Game 124: It’s the Twins, do we really need to explain what happened?

Not sure if I can trust a Win Probability Chart that didn’t have the Yankees’ odds of beating the Twins at 100% to start the game.

Surprise, surprise. The Yankees toppled Minnesota once again, this time to the tune of a 7-1 score. It’s too bad tomorrow’s forecast is no good, because another nice easy victory would have been fun to watch. Anyway, this afternoon’s victory brings the Yankees to 20 games over .500 for the first time this season.

Since I mentioned the forecast, I’m going to keep today’s takeaways brief. We’re trying to prepare ourselves for the impending hurricane at my home, so I don’t have a ton of time to really dig into this game anyway. Besides, how much is there really to say about another beatdown of the Twins?

  • Tyler Wade deserves some love. With today’s 2-for-4, Wade is up to .278/.355/.343 (97 wRC+) this season. He opened the scoring with an RI single in the second and scored in the fifth on a wild pitch. The guy is on fire this month: he entered today’s game with a .433/.528/.533 (201 wRC+) in August. We’ve given the Yankees a lot of crap for relying on Wade as the team’s primary infield depth, but credit where credit’s due: he’s been terrific. And it’s been especially important to get production out of him with Gleyber Torres and Gio Urshela sidelined due to injuries.
  • The big guys stay hot. Giancarlo Stanton and Luke Voit both delivered two-run doubles in the fifth inning to blow this game open. Stanton had a 177 wRC+ dating back to the Field of Dreams game entering today, and as you know, Voit has been red hot too.
  • Get lost, Josh Donaldson. Gerrit Cole struck out the Twins’ designated hitter twice today and Donaldson did nothing but whine about it. The pitches were clear strikes, so I don’t know what his problem is. I know he has a problem with Cole and the sticky stuff, but it’s been very, very nice to see Cole get the best of him multiple times.
  • Ho hum, another good Gerrit Cole start. Not much else to say about this. Six innings, no runs allowed, and six strikeouts. He wasn’t dominant, but he got the job done and escaped a couple of jams this afternoon. It’s pretty hilarious to say that he wasn’t dominant in an outing that he shut out his opponent for six innings, but I’d bet he’d agree.
  • Weird moment for Rougned Odor. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a player call for time, have it granted, and then hit a ball out of the yard. So bizarre, and yet:
  • Lastly, what a moment for Andrew Velazquez. You’ve heard the story by now, but very cool to see the 27-year old shortstop from the Bronx hit his first career home run in pinstripes:

There’s no way these two sides are playing tomorrow given tomorrow’s forecast. Not sure why they didn’t plan to play a doubleheader today instead, but it is what it is. It might be difficult for the Yankees to get to Atlanta for their next series Monday, but they’ll cross that bridge when they get there.


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  1. This was the best win of the year, Derek, it’s about time the pitchers stopped giving up runs and the hitters started hitting. They aren’t winning tomorrow, though, I can guarantee that.

    As I’ve said for years, Wade is the Ben Zobrist of the future for the Yankees as long as he keeps hitting over .400 over the past 10 games, if not they can DFA him.

    Cole’s spin rate is down and he isn’t really an ace unless he gives up 0 or 1 runs a game, then he’s the best.

    Maybe Boone will get a hangnail and be mistreated by the Yankees medical staff so someone else can manage the team real soon.

  2. BleacherCreature

    Bo Jackson hit a homer after calling for time. It wasn’t granted so the homer counted.

  3. MikeD

    BTW Tomorrow’s game has already been postponed and rescheduled for September 13.

    Hopefully the Yankees will reschedule trip to Atlanta and get out of town early tomorrow. If not, what’s the forecast for Monday? The Twins had off. They could have stayed in town and the two teams could have played on Monday, then the Yankees could fly to Atlanta for a double header on Tuesday. Of course, as I write that, there’s no reason the Yankees would want to do that! Make the Twins fly back in mid-September.

  4. MikeD

    The issue I have with Odor HR is not that it shouldn’t have been called back, but the time out never should have been allowed. The pitcher was set and in motion, which is why the ball was delivered. This happens too often. Not the recalled HR part (I’ve never seen that until today!), but umpires granting timeout to batters when the pitcher is in motion.

  5. dasit

    apart from obviously passing the eye test, how good is velazquez defensively? good enough that he could ops 580 and still carve out a career? don’t see him fitting with the yankees but would love for him to stick somewhere

    • In 240 ABs at Scranton he had a .838 OPS, but his minor league career number is .739. He probably can’t hit enough to be a starter on the Yanks, but he could definitely be a good reserve. And his fielding is far better than Gleyber, whose future will be in doubt with the Yankees if he can’t recover his power.

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