Game 40: Another terrible performance

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It didn’t take long for this one to feel over. DJ Stewart hit a two-run homer in the first inning against Masahiro Tanaka and the Orioles never looked back. Baltimore topped the Yankees 5-1. The O’s took three of four from the Bombers this weekend. Not good. Anyway, since it’s a holiday weekend and a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the New York area, we’re going to keep these takeaways short and sweet. On we go:

  • One bad pitch is enough to do this team in. That’s the kind of state this offense is in, folks. Tanaka pitched really well today, but left in line for the loss because the bats were lifeless yet again. It would have been nice to see Tanaka give a little more length (he left after 5 1/3 innings), but it was a solid outing nonetheless. His one mistake? The aforementioned Stewart’s 2-run homer in the first inning. Tanaka left a splitter up and Stewart made him pay.
  • This lineup has no punch. The Yankees were actually lucky to score a run in this one. The offense scored on Erik Kratz’s RBI fielders choice in the second inning. It probably should have been an inning-ending double play given Kratz’s speed, but third baseman Rio Ruiz’s hesitation gave Kratz just enough time to beat the throw. This came after Mike Ford and Mike Tauchman missed hittable pitches earlier in the frame (as they so often do). This lineup has nowhere to turn until the big bats get healthy. The depth just isn’t any good at the moment.
  • Second guessing Aaron Boone’s seventh inning. After back-to-back one out singles, Aaron Boone let Erik Kratz bat while down 4-1. That’s just inexcusable. He’d already used Aaron Hicks as a pinch hitter in the previous at bat, but he still had Gleyber Torres and Gary Sánchez at his disposal. Don’t want to use Gary? Fine, I get it. He’s been awful. But pinch hit Gleyber then. Don’t wait until the next batter to do it! Kratz wound up flying out, but what if he grounded into a double play? Torres would have never had a chance to hit with runners aboard. Just bad managing. Who’d have thought that the day the Yankees bench Gary, Kratz would have two of the biggest plate appearances of the game? Sigh. By the way, since Torres did wind up pinch hitting, why couldn’t he play at all? I get that he was replaced defensively by Thairo Estrada, but man that’s frustrating too.

The Yankees are now 21-19. Toronto is currently up by four against Boston, so it looks like the Yankees will fall into third place and the American League’s eighth seed by the end of the day. This comes as the Yankees begin a three game set against the Blue Jays tomorrow. A pretty big series upcoming, indeed.


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  1. Alex

    On the morning of September 9, 2019, the Red Sox fired team president Dave Dombrowski, less than a year after winning the World Series. At the time of his firing, the team was spiraling downward, with an overall record of 76-67 through 143 games played and having just lost to the Yankees.

    The Yankees, unlike the Red Sox, are not coming off any World Series victories in the last decade and despite operating with the league’s highest payroll, Brian Cashman only has 1 title to show for it in the last 19 years. Still, the Yankees were projected to field a top-3 team in baseball this season, similar to the Red Sox last season. Instead, they are currently 21-19, having just lost a series to a rebuilding Orioles team. Spread out through 143 games, that record would be 75-68, 1 game worse than the Red Sox were upon Dombrowski’s firing.

    This team does remind me a lot of the 2019 Red Sox. And Cashman, along with this coaching staff, need to be let go. No GM has had more resources than Cashman and yet few of them utilize those resources as poorly as Cashman. Cashman has made a ton of awful decisions over the past several years, with the Stanton contract alone being a completely fireable offense in and of itself.

  2. Gerreddardit Cole

    I think you folks just need to face that it’s over. You were expected to win the World Series this year and you failed. I’d almost rather be a Red Sox fan because at least they can take solace in knowing their fate and playing for a top draft pick.

    What’s funny is that Yankee fans complained that the expanded postseason would hurt their club because it added another round of playoffs they had to get through. Now it’s the only thing you have to cling on to, that #8 seed. And if you hang on to #8, which you won’t, you’ll play the Tampa Rays in Tampa in Round 1. You can’t beat a Snell, a Morton or a Glasnow so that’s a sure fire loss.

    Speaking of my Tampa Rays, Kevin Cash has us flying high. We draft better, we scout better, we coach better and all on a shoestring budget. Just imagine what we’d do if we had all the resources Brian Cashman has had for decades and produced little results outside of what Stick Michael had already built for him.

    And we’re the most innovative franchise in baseball history. Someone should write a Moneyball about the Rays. We invented the shifts and the Yankees stole them only after they saw the success Tampa had. We invented the opener and the Yankees stole it only after the success Tampa had. And now it’s the 4 outfielder alignment. Kevin Cash used it in the Bronx this last series and every time a Yankee hit a ball to the outfield a Ray was standing right there. Boone will steal that too next year, if he still has a job! And Cashman did nothing yet again at the deadline while the Jays got better. George never woulda let that happen. Os and Jays are good young clubs that are going in the right direction. Better to be them than on the Titanic with Gary Sanchez weighing down the life boats!

  3. Wire Fan

    Andujar is not a major league caliber 3rd baseman. Given the # of right handed corner OFs and no real space for another DH bat, have to wonder if he is in the organization next year.

    And I get the Yankees analytical group loves the slider and hates fastballs, but Cessa is going too far… 24 pitches – 19 sliders, 2 changeups and just 3 fastballs. Under 15% fastballs is just ridiculous, you have to keep hitters somewhat honest with the fastball.

  4. Brian M

    If we split the season into thirds, the Yankees went 14-6 in the first third and 7-13 in the second third. So now on the final leg of this season, which version of the team is going to show up? They have a few key injuries but they still have Cole, Tanaka, Green, Britton, Ottavino, Chapman, DJ, Voit, Torres, Frazier, and a bunch of solid depth players (and underperforming players). It’s just a matter of breaking out of this collective funk and the only way to do that is to keep playing until you don’t suck anymore.

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