Game 107: No big trade, but a win

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So, the Yankees didn’t make a trade today. Obviously, that’s not what any of us wanted. But, at least they won today’s game against the Diamondbacks? Yeah. The final: 7-5. Here are the takeaways:

Mike Tauchman cutback on grounders is really paying off. In the second inning, the outfielder opened the afternoon’s scoring with a two-run shot to left against Zack Greinke. It was an impressive display of opposite field power from Tauchman; the ball traveled 100.7 MPH off the bat and landed 384 feet away.

It’s no coincidence that Tauchman took off as he tapered off his tendency to hit the ball into the ground. It’s been something that’s held him back his entire career, but it looks like the Yankees may have helped him overcome it.

The Sock Man is now 126 wRC+ in 177 plate appearances this season. Who’d have thunk it when he had an 81 wRC+ through June? Not me, that’s for sure.

A well rested bullpen made for a short Tanaka outing. In the first three innings, Masahiro Tanaka looked pretty good. He threw just 43 pitches through that point, but ran into trouble in fourth. Though he escaped unscathed, partially thanks to Gio Urshela’s defensive chops, he labored and threw 37 pitches that inning alone. Then, after allowing the first two hitters to reach in the fifth, his day was done.

Tanaka seemed to have a better splitter today and garnered a handful of swings and misses on the pitch. Today he had a bit more drop on the pitch as compared to his last few outings, though not quite as much as last year still:

Tanaka averaged 3.9 inches of vertical movement in his last start. Today, 2.6.

Nonetheless, he couldn’t give the Yankees length after laboring in the fourth and fifth. Perhaps Tanaka may have gotten a little deeper had the bullpen not been so well rested. Nonetheless, I liked Aaron Boone’s urgency to win with relief corps in full force.

Austin Romine has stepped up during Gary’s absence. Entering today, Romine had a .455/.417/.818 batting line in 12 plate appearances since Gary got Sánchez. He improved upon that tonight thanks to a clutch go-ahead two-run homer in the bottom of the seventh:

The offense has really struggled, and losing Sánchez certainly doesn’t help, so it’s huge that Romine has picked things up in Gary’s stead. Doesn’t it seem like Romine does this almost every time The Kraken has been hurt?


  • There was a rain delay of about 36 minutes after five and a half innings of play. That gave everyone plenty of time to focus on the deadline deals during the three o’clock hour.
  • Chad Green coughed up the Yankees’ lead just before the delay. One of the three runs that came in against him was inherited from Tanaka. Otherwise, the bullpen leading up to the ninth inning did pretty good.
  • Didi Gregorius and Gio Urshela got banged up on two different plays in the field, but both remained in the game. Phew.
  • The Yankees tacked on some insurance runs in the eight. Didi Gregorius had an RBI groundout and Gleyber Torres and Cameron Maybin delivered run scoring hits.
  • Aroldis Chapman came in for the save after Nestor Cortes gave up a dinger to lead off the ninth. He didn’t look so great and allowed another run before shutting the door. His command was poor and his velocity, though spiking near 100 a couple times, was mostly down.

The Yankees are off tomorrow and welcome the Red Sox to town on Friday night for a four game set.


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  1. RetroRob

    Tauchman cutting back on grounders echoes what Hicks said about how the Yankees helped him. It’s also what Maybin and Urshela have said too. The Yankees preach getting the ball in the air. They seem to identify players on other teams who have the type of skills who can benefit from their approach.

  2. RetroRob

    MLB owners have incorporated their own version of a salary cap. All actions need to be viewed through that lens. If you don’t, you’re living in a fantasy.

    As for the Yankees not making a trade today, it’s disappointing. That said, Greinke wasn’t an option as he has the Yankees on his no-trade list, MadBum was never available. The Blue Jays weren’t trading Stroman to the Yankees. Robbie Ray? If the rumor was true that they asked for Clint Frazier and three prospects, I guess you have to ask yourself as a fan, would you do that deal, especially not even knowing the prospects. Trading your best prospects for mediocre or worse pitchers doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    They should have signed Corbin. I understand the hesitancy on six years, but they’re in a win-now mode. Who knows where they’ll be in year five and six of that deal. Hopefully they go after Cole seriously. Maybe this zero trade deadline will have them rethink part of their recent strategy when it comes to free agent pitchers.

  3. Rathipon

    I’m disappointed about the trade deadline too. But Cashman and Hal have earned the benefit of the doubt. This version of the Yankees is far more fun to watch than the previous one where they kept buying overpriced aging free agents and didn’t develop any homegrown talent. I keep hearing the Yankees need to start acting like the YANKEES again? If that means the bloated aging overpriced mediocre teams we suffered through for a decade then screw that.

    There is no business in the world operating without a budget and the Yankees are no different. Their budget is higher than all but one team so no complaints there. And if you are operating under a budget then you are going to have to make sacrifices. That means sometimes you don’t sign the Harper but you get DJ and Ottavino instead. It means sometimes the numbers don’t work at the trade deadline.

    • Dan A.

      Passing on Corban was inexcusable. JA Happ is making $17m a year. Patrick Corban is making $23m per year. They passed on Corban over $6m AAV! Hal does not deserve the benefit of the doubt.

      • Rathipon

        In a vacuum you are right. But nobody can predict the future. I’m sure they expected much better production from Happ. Clearly, in retrospect, paying $6 million more for Corbin is preferable. But then again, with a 6 year commitment to Corbin does that mean they have nothing left for Gerrit Cole when he hits FA? Cause I’d much rather have Cole at 8/240 than Corbin at 6/140. I can see how they might have expected 3 average years from Happ and try to keep their powder dry for someone they might value more.

        Nobody is perfect. Cashman has had his share of clunkers like everyone else. Particularly with SP. But on the whole, his disciplined strategy has paid off in spades. It has given us the team we have now and the prospect of a sustained competitive window. I’m stoked.

    • Dan A.

      The Yankees payroll has essentially been flat since 2004. Has revenue been flat? Have ticket prices been flat?

      Hal does not deserve the benefit of the doubt.

      • Payroll is second highest in baseball. They also spend more on analysts and coaching than anyone else. Hal is making a crapload of money? Good for him. He has put a damned good product on the field. If you are complaining about Yankees management you should look at all the other professional teams in the NYC area.

    • dasit

      genuine question: what is this decade of mediocre baseball you’re talking about?

  4. Dan A.

    I am so pissed off about the trade deadline today. This is the culmination of 5 years of half measures when it comes to starting pitching. So frustrating. 65% of this goes to Hal for a completely self imposed budget (10+ years of a flat payroll!). The other 35% goes to Cash for his failure to evaluate major league starting pitchers (Happ, Gray, Paxton). So aggravated. Hal needs to treat the Yankees like the YANKEES and stop crying poor.

  5. Violet

    This team isn’t built to go deep in the postseason and that was fine with Cashman and/or Steinbrenner. Not a surprise but a disappointment.

  6. Maybin, Tauchman, Romine, Urshela. As contributors. That’s who I had penciled in back in early April.

  7. dasit

    maybin is a great teammate glad he survived the roster crunch

    • Wire Fan

      What a great pickup he has been. And hopefully he gets rewarded by some team next year.

      It’s a shame the Yankees have so many long term righty hitting corner OFs. He’ll make a great bench piece for someone next year, especially with rosters expanded to 26 men.

  8. Rich

    Maybe today will finally put to rest the myth that Cashman is the best GM in baseball. Got his clock cleaned again. It will now be 1 title in 19 years. Not all on Cashman, though. Hal is a terrible owner who does not care 1 iota about winning!!

    • Idaho Nuke

      I’m not putting any blame on Cashman for this deadline. But you are right about Hal. He has no business running the Yankees. He’s a total fraud and I pray everyday that they sell the team to different ownership. They believe the Yankees are entitled to a championship.

      • lightSABR

        Hal wishes he’d inherited a private equity fund instead of a baseball team.

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