Game 30: G hits the cr@p out the Trash

Oh yees, let’s keep beating these guys please! The Yankees have now won their last 5 games in a row, and 7 of their last 8. It is safe to say now that they are in the business and the AL should fear the Yankees A LOT. To the takeaways:

  1. Monty can’t avoid the big inning:

The Yankees’ lefty managed to avoid damage in the first 3 innings. The defense did bail him out with double plays in the first and third, but just after getting the first lead, Monty just couldn’t keep it.

The 4th inning was where all the damage was done against him. Brantley started the rally with a laser to RF and that was followed by a bloop single by Bregman (ughh), and an Álvarez ball hit right at Monty’s glove that he couldn’t keep as it sent him to the ground. After that, a fielder’s choice to Correa allowed the first run to score, a Gurriel double scored Brantley, but a beautiful relay from Gardner-Gio-Gary easily threw out Correa in home plate, another double from Díaz later the good guys were one down.

Monty couldn’t command his changeup all night and it hurt him. He went curveball heavy (32.9% of the time) and managed to get by 6 innings allowing 3 runs on 8 hits and no walks. He only K’d 4 hitters and the defense helped him out a lot.

Montgomery’s Pitch Chart taken from Baseball Savant

2. You hit our Machine, G hits your cr@p out

The Astros rookie RHP Luis García went through the first time of the Yankees order allowing only one walk to Gio. Then, with 2 outs in the 3rd and DJ LeMahieu hitting with the bases empty, he hit him with a high pitch in his arm. The pitch didn’t look intentional personally, but still pissed the cr@p out of me. Giancarlo’s response to the team’s machine getting hit? Well, what about hitting your cr@p 435 feet to LF with an 107 exit velo for a 2R HR. That sounds like a good response to me.

Just here you know, hitting bombs as usual.

Then in the 5th again with two outs came another rally, after a single by Gardy and a really well worked walk by DJ came Stanton again, but this time he wouldn’t face García. The Astros inmediately went with righty slider specialist Ryne Stanek (He has allowed a measly .148 wOBA against righties for the season), who Giancarlo of course proceded to smash for a double so hard that it could only score one run, but the game was tied at 3.

G is just a beast right now and that homer not only broke the early no hitter, but is also his 5th homer in the 11 game hitting streak he has going on. He’s been squaring the ball hard all season, now he’s elevating it for some SERIOUS DAMAGE. For the night, he went 3 for 4 with a HR, a single, and a double again; with 4 runs batted in from the Yankees 6 in the night. I’m liking this Stanton 2nd spot in the lineup.

This shouldn’t be said but… don’t boo him, it’s just stupid. The dude is one of the best hitters in MLB and no one hits the ball harder than him. Like, seriously, look at this:

Stanton’s 2021 MLB Percentile Rankings taken from Baseball Savant

Go ahead and just enjoy that!

3. LF is a black hole.

As Randy said, either Frazier or Gardner have to step it up. They have both been automatic outs in the early season, with wOBAs of .261 and .229 for each of them respectively.

In Frazier’s case, the quality of hit stats in Baseball Savant look really bad. He has been average or really bellow average for practically every single stat regarding hitting the ball, and his xwOBA specifically is not that much better with a .292 value. This is what happens when you have a 19.1 Pop Up % that almost triples your career average. To cite Joe Girardi, “INWYW”.

I’m really confident betting the over on both of those values. Frazier has way too much hitting talent to not get better (And legendary bat speed of course), and I’m not willing to say Gardner is toast until I see a full toast season from him (Although he is definitely the more concerning case).

[Drops a tear while watching Tauchman’s .304/.360/.565 line in an admittedly super small sample size for SF.]

4. Hicks finally get a couple of knocks

This is a short one to end the main takeaways but really wanted to highlight this because of his importance in the lineup. Hicks may not hit the crap out of the ball like his teammates, but when he is right he is an awfully hard out to make.

It’s really good to see Aaron get hits from both sides of the plate. The one as a righty was a blooper (For the go ahead run!). But it is especially comforting to see him absolutely lace one hitting lefty for a double (105.4 mph Exit Velo). Hopefully this is the start of the turnaround for him. He definitely needed that. The video of the double:


  • La Grasa Wandy Peralta struck out Jason Castro twice for the final out of the 7th. They are certainly going Changeup heavy with him (Who doesn’t in this Yankee staff?), and he threw 5 of them out of his 6 pitches against Castro (Including both strikeout pitches). It even had this funny conversation with Boone and the ump because of it:
  • Loved that the F bombs were distributed between Correa, Bregman and Altuve instead of Altuve alone getting all of the love.
  • As a changeup aficionado myself I’m loving this new pitching philosophy for the Yankees. My favorite tonight? Definitely Loaisiga’s punch out to Altuve. The video:
  • A little bit of love for the Giancarlo boo’ers as well


Lucas Luetge has proven he belongs


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  1. Brian

    Are we just over the fact that Chapman just had another ho-hum scoreless 9th with two K’s again?

  2. DZB

    And just like they, the NYY are 1.5 out of 1st in the east and 2 back of the best record in the AL. Wait until Ford gets replaced by Voit – hopefully the team starts to really click at that point (and wow, how bad has Ford been – he is hitting .103 after last night, so Voit will be a massive upgrade)

  3. Mungo

    I wouldn’t be annoyed that there is an element of Yankee fans who boo Stanton. It’s a small element, but they and their predecessors have always been there. They booed Roger Maris because Mickey Mantle was their guy. They booed Reggie because they liked Thurman more. They booed Winfield because he wasn’t Mattingly. They booed A-Rod because he wasn’t Jeter. They’ll boo Stanton because he’s not Judge. Yet, years on, they’ll never admit it. They’ll say they were Stanton fans.

    Great to see the team beginning to hit on all cylinders. I was most concerned about tonight’s game because I don’t believe Monty was a good matchup against this Astros team. He bent, but he didn’t break.

    Hopefully they complete the sweep on Thursday.

    • mike moosina

      so, so true. hearing the stadium chant “M-V-P!” for G last night was not only a microcosm of Stanton’s young season, but a reminder of how overblown the hot takes for the whole team were just 2 weeks ago. This team is so fun when they’re on.

    • CentralScrutinizer

      They booed Mantle too because he wasn’t DiMaggio.

      • Broussardyankee

        But they never booed DiMaggio

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