with even worse contracts than Dombrowski did in Boston. Stanton is fireable by itself.

    And how many more times are Cashman and Boone going to make complete fools of themselves by praising Gary Sanchez? The guy is absolutely horrendous and should not get regular at bats with the team the rest of the season until he shows he can actually put the ball in play.

  2. Gerreddardit Cole

    That’s what I’ve been saying for weeks, Bobby. Aaron Judge is not walking through that door. Giancarlo Stanton is not walking through that door. Larry Bird is not walking through that door. There is no miracle coming. To say those guys are going to save the season in a couple of weeks when they return is laughable because the season is over in a couple of weeks!

    Tonight Boone needs to do what he’s never done as a manager, lead the team to a victory. He needs run out on the field early in the ballgame, tear his mask off, kick some dirt, scream and spit in the umpire’s face and get tossed from the game. That will fire up the ballclub. If they still lose then he’s lost the team and they’ll keep losing like Boston did for Bobby V. If they want to keep their manager they’ll start winning like the Nats did for Davey Martinez. I don’t think Boone will do any of this because he’s a relaxed California dude with no sense of urgency. They got rid of Girardi because he was wound too tight but that’s what you want in a manager of a young team to kick these guys in the ass. Wonder if Buck is still looking for a job. He’d be a great fit for us.

    • CentralScrutinizer

      LOL Buck. When we need a guy to leave a pitcher in for 143 pitches or until his arm falls off he would be the guy. I’m still pissed at him for blowing a 2-0 lead in the 1995 ALDS. He should’ve conceded Game 3 to Randy Johnson and NOT used Rivera that night, saving him for Game 4 when he could have come in and put out the fire when Kamieniecki crapped the bed. And he waited way too long to use him in Game 5. Sorry but Buck is a loser. Always has been.

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