Game 20: A couple of Bombs and an Ace

The Yankees have now won 4 of their last 5 games, and are looking like the talented team they are (Shocking, I know). They’ve now ensured the series win against Cleveland and this game can be summarized in the above title. Just like a couple of beers and a burger, this combination is pretty darn good. To the takeaways:

  1. A pitchers duel, as advertised.

First of all Gerrit Cole is ridiculous, he once again dominated. Going 7 innings striking out 11 batters while allowing just one walk and 3 hits. The first time through the order he went fastball heavy (67%), and the Indians could do nothing about it. For the next inning he started mixing up his slider, curve and change evenly; ending with almost equal fastball and non-fastball percentages (51.4% and 48.6% respectively).

Cole did all of that WHILE he was battling for command the first few innings and was visibly PISSED at himself for it. His stuff is just that good. The evidence:

Our Ace did run into some trouble in the 4th after hanging a curveball that José Ramírez almost homered if it wasn’t for Judge who just missed an amazing steal and instead turned the play into a triple. A single later brought Ramírez in and that was it because pissed off Gerrit struck the next two guys out. The whole highlights:

Shane Bieber on the other side, matched him inning for inning. He finally managed to do well against the Yankees and honestly it was due, he is an amazing pitcher an he showed it today. The Yankees put a threat in the first inning when he was battling for command but other than that he was cruising. He executed his plan to almost perfection, throwing his fastball high and in, the curve down and away and the slider to the outside part of the plate for righties. He went really breaking ball heavy, throwing the slider and curveball for a combined 61.4 % of his pitches.

Bieber’s pitch locations taken from Basebalk Savant

This allowed Bieber to go 7 innings with 9 k’s while allowing 4 hits and 3 walks, the homers were the only blemish in a really good start for Bieber. Unluckily for him (and luckily for us), the other dude in the mound is even better.

2. The Bronx Bombers are back.

It seems like the Monstars finally stoped taking the literal power of our hitters. You might say “Well those were only two runs” and you are right, but they were against 7 innings of reigning AL Cy Young winner Shane Bieber.

Remember when the Yankees couldn’t even hit cookies right the middle of the plate? Well now they are hitting bombs off good pitches, the two HRs against Bieber were not even bad pitches, specially Odor’s, to bear:

Pitch results for Bieber taken from Baseball Savant, take a look at those two pink locations.

Maybe they are just a little bit to outside for both lefties to extend their arms, but still much better pitches than the ones they were missing earlier. This is absolutely logical, Monstars jokes aside, this team has way too many talented hitters to keep them quiet specially for power. Even though today’s bombers were not the usual suspects, it’s still good to see the fireworks starting to go off.

I’ve certainly missed the bombs, and am glad they are back.

3. Jonathan Loaisiga the closer.

I’m sure Bobby was doing his best Black Panther’s Killmonger “It’s beautiful” representation when Loaisiga was brought in for the last four outs. Just as I was writing this, I saw the following tweet:

Yeah, that was definitely coming hahahaha.

The dude has been absolute nails this season and is being rightfully rewarded with high leverage situations. He came in with 2 outs and a runner on second in the 8th to face Amed Rosario, who shortly popped out on a high 96 mph sinker to quickly extinguish that situation.

In the 9th he was set to face César Hernández, José Ramírez and Eddie Rosario. Those may not be Murderer’s Row but they are definitely the toughest part of the Indians lineup. Loaisiga then proceded to get a soft groundout from Hernández, a Ramírez ground out to Rougned Odor in the short right field because of the shift, and a soft fly out to Tauchman in left from Rosario. 4 out save: Completed!

Also quite interesting to highlight, Loaisiga threw exclusively Sinkers and Changeups (58.3% and 41.7% respectively), further reinforcing the early signs that the changeup is becoming a really important weapon for him.

We are in the middle of a breakout season ladies and gentleman.


  • Cole got a 1-2-3 inning in the 6th, but all three outs had exit velos over 96 mph. I thought the best option was to take him out for the 7th after 93 pitches. Cole’s response for the 7th: strikeout, pop out, strikeout. Yeah, don’t mind me. Cole, you are an absolute beast.
  • DJ LeMahieu is definitely struggling with his swing. His average exit velo is a couple of miles down and he is grounding out a ton of balls to the left side of the infield for the season. Today, he had four ground outs to the shortstop (although one was a 100 mph rocket right at him). More analysis on this soon from Matt.
  • The Yankees got two outs from José Ramírez’s hot shots to the shor RF because of the shift. The exit velo’s: 103 and 108 mph. Rally nice job from the Yankees analytics team and from Odor who perfectly handled both situations.
  • Also we had a really cool shot of LeMahieu fielding a pop out right in front of Cleveland’s dugout. The video:
  • Had quite a laugh from the Michael Kay call on Hicks homer, I wasn’t paying too much attention to the landing spot (It was a no doubter) and the “guy with big glove” call made me look and laugh at it. The homer and the call:

The Yanks and Cleveland will round this series out tomorrow, with the Yanks turning to Jameson Taillon (0-1, 5.40 ERA) to complete the sweep. Cleveland will turn to Triston McKenzie (0-0, 3.55 ERA). Have a good night, everyone.


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  1. Wire Fan

    Man, when Britton comes back… Chapman, Britton, Green, Loaisiga, O’Day, Wilson – 6 good high leverage options.

    Hopefully Hicks is starting to slowly turn things around

  2. Jason

    Not a single take about them missing playoffs or being ass the entire year was justified, but I won’t believe this is a World Series caliber team until they make it. We have three playoff runs to back it up, and I’ll gladly eat crow if they prove me wrong this year.

    Negativity about that aside, thank god they are watchable again. I was worried it’d be May before they turn it around.

    Loaisiga is our future closer, and a 2 inning stud at that. Book it.

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