Game 147: Embarrassing

With 15 games to play and the scramble for the AL Wild Card spots becoming no less intense, every game is a must-win for the Yankees – especially games like today’s, against a team like the Orioles, with a pitcher like Jordan Montgomery on the mound. Alas, despite an excellent outing from Montgomery and holding a lead with 8 ⅔ innings in the books, the Yankees found a way to blow it in Baltimore and dropped this game 3-2 in 10. To the takeaways –

Montgomery bounces back.  None of this can be blamed on Jordan Montgomery, who has really been one of the most consistent fixtures in the Yankees’ rotation this year.  After a rough start against the Mets last week, he returned to form to throw 5.2 innings and surrendered only one run, striking out 12 and lowering his season ERA to 3.63.  He gave up six hits and walked only one.  

He put two runners on in the third, but beyond that didn’t run into any kind of trouble.  The one run he surrendered was on a leadoff sixth-inning home run to Ryan Mountcastle.  The Orioles were chasing his breaking balls all night, as he garnered 18 whiffs on his curveball and changeup combined.  His didn’t quite have command of his curve in the zone, but his stuff was good enough to rack up a career high in strikeouts. Effectively wild, for sure.

Offensive failures. Unfortunately, as has been the story in Montgomery’s starts all season, the Yankees offense did almost nothing to back him up.  All of the offense came in the second inning, on a solo home run by Joey Gallo and an RBI double by Gio Urshela.  After opening up the 2-0 lead, the Yankees could not tack on, and didn’t really threaten other than a bases-loaded situation in the fifth inning when Gallo sent a would-be grand slam to the wall but not quite far enough.

Orioles starter Chris Ellis, who no-hit the Yankees through five innings in their last meeting, was not quite as good today, giving up the two runs in 4.2, but the Yankees’ inability to consistently hit Orioles pitching has almost single-handedly put them in this tenuous playoff position. 

Bullpen almost gets through it.  Even as the offense floundered, it was almost enough.  The Yankees made it through 8 ⅔ innings looking at a win, but the taxed bullpen once again came back to bite them.  Overuse of Aroldis Chapman, Chad Green’s struggles, and Jonathan Loaisiga’s injury put the team in a position where Clay Holmes was called on to close out a one-run game, and he came so close.  After pitching a strong 8th inning, Holmes allowed a one-out 9th inning single to DJ Stewart; a wild pitch allowed Stewart to reach second, he moved to third on a groundout, and another wild pitch tied the game before Holmes got Austin Wynns to strike out and end the inning on the very next pitch. 

Embarrassing extras. Faced with a tie game in the 10th, the Yankees pretty much rolled over.  They could not move the “ghost runner” over from second base in the top half, going quietly with three unproductive outs.  Wandy Peralta then came on in the bottom of the inning, gave up a bunt single to Richie Martin to put runners on the corners, and intentionally walked Cedric Mullins to load the bases.  He got Mountcastle on a four-pitch strikeout, but Austin Hays poked a single through a drawn-in infield to win the game for Baltimore.  Not much to say about that except … embarrassing.


  • Joey Gallo has 3 home runs in his last 4 games.
  • Giancarlo Stanton picked up two hits today, including a 120 mph line drive off the first base umpire.
  • The Red Sox and Blue Jays are both off today, so the Yankees have fallen 0.5 games out of a Wild Card spot.


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  1. David Robertson, now pitching for the Rays…

  2. William Hudgins

    Even Aaron Boone Gary needed to block that pitch LMAO

  3. H. Avis

    The Yankees are a mediocre club and may be for some time, unless radical changes are made top to bottom. An organization in decline.

  4. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    I thought it was the worst loss of the season, Ana. 3-3 vs the Orioles when the Jays and Sox don’t lose to them. This team is not a playoff club. Gary Sanchez is not a major league catcher, period. Both Gleyber and now Gary need to be lifted for defense late in ballgames. The “wild pitches” woulda been caught by a decent catcher. I just think catching the ball should be a prerequisite for the catcher position. Gary should be traded in the offseason or at least moved to a primary DH. He’s fat, he’s lazy, he can’t run so 1st base could be an option as well.

    And Boone just gets out managed every game. This is why you don’t use Chapman in the first game with a 5 run lead. His excuse was Romano got hurt. Great, so bring in someone else with a 5 run lead! That has an effect on later games. And it would help if they scored more than 2 runs but they pulled one of their score a couple runs early and then put up seven zeros the rest of the game. They’re not situational hitters, which you need in October. Look at Judge’s at bat in extras. He pulls the ball for an out and sure enough Rizzo flies out which would have scored a runner from 3rd. Then the Os do what you’re supposed to and bunt the runner over to 3rd. Just bad managing, bad situational hitting, bad baseball by a bad baseball team that is going nowhere.

    • Jorgieporgie

      Again stop calling Gary “fat” “lazy” or (in a previous lost) “dumb.” It’s a nasty and unnecessary personal attack. And comes off with a whiff of racism, because we have all heard those things about Latinos inside and outside of sports. Your schtick is better without it.

      • I agree 100%, Sanchez is neither ‘fat’ or ‘lazy’, he just stinks. And the constant use of these terms, is, as you say, reinforces a racist attitude about Latino players.

        His confidence is shot at the plate and his ‘down on one knee’ catching stance, while it might make it easier for him to block pitches in the dirt, is completely, totally the wrong thing to do.

        The Yankees need a new catcher, one that can hit even a little and play good defense. Higgy is good behind the plate and might be OK as a backup but that’s about his ceiling as a player.

  5. Wire Fan

    I know this site is part of the Gary Sanchez fan club… But that last “wild pitch” (of 4 total in the game) absolutely has to be caught and I think nearly every catcher in the game gets to that pitch.

    I get the Yankees are heavy into framing, but with a runner on 3rd they need to consider abandoning the knee on the ground approach. Gary already has limited mobility and reaction time, and with a knee on the ground it is just that much worse.

    • MikeD

      Holmes was all over the place. He was throwing a 97 mph sinker that should be down in the zone, but was going several feet above the catcher.

      Regardless, the Yankees lost this game (and others against the lowly Orioles) because they allow the worst pitching staff in MLB to consistently pitch effectively against them and to keep games close. The Yankees are a decent team, but they’re not a very good team.


    • LMAO at trying to pin any of this loss on Gary

      • Bart

        No blame at all? Interesting he only plays one of the most important positions on the field and also comes up to the plate to bat. I guess he can get a participation trophy for this one.

  6. Cuso

    If this team actually makes the playoffs, all they’ll do is embarrass themselves.

    Not a good team.

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