Game 126: The Longest Winning Streak Since 1985

Well, the Yankees may never play games that aren’t heart-stopping dramas, but at least they don’t lose anymore. With today’s 5-4 victory over the Braves, the Yanks improved to 74-52, a season high 22 games over .500. How things change, huh?

Let’s get right to the takeaways in this one, shall we?

This was a glorified bullpen game. Look, if it were me, I would have started Luis Gil in this one. That’s just me, though, and the Yankees went in another direction, electing to go with Andrew Heaney. Heaney, of course, was quite good in his last start – and he was fine again tonight. He threw 4.0 innings of 3-hit, 2-run ball. It wasn’t the cleanest of starts – he gave up both runs after a walk and HBP with two outs in the first. The only other Yankee pitcher (prior to Chapman, who we’ll get to) to give up a run in this one was Albert Abreu in the 5th. Otherwise, this is how the lines looked:

  • Joely Rodriguez: 0.2 IP, H
  • Clay Holmes: 1.0 IP, zeros, K
  • Chad Green: 2.0 IP, 2 H, 2 K

There were minor quibbles here and there with the usage, but nothing worth getting into in any detail. This was clearly the plan all along. After some easy games against the Twins, a rain out on Sunday, and an off-day tomorrow, the Yankees had a rested bullpen and felt fine using it. I’m okay with it, and it certainly worked out. The Yanks dominated the Braves in the middle innings of this one, and Heaney really settled down. It’s not the prettiest approach, but I’ll take it.

The 9th inning was…interesting. Ooohkay. About that 9th inning, which can never – literally never – be easy these days. With a two-run lead going into the bottom of the 9th, Boone went to Aroldis Chapman, which is exactly what he should do. Unfortunately, this is how Chapman looked:

He was absolutely all over the place with his fastball – 11 pitches, 2 swings, 0 whiffs, and just one called strike – and barely used it in the final few batters he faced. Still, Chapman actually got 4 outs in this game. This is a hill I will die on. He absolutely struck out Ozzie Albies, but the umpire inexplicably said the ball was tipped. (It wasn’t, but it’s non-reviewable.)

Then, in the very next pitch, Chapman got a soft ground ball from that Rougned Odor double clutched. That allowed Albies to reach base and extend the game. Chapman then walked Jorge Soler with two outs to make it a 5-4 game, at which point Boone went to Wandy Peralta.

Now, I saw a few people calling for Boone to take out Chapman after the Albies at-bat. I don’t think that’s fair. He definitely wasn’t sharp, but he’d earned 4 outs at that point. It wasn’t his fault he only got two. I don’t know. It worked out in the end, but I don’t get killing Boone for this. I really don’t.

As for Peralta, that was a hell of a job. He came up to face Freddie Freeman with 2 outs and the bases loaded in a 1-run game and he got him out on a fly ball to left. He threw 5 consecutive changeups to end the at-bat, too. I was nervous, but it worked out. That’s how things are going these days.

The offense is clicking right now. Another day, another 5-run performance. They’ve done that in 5 straight games and in 6 out of their last 7. It’s the offense we all expected to see all season. Getting it started was Giancarlo Stanton, who is scorching hot right now. Look at this:

Love it when he gets going. There’s no other spectacle in baseball quite like it. Anyway, the power kept on coming from all sources tonight. Here is DJ LeMahieu, who decided not to go months in between homers this time:

And here is Odor, who had been struggling in August:

That’s what you like to see right there. The Bronx Bombers, bombing. Keep it up, fellas.


  • A nice night for Gary Sánchez. He had a two-RBI single to give the Yanks the lead, and he had a very nice block behind the plate in the 9th. Michael Kay said it “got away from Sánchez”, but I don’t think that’s fair. It was a 45-foot breaking ball that he kept in front of him and held a runner at 3rd. It’s pretty impressive.
  • A nifty throw from Aaron Judge and Andrew Velazquez saved a run. Check this out, which was upheld after a replay (although I think Freeman was safe, but there just wasn’t enough evidence to overturn it):
  • Aaron Judge had 2 hits, a run, and a double in this one. He has a .900 OPS in what has been a quietly great season from the Yanks’ best player.
  • Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo both continue to quietly struggle, as the pair went 0-7 with 4 Ks and a walk tonight.

The Yanks are off tomorrow, as they travel to Oakland for a huge four-game set against the Athletics. The Yanks will look to put more space between them and the A’s, and they’ll do so riding an 11-game winning streak. Enjoy your night, everyone.


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  1. DZB

    I decided to avoid work earlier today by looking at the remaining strength of schedule for the Yankees and Rays (in terms of number of games against teams >.500 and <.500 at home and on the road). The teams have identical remaining home match ups (10 against teams .500), though part of that reflects the Yankees hosting the Rays (so some of their home games against winning teams are the Rays). But the Rays have a harder set of road games: opponents .500, Rays = 15, Yankees = 10 – but that again partly reflects the Rays coming to NY).

    At the very least, it is nice to see that the Yankees don’t have a much harder road ahead, and best, it might help them catch the Rays. Either way, that home series against the Rays is quite likely to still be critical.

  2. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    And I forgot to mention, Bobby, can we please get rid of these damn movies that pop up and start playing all the time? If I wanted to watch a movie I’d put in a VHS tape.

  3. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    It was the best win of the season, Bobby, and the best 11 game winning streak of the century. Heaney did all that we can expect from him and didn’t lose the game for us. When we’re winning Andrew Heaney starts you know things are going good. The rest of the pen except Chappy are the best in baseball. Chapman is a headcase. So they gave $40 million to two relievers, headcase Chapman and broken Britton. Such a waste. I hope Boone takes Chappy out of the closers role and gives it to Wandy Peralta. I’d say give it to Johnny but he’s too valuable in that ’96 Mariano role. Maybe German can become an effective reliever and allow Johnny to slide into closer. Green just isn’t reliable enough for closer but Wandy has ice water in his veins as he showed last night. Boy that Velasquez kid can play can’t he. Seems like we say that every night. Another single and steal setting up the winning run. I swear to God if they send him down for Gio. DJ with a rare dinger. Stanton with another line drive homer. Let’s hope he doesn’t go into a funk in late September-October. Rizzo and Gallo are two giant pumpkins and we’re about two games away from smashing them to pieces. Voit needs to be playing every day. Stop this insanity of benching the AL player of the week. Rizzo hasn’t had a hit in weeks. Gallo hasn’t had a game where he struck out less than 3 times. Keep it going in Oakland. We only need a split for the WC but if you’re talking division we’d need 3/4 to keep pace with the Rays who are playing the hapless Orioles.

  4. chip56

    Chapman is, quite obviously, injured. The Yankees need to get him sorted out before he does something to make the situation worse.

  5. MG309

    I’m not a Chapman fan at all but they are stuck with him so I’m hoping he somehow finds confidence in his fastball or he will never get an out once major league hitters qdecide to just look breaking ball because his slider is just plain bad unless the batter is looking fast ball.

    They’ve won 11 in a row, if this isn’t time for fans to sit back and relax a little and let the team on the field take care of business without the co1nstant criticism when is it?

  6. Dani

    I’m surprised they kept sitting the red hot Voit when Rizzo hasn’t done anything at the plate for like 2 weeks.

  7. dasit

    rizzo and gallo are struggling at the moment but they obviously saw hidden upside in peralta, holmes, and rodriguez and had a plan for how to unlock it (sss alert)

  8. Alemadgt

    Does Chapman has to allow another home run in an elimination game so Boone finally accepts he is not a trustworthy pitcher? This wonderful streak continues despite Boone keeping Chapman in the mound after the first walk.No more Chapman. Give Loasiga the job. What else can you say about Peralta? The guy has cold blood and confidence in himself. I hope the future roster moves doesn’t bring back the gutless team of the first part of the season.

  9. Rob

    The foul tip was 3-2 in the Albies at bat, the pitch before the ground ball to Odor. It would have ended the game. He walked Adrianza on 4 pitches in the at bat before that. Which, that Adrianza at bat was brutal and just can’t happen in that spot, turned the lineup over. He wound up rebounding and making a few pitches to Albies but looked like toast against Soler

  10. King Tut

    Bro I will start a go fund me for the Yanks to dump Chapman’s contract this offseason, and then I will drive him to the airport myself.
    1. The walk off losses + smiles in the post-season
    2. The delicate rules you need to use for him – can’t pitch too him 3 days in a row, but he stinks if you give him rest
    3. The way he simply forgets how to throw a strike. The length of time between pitches. The absolute sheer sweat he makes us feel.

    Get this guy off this team.

    • chip56

      Yankees don’t pitch any of their guys 3 days in a row if they can avoid it

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