Game 13: Nonsense

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This was atrocious, embarrassing, and low-level play from the Yankees. They are playing one of the worst-performing teams in the league early on in the season, and the Yankees made them look like world-beaters. The manager set the tone with his opener decision, and it was downhill from there. We’re watching awful baseball, and it’s unacceptable. And the worst part of the night didn’t come from the home team. It came from some fans who thought it was cool to throw baseballs at the Rays. It is truly embarrassing stuff.

So, in honor of the worst performance of the season, there won’t be any takeaways. There is nothing to analyze and break down. It was a terrible game, and the Yankees would be the first to admit it.

The best thing to do is shake this off and focus on tomorrow. It will be Jordan Montgomery against Tyler Glasnow. The game starts at 1 pm on YES. Watch a good movie. Have a nice glass of your favorite drink. Play The Show. Kiss your loved ones. Have a good night.


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  1. Wire Fan

    The whole idea of an opener is to use a GOOD reliever to go up against the best part of the opponents lineup.

    It worked several years back because Chad Green was opening. It is shocking how a club supposedly embracing analytics can be this ignorant on how the opener strategy works and they think ANY reliever can open.(and there is no way in hell Boone is making these decisions)

    Also this club will never win a title with the current defensive effort. Hopefully Bruce is gone soon, and after that Odor should be next so they can get a real utility IF. It is stunning Cashman gave up assets for Odor (even minor ones), but that is what happens when you are hellbent on jamming a lefty power bat onto the roster at all costs.

    • MikeD

      If the Yankees simply picked up Odor after he cleared waivers, I’d have been fine, even if I’m not a fan. Give him a try. What’s annoying is Odor cost them three players. Now are any of these players worth worrying about? Likely not, and I suspect the minor league contraction is what led to this, as the Yankees will have two less affiliates to spread around their talent. Regardless, my fear is that will cause them to hold Odor longer than they should.

  2. Steven Tydings

    Randy, you’re a treasure. Thank you for this!

  3. I had fun watching the Knicks win tonight and not watching this pathetic excuse for a baseball team.

    Maybe they should use the ghost of Ryne Duren to ‘open’ some games, throwing some warm up pitches on the netting might wake up some of the players.

  4. Scrillo

    Everyone is so quick to blame Cashman. Ownership handcuffed him with their mandate to stay under the luxury tax and it’s showing. He had to dumpster dive and that’s not on him.

    Ownership thinks it’s acceptable to continually cry poor and expect everyone to just be ok with it. They’re wasting the primes of some incredible talent instead of loading this team up and actually spending money.

  5. Mungo

    …and don’t throw baseball on the fields, children.

  6. Alex

    Wake me up when Cashman is fired.

    I have no idea how a GM who consistently operates under the sport’s highest payroll can have this level of job security despite accomplishing nothing over the last decade-plus.

    Boone isn’t a good manager but this is more on the talent level of this team, which is just not up to snuff. Kluber, who might be completely washed up, as your #2 starter is a straight up embarrassment.

  7. Gerreddardit Cole

    I thought it was the worst loss in Yankee history, Randy. Yankee fans should have been throwing those baseballs at the Yankees and hopefully hit some of them and killed two birds with one stone. I said a couple days ago that Hal needs to give us a sacrificial lamb. Marcus Thames should be fired tonight and Hal should make it known that Boone and Cash are next. George would have already fixed this mess. This club is just too pathetic to watch anymore. There’s no leadership, no heart, no fire. Just a lifeless bunch of hacks and clowns led by the laid back California dude who has the charisma of a road. The only thing Boone can say is that they’ll eventually start bashing because they always have. No they won’t and no they haven’t.

    And I’ve been saying since last year that the Rays are just a better organization. They’re better coached, they pitch well, field well, they can hit, their players play the right way. And now their fans are better than the classless Yankee fans throwing balls onto the field because their team stinks. Those fans should just stop buying tickets and stop watching the games. That will show this FO not to keep putting these crap rosters on the field. The Dodgers spend money to upgrade while Hal is pinching pennies. Even the Mets went out and got Lindor and we’re putting out Jay Bruce and Odor.

    • Cuso

      When you have a handful of fans do what they did last night, it’s hard to think that we the majority don’t deserve the awful performance. We, and the organization, look like complete losers right now.

      The team deserves to get beaned 10 times tomorrow, deserves to lose by 10 runs, and the fans deserve to endure a 10-game losing streak.

      Pathetic all around.

  8. Steve

    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me the team got no-hit in batting practice tomorrow.

  9. Jason

    Its Montgomery…not Cole. It might actually be worse tomorrow.
    I used to think being too critical was embarrassing, but wow tonight was worse. Terrible look all around tonight from literally everyone in that stadium minus the Rays.

    • Randy

      I fixed it. Thanks.

    • Brian M

      I hope we won’t be saying “things will get better” all the way into June

      • Alex

        Oh, we certainly will Brian. And people will continue making nonsensical excuses for Cashman, the most overrated GM in professional sports, assuming he’s not already fired by that point (he should’ve been let go many years ago).

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