Game 139: Still free falling

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Another night, another loss. All of the goodwill from the 13-game winning streak has already run out, but it just keeps getting worse. With this 6-3 defeat at the hands of the Blue Jays, the Yankees are now 2-9 since the streak ended. Additionally, Boston eclipsed the Yankees for the top Wild Card spot tonight and Toronto is one behind the Yankees in the loss column. Simply put: the Yankees hold on a playoff spot is tenuous right now and I’m having a hard time finding reason for optimism.

These takeaways are on the shorter side because all of us had pretty busy work days and/or personal commitments. Not that you want to read a long-winded recap of this one, I presume. Let’s get to it.

The offense is still horrendous. That’s about all I’m saying about this. It’s the same takeaway I had last night with the insertion of “still” into it. I’m tired of writing about this lineup. It’s pathetic. The lone offense came from Brett Gardner, whose three-run homer tied the game.

If you thought that might be the turning point of the game or of this offense’s swoon, I’m sorry. I wish it was.

Control is the one thing that could hold Luis Gil back. Wildness reared its ugly head for Gil tonight, though he mostly danced around the seven walks he issued in 3.1 innings. Three of those seven were in a row to end his night, and one of them came across to score which finally nudged Gil’s ERA above 0.00.

Gil had a 12.5 percent walk rate in the minors this year, and a 13.5 percent rate in his minor league career, so what happened tonight isn’t wholly unusual. Still, Gil’s pure stuff is top notch and is why he struck out six batters and allowed just one hit anyway.

Post All-Star Break Chad Green remains bad. Green delivered another lackluster performance in the eighth inning. He gave up a run on a triple and sacrifice fly before working around another single to end the inning. The triple wasn’t necessarily scalded, but it certainly was emblematic of Green’s struggles over the last three months.

Through July 9th, Green had a 2.14 ERA in 46.1 innings. In his next outing, he got bombed against Houston, which was his final outing before the All-Star break, as you my recall. Including that game up until tonight’s action, the righty has pitched to a 4.74 ERA.

We may do a deeper dive into Green’s struggles at some point, but one concern I’ll raise is his workload. Green’s now at 72 innings, just 3.2 short of his career high from 2018. Feels like a heavy toll, especially with how many close games the team has played, not to mention coming off a 60 game season.

Aroldis Chapman still stinks. With Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s homer tonight, he’s now given up seven in his last 24 innings. He’s also given up 20 runs (19 earned) in that stretch. His velocity is down, he has no idea where the ball is going, and looks defeated on the mound. It doesn’t get much worse.

It should go without saying, but the Yankees badly need a win tomorrow to avoid a sweep against Toronto. It’ll be Nestor Cortes vs. Jose Berríos. See you then.

Programming note: DoTF will come some time tomorrow morning.


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  1. chip56

    This team is too comfortable being mediocre. There’s no one on the team, from the owner, to the GM, to the manager, to the players who is half as committed to winning as the 90s Yankees were. Whether it was George, or players like O’Neill and Jeter, that team hated losing much more than they enjoyed winning and it created accountability at every level. This team doesn’t have that. They need to make major changes that go far beyond the roster, they need to get back to who and what the Yankees are.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Hal cares about it nearly as much as he cares about profits and loss.

  2. Kansas

    it’s a gut punch

  3. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    I thought it was the worst loss of the season, Derek. This entire organization is just pathetic from top to bottom. Rotten to its core. Gil may not have good command but he clearly shoulda been up here this past month over Heaney. They’re manipulating service time like they’re the Pirates for christ sake. You just knew once Judge and Stanton got cold they wouldn’t score. It was really just two guys. Boone can move DJ wherever he wants in the lineup, he still stinks. It was just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I’d rather trade him and move Gleyber back to 2B but that contract is now an albatross around our necks. Other than Gary and Gardner’s HRs have they had any XBH’s the past 5 games? Thames does nothing to help these guys hit better. Only Rizzo seems to understand the art of hitting and he came from outside the organization. The pen has too many injuries and they’ve been worn down by only having one reliable starter that can go 6 innings. Cash has gotta go, Boone and the entire coaching and training/medical staffs. Blow the whole thing to smithereens cause it ain’t working. Even the Sox ravaged by covid and playing the Rays are doing better than us. The Jays have had 3 homes this season and will pass us in the standings after they sweep us tonight. God this club is bad. Completely unwatchable again.

  4. H. Avis

    The Yankees are rotting away. A seriously bad organization, top to bottom.

  5. Alex

    Chapman cannot (I repeat: CANNOT) be on this team next year. Get rid of him at any cost. Also, it’s incomprehensible that Marcus Thames still has a job. Any serious organization would’ve fired him a long time ago. I wish this team operated with even a fraction of the urgency that the Padres do – they moved on from Larry (and rightfully so), more quickly than this team will ever move on from a lousy coach.

  6. Dani

    turns out scoring runs isn’t that hard when you have guys hitting for avg.

    also turns out that your bullpen arms are cooked by the end of the season when they’re overworked.

    Novel concepts, who could’ve expected that?

  7. Kevin

    You can go back to the eighties through today and see a common thread with all the “failure seasons”. Weak starting pitching staffs ALWAYS end like this. Even if the team has a good offense. IMO these seasons are the worst. The team keeps your hopes up even as your psyche is walking towards the gallows. The trapdoor was sprung even as our hopes were high. But the offense, defense, and base-running was collectively the most putrid that I have ever witnessed in a Yankee team, and a well paid one at that. There had better have some major changes, there are better ways to spend my time.

    • Steve

      Yankees are 4th in MLB with a 3.70 team era.

    • Terry from LA

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Worst demise since Billy gave up in the 80’s. Haven’t seen a NYY team lay down like this since then.

  8. Terry from LA

    Wait till next year.

  9. Wire Fan

    The heavy early season bullpen usage has caught up to them. It is not simply about the rest rules (no 3 days in a row, 4 times in 5 days,etc). The actual cumulative # of appearances and pitches matter. They were so worried about protecting the starters early on that they burned out the bullpen.

    Cessa would be useful right about now… But they gave him away to clear space for HR Heaney.

    Even if this team sneaks into the playoffs they are going nowhere with this pen. They would have to use starters in relief, and the Yankees simply don’t have that creativity. They just build things backward (9th inning guy… 8th inning guy… Etc)

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