Game 158: Bo ends our fun

*Sigh* I guess you can’t win them all. The Yankees mounted a valiant comeback but the Bichette-led Jays ended up winning this one 6-5. Boston also won their game against the O’s so the Wild Card home advantage lead is now 1 game over the Red Sox, and two over the Jays.

To the takeaways:

Cole struggles mightily… but settles down

In what was looking like a really bad performance from Cole, showing no command of anything the first couple of innings. He still manages to go for 6 innings (even with some defensive shenanigans behind him). The Baby Jays were hunting for his fastball early, and hitting for an overall 95.1 average exit velo in the process. That is… not good. Add that to a measly 3 whiffs in 25 swings against the heater and woof, you can start seeing how amazing it was that he kept it relatively close.

Overall, Gerrit went for 6 IP. Allowing 5 runs (one that should have definitely been un-earned) on 9 hits and no walks, striking out 6 hitters along the way. The first 3 of those runs came in the first two innings, where the Jays were absolutely teeing off:

Exit velocities against Cole in the first two innings, taken from Baseball Savant.

After that, he kept it to two more runs. One on a high fastball that wasn’t badly located, and another one on a pop-up to LF that Gallo and Gio misplayed for a Springer double that ended up with him scoring on a barely fair ground-single from Vladito. The key to keeping it close was the off-speed pitches. He worked his slider and changeup for a combined 51% of his pitches. While getting a much more healthy amount of whiffs with them 40% and 26% respectively. We can see this in the Pitch Chart as well, take a look:

Cole’s Pitch Chart taken from Baseball Savant

The slider was much better than everything else even with a couple of over the middle there, keeping it away on righties and in on lefties. The changeup’s command wasn’t amazing. But, he still managed to get the job done, probably because of the overall nasty stuff even in a clear off-day.

Even an absolute great like Cole has an off-day, it’s normal and I can’t blame him for it. The amazing thing is that he still managed to go for 6 innings keeping it in range for the offense. That saved the bullpen after quite some work yesterday, and allowed the Yankees to actually tie it up!

So about that:

Berríos was dealing… right until he didn’t

What would you say about Berríos start if I told you he went 6 IP, allowing 3 runs on 4 hits and no walks with 7 K’s? Probably something along the lines of he was good, but not great being hurt by some long balls. Well, he actually had… a perfect game going until the third batter of the 5th inning. Yeah, I know hahaha.

He was absolutely dealing (with some help from the ump) right until a couple of worm-killers from Gleyber and Gio for a double and a single scoring the first run for the Yanks. After that, Zombie Thanos… I mean Brett Gardner pulled a double to the CF-RF gap for a second run. They showed that Berríos indeed bleeds, and also started working that count up.

After that, the Yankees managed to score another one in the 6th. After a DJ double, a Rizzo grounder that advanced DJ and a Judge sac-fly. That was enough to get Berríos out of the game and get the not-good Jays bullpen in. The Blue Jays bullpen made its grand entrance with Tim Mayza hitting Gallo and allowing an infield single to Gleyber. He did get a couple of K’s on Gio and Voit immediately after that. And when that rally seemed dead with Higgy instead of Gary in the plate…

Higgy ties it up!

Punishing a hanging slider for a 98.7 exit velo single to LF that tied all things up. It was weird not seeing Gary pinch-hit there with Cole already out of the game. But hey, it worked so *shrugs*.

Yankee-Killer Bichette gives them the lead

With a tied game going into the bottom of the 8th he inside-outed a Clay Holmes demon sinker for a 106 mph HR to RF. Absolutely crazy stuff, it wasn’t a bad pitch at all. Take a look:

Ridiculous, nothing to do right there. Sadly the Yankees couldn’t mount a comeback after that giving them their first L in quite some time. Let’s start another W streak tomorrow my guys!


  • In the suckiest of sucking events Gallo might be hurt after that Mayza HBP. It was in the not good news wrist/hand zone. He was then taken out for a pinch-hitting Gary Sánchez in the 9th. Hope it’s not bad.
  • Loásiga is back!!! He threw a clean 7th inning in typical Lasagna fashion with a K and two grounders on 12 pitches.


Game 157: Judge and Stanton. Name a better duo, I’ll wait


Thoughts before rubber game with Toronto


  1. H. Avis

    As I’ve been saying for months, the Yankees are a seriously flawed team.

  2. Man, I know you don’t bust out of slumps sitting on the bench but Gallo needs a day or two off. Throw Stanton out there and let Voit DH. Unless Voit got hurt running out that pinch hit strike out last night. Saw him limp off the field but if hes not gonna play anyway then who cares if he gets hurt right?! *sarcasm obviously*

  3. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    I thought it was the worst loss of the season, Jamie. As I’ve said repeatedly, Gerrit Cole is not a true ace in the mold of a Max Scherzer. If we throw him in the WC game we lose. We don’t have time for him to “find it” while 5 runs score. I’d go with Nestor unless Kluber pitches well today then I’d go with him. We could even go with a bullpen game starting Sevy then King, Holmes, Green, Loisaga, Chappy. Max has a .74 ERA down the stretch with the Dodgers. That’s an ace. A 6.50 ERA is a bum. I hope the Steinbrenners put a spider tack clause in that contract because otherwise we’re paying ace money for an average pitcher. Gallo getting hurt actually might improve the ballclub. He does nothing at the plate and now it’s spilled over to his defense. That’s now two fly balls he’s dropped for no reason which lost the game last night. Put Stanton out in LF, Voit at DH and the club is probably improved. Get Greg Allen back up here for some energy, hitting and hustle.

    • Such a bunch of garbage, go have a couple more calzones before writing your CBS article later.

      For the record, down the stretch, Scherzer has now given up 11 runs in his last 11 innings of work over two starts:

      That’s what happens to even the best pitchers when hitters are swinging beyond hard on every swing.

      Cole is clearly gutting it out and pitching with a lingering hamstring issue, it affects command more than stuff. He was hammered early and, except for the run caused by the bad play in left field, finished strong and should be better in the Wild Card game.

  4. nahkadinga

    The Steinbrenner family didn’t pay Mr Cole $324M to keep it close, sorry, his results down the stretch have been pedestrian at best and last night he was absolutely tattooed.. I know this site subscribes to advanced metrics, but a 6.15 ERA over his last 5 starts can’t be kicked to the curb.. Despite denying it, his injury has impacted his performances

    As for Gallo, he’s been brutally bad offensively, he has a 96 OPS+, the better of his 2 team compiled stats @ FanGraphs have come playing in Texas this season, he’s taken the three true outcome narrative to a new level of incompetence

  5. David Pieragostini

    Yankees lucky Boone didn’t pinch hit for higgy. Toronto would have used righty reliever– in fact it’s crazy that Toronto didn’t do that anyway.

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